Hundreds of foreign teachers are being recruited to help rip off scores of Chinese university students who want to study abroad. The fraudsters promise placement in top 100 universities and use our white faces in their brochures and online ads providing absurd "Guarantees" to study at Princeton, Yale, and other Ivy League schools. Many even claim that their foreign teachers are "Admissions Officers" from those prestigious schools. It seem many foreign teachers don't mind being part of the scam because the pay is almost double their normal salaries. Chinese students are being charged $10,000 just to have these clowns fill out their admissions application! For most Chinese $10,000 is two years salary. Only the top 2% of Chinese society are actually rich. Regretfully, I can't stand by and watch any university student from any country lose their life savings. If you come across scammers like Oxbridge and others, please report them here and on the other scam sites and don't become an accomplice just because the victims are Chinese kids.