Well, it's that time again...time to see which ClickSure scams have come out top and which we have to say a not so fond farewell to. Here they are:

"What's NEW

Cash Giveaway
We're happy to announce that a very hot offer
has just gone live... Cash Giveaway has been
converting like crazy with the top affiliates making
close to $15k in commissions already! EPCs are
averaging $2.18 and there's an AMAZING cash contest up for grabs.
Type: CPA | Payout: $250.00 | Cash Prizes: Prize info on JV Page!"

$250 payout is a dead giveaway it's a binary options scam. And so it is:


"Vibrant Money System

Vibrant Money System has been SMASHING it for around
3 months in the CPA world and now it's finally ready to
crank on ClickSure! Offering $25 for a $1.99 trial! We've
heard, from many publishers, that this offer is one of the
best IM/BizOp offers out to date! This offer is 'Apply To Promote' only...
Sign up to promote now!"
Type: CPA | Payout: $25.00 | Cash Prizes: N/A
$25? What the heck? What scammer in their right mind is gonna take $25 over $250?

Anyhow, here's Vibrant Money System at RealScam:



Lucky350 is LIVE and converting GREAT! You seriously need
to check out this amazing new offer. EPCs are on FIRE... $1.67
over the past weekend. They're also paying a MASSIVE $250 CPA
on an easy FTD. Start cashing in on this offer NOW!
Type: CPA | Payout: $250.00 | Cash Prizes: Prize info on JV Page!"
$250 - Binary Options Scam - Done!

Here it is at RealScam:


"What's HOT

Mad Max Profits
Mad Max Profits is the LATEST ClickSure number 1! It has quite literally
STORMED up the leaderboard. Bringing in serious commissions along
the way! It doesn't come as a huge surprise as it's paying out a
MASSIVE $750 MULTI CPA! This comes with an INSANE self-deposit funnel,
$30,000 in launch and daily prizes. Plus it's been fully tested, so it's
READY to convert! This offer simply cannot be missed.
Type: CPA | Payout: $250.00 | Cash Prizes: Prize info on JV Page!"

$250 Payout - Yada yada yada

"Sadly" Mad Max Profits no longer appears to be among the Binary Option scam living.
"Instant Trader

Another offer that has soared up the leaderboard is Instant Trader! Created by an
established team on ClickSure. These guys have proven to have the highest EPCs
in the industry and the most innovative marketing techniques out there. The team
behind this launch has a string of previous ClickSure number 1's! This is expecting
to go the same way! $250 CPA and a MASSIVE cash prize means you should be
hitting this NOW"
Huh. Created by an "Established team on ClickSure"...I'm actually very interested in that wording
since the FTC would want to know how involved an affiliate network is in the creation of the scams
promoted through it. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure there's enough there anyhow with the proud
Clicksure Blog high-fiving all the scams run through ClickSure.

Here's Instant Trader at RealScam:


"Copy Trade Profit

Copy Trade Profit is STILL rocking it in ClickSure leaderboard! This has STORMED
up the rankings as Affiliates are seriously cashing in on this top offer! EPCs are sky
high and there's also some CRAZY cash contests available! You NEED to join the
other Affiliates who are banking BIG with this!!!"

Type: CPA | Payout: $250.00 | Cash Prizes: Prize info on JV Page!

Apparently a huge number of people are eager to Lose $47,051,195 in Just One Minute?

At RealScam: