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Thread: Is Dave's a TEFL or Foreign English Teacher Super Scam?

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    Is Dave's a TEFL or Foreign English Teacher Super Scam?

    I saw this thread and frankly, when I tested the waters as a new user, I was banned after I asked just one question "Who pays the best salary for ESL Teaching in China?"(obviously none of the people they recruit for!) So how can a scam get so big and popular?


    I look at the users there with high post counts and within one week of me becoming a user at Dave's all of them sent me PMs offering to help me find low paying jobs with the wrong visas! Everyone who reads this should go to and post the same questions:

    1) Why does ESLCafe accept advertising money from known scams (China ESL, Rebecca Tang, Angelina, Hangzhou Helen, .etc)?

    2) Who pays the best salaries to foreign teachers in China?

    3) Why does ESL Café allow fake job ads to be posted with no identifying information about the alleged employers?

    4) Why does ESL Café allow users posing as teachers to solicit all the new users with PMs?

    5) Why do you ban people who only disagree with the veteran users or correct them about the current visa laws?

    That Dave Sperling character must be worth a few million by now!
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    Re: Is Dave's a TEFL or Foreign English Teacher Super Scam?

    This fraud forum has been known for years by those who unfortunately found out the hard way. The victims started their own forum at Raoul's China Saloon (V4.0 Beta) - Index where they call "the greasy spoon" (I have no idea how they chose this name). But Dave Sperling will do and say anything to make a buck and that includes selling out on the visitors who trust his web site to give truthful information (that only happens selectively). If you identify one of his advertisers as a scam, you are mocked and banished - and then end up at more reputable ESL & TEFL forums like,, or China Foreign Teachers Union. really has no credibility left when it comes to the jobs they offer.

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