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Thread: Is Feeding ESL Foreign Teacher Resumes To Chinese Police In New World ESL Job Scam?

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    Is Feeding ESL Foreign Teacher Resumes To Chinese Police In New World ESL Job Scam?

    This is just too coincidental to be ignored. This link explains the PSB visa and diploma fraud sting going on right now in China:

    The PSB (visa police force) set up a fake company (New World ESL) and ran a bunch of fake job ads offering great pay and benefits to foreign teachers. Those that send in resumes get called for interviews at the same office building adjacent to the Poly Theater in Beijing. During the interview, teacher must display their passports and diplomas and a short but artificial interview takes place. Nobody gets hired but so far 89 foreign teacher got arrested for not having Z visas in their passports or for using fake university degrees or TEFL certificates.

    Now get this... all the ads used for the sting were posted on, which so coincidentally was not long ago caught selling resumes by the hundreds to third party recruiters for $100 each by China Scam Patrol. Further the owner of is a member of the Chinese Communist Party even though he openly brags that he is a Canadian citizen, which if true, is illegal in China. (All CCP members must be Chinese citizens and China does not allow dual citizenship)

    Now my logic tells me the authorities moved in on ECC and told Xu - "Cooperate or you're going to prison". A loyal party member does not say "no" to Big Red in China. Maybe he even agreed to sell the resumes to the police. But the point is this... victims saw the ads at and uploaded their resumes to and now almost 100 of them were busted an being deported currently. Read this link at (example of many posted at various esl/tefl forums): China ESL Job Recruiter Maggie Liu & New World ESL Is A Scam - They Set Me up! - ESLwatch - Information, News and School Reviews

    Now read this China Scam Patrol report from last month- China Scam Patrol | "Learning from the mistakes of others is less costly than learning from your own" – J.P. Morgan

    Draw your own conclusions friends.
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    Re: Is Feeding ESL Foreign Teacher Resumes To Chinese Police In New World ESL Job Scam?

    If there is anyone here from the old frauwatchers gang, I am sure there was a big thread on this guy George Xu (the owner of according to the China Daily Mail) owning a lot businesses in China and about half of them were claimed to be scams. I also seem to recall that there was some woman govt. official that was his partner and most of their companies began with the word "Sino" and others started with "E" just like and, and there was another that was either SinoTravel or EchinaTravel or very similar. Anyway when I saw this thread last month it was enough for me to avoid these guys who use foreigners to fuel their fraud machine. China Scam Watch | More than what others want you to believe…
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