Excel Cash Flow is another link-posting scam that can't seem to remember it's identity. It starts with the typical and irrelevant statement that "Work At Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On Fox News, NBC News, USA Today, abc, and CNN". Of course none of that has to do with whether or not the Excel Cash Flow program is a scam or not.

After that bold and irrelevant statement, ExcelCashFlow immediately forgets it's name and for some reason thinks it's Online Cash Commissions...

The site uses fake testimonials that are some of the most frequently used fake testimonials and fake testimonial photos for bizop scams. Check out Fakest of The Fake at RealScam and you'll recognize a few familiar faces.

Excel Cash Flow's No Questions Asked Refund Policy...Now With Questions Asked!

I'm not sure who Cami is, because the fake story on the site is about Debbie Jones, but she really wants you to know that there's a No Questions Ask Refund Policy:

...which seems to be at odds with the "We're going to ask you questions" refund policy stated in the Terms and Conditions:

So, apparently all you have to do to get your refund is make a "true attempt"...whatever that is...I'm sure somebody at Excel Cash Flow will let you know some day - and I'm guessing that you won't have made a "true attempt" by their definition.

Media Attention?

If this program does ever receive a lot of Media Attention it won't be because of how great it is.

The good news is that if Excel Cash Flow doesn't fit the bill for you, you'll have PLENTY of other things to choose from: