Two foreign teachers just won 500,000 yuan from a large chain school in China for using their photos in advertising material without their knowledge nor consent. It is the first time an expat has sued for the new Privacy Act protection granted to foreign employees earlier this year. I copied the below from

There are also a lot of scam artists who invite foreigners for a business lunch just to get photos taken with older men who will then be falsely labeled as "foreign investors" or even a JV Partner to lure more Chinese and foreigners into scam investments. Anyway, with the new Privacy Act protection below, expats working in China can stop the exploitation now if they are willing to spend $2,500 for a lawyer.

"Great news is good to share! Things are looking up for TEFL teachers and all expats now working in China...

In 2014 foreign employees in China were granted 15 employee rights that are now actually enforced. This year China's Privacy Act was amended to cover and protect ALL employees in China no matter who your employer may be. Unfortunately interns and part time casual laborers are not covered.

For the rest of us working full time as a ESL or TEFL teacher in China the news is great. Why?

Now your employer cannot use your photo/image on the internet, in posters, on Wei Xin, or any other public forum, nor can they give your personal information to any third party without first obtaining your written consent and tell you how your information will be used. This applies not only to the internet but also posters, flyers, and printed ads in newspapers or magazines.

If you do not give your consent, you cannot be punished in any way, and if you are, your employer can be fined 100,000 yuan or have their business license suspended up to 90 days. If you do not know all 15 of your employee rights click here and get up to speed! http://www.chinaforeignteachersunion...rights-in.html "