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Thread: Gi2c China Intenship Scam using pro hackers & SEO guy to hide complaints online with dozens of fake reviews & testimonia

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    Gi2c China Intenship Scam using pro hackers & SEO guy to hide complaints online with dozens of fake reviews & testimonia

    I copied the below comments from another scam site which I think shows how devious this con artist Yuri really is:

    "All of you need to know that the owner of Gi2c and Getin2China (same scam) has a full time SEO/hacker guy that deletes negative information about his company posted on line and then posts a bunch of fluffy stuff and testimonials with the word "scam" embedded in the tag lines so it pushes most of the complaints down to pages 3-20 of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. where most eyeballs never travel. Generally people only look at the first or second pages of a search. But if you go deep enough you find stuff like this old post from 2010 when he was once again exposed as a fraud and had his friend Roddy tell everyone that all the complaints were from a "envious competitor" just like he did last year and again recently. The man is playing hide and seek with all the complaints people put on line. Do a thorough search for Gi2C, complaints,problems,reviews,scam and you will find the buried truth. Update on the Gi2C China Internship Scam Investigation... (1/3) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews"


    I find it laughable that every time this character gets outed he has the same friend jump online to say some competitor is responsible for all the problems and complaints. The only thing keeping this crook in business is that he operates from the safety of China where the coppers can be bought off for $1,000. If this Yuri guy pulled this shit in America or the U.K. they would have found his decomposing ass in some trash bin a few years ago.

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    Re: Gi2c China Intenship Scam using pro hackers & SEO guy to hide complaints online with dozens of fake reviews & testim

    The marvels of hacker technology were perfected by governments and their former techs now work for scammers like Gi2C to make sure the truth about their fraud scheme remains well-hidden from the public. But if victims keep complaining on line, the cat and mouse game will continue ad-infinitum. Here is the latest on Gi2c... (a new name and a new scam as well) Wiseway Global Education - Typical China Study Abroad Fraud? - WORLD Law Direct Forums

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    Re: Gi2c China Intenship Scam using pro hackers & SEO guy to hide complaints online with dozens of fake reviews & testim

    They are still doing the same fraud. This time they have yet another new name "Laowai Career Center". They are also still using their SEO tricks as one lady explained at another site:

    "RE: Laowai Career Center Fraud in Beijing & Hangzhou

    These creeps are super slick. They really pretend to care about your "future career in China" but my friend used them and she discovered that although their main office is in Beijing, they tell people it is in Hangzhou where they have a shared office with a Chinese language company "That's Mandarin". They are "cooperators" and the language company puts out really optimistic articles about working in China and then finds a way to embed a link to Laowai Career Center and then the sales reps at LCC will say "look at all the good things people say about us"! I know because I fell for it - once when the same people were running the Getin2China visa scam in 2010,

    My friend found these people by replying to a job ad for a "PR Specialist". When she went for the interview she met the handsome Russian guy mentioned in the OP. He offered her 12,000 a month to write blogs promoting his company and "great fun working in China". He claimed he had three full-time writers doing this now and one had to go back to the States for medical treatment. She almost took the job until he told her that she was never allowed to mention foreign teachers getting arrested in China which made her suspicious and then he told her that she would also have to write articles about his "other company Gi2c". So when she went home that night she googled the "other company" and called me for some advice. I told her what I read at and other scam warning sites. Thankfully, my very talented friend did not take the job or she would have been part of the fraud and not even know it.

    BTW... here is one of the wonderful but false articles that he showed her as "an example" of what he wanted, and he claimed that he himself wrote this article "Teaching in China. The ideal job that pays better than professional jobs - Mandarin Cafe Blog". Any TEFL or ESL teacher working in China today will tell you straight away that foreign teachers are the lowest paid expats working in China. Even a marketing specialist at Lenovo where my ex works makes 27,000 a month compared to 15,000 for an average English teacher. So they use one lie to sell another lie. Here is the truth my friends: Job Discussion Forums :: View topic - China Foreign Teachers Salaries Almost Lowest In World? and also here at this link: China Foreign Teachers Union. (China pay charts)

    Over the last 5 years, the pay for teachers has only gone up 10% while housing costs jumped almost 30%. The pay of professionals working in China has increased more than 20%. If you fall for the BS sold by Laowai Career Center, you will find yourself trapped with a roommate or two just to survive in China economically. I lve here in China now for almost 6 years. I know what I am talking about. I stayed because my husband opened a small restaurant that provides us a comfortable life - except for the damn pollution.

    Teaching in China is only suitable for a young person without any debts who just wants to have some fun for a year and get a China job on their international resume. YOU WILL NOT SAVE ANY MONEY IN CHINA unless you are very frugal. As for a "career" in China? Read what the job recruiters will never ever tell you: Future bleak for China?s foreign ESL teachers - Global Times.

    If you can handle the truth, come have fun in China, enjoy the food, see the incredible Great Wall, but read this first: because it is so easy to be screwed over by a job recruiter who creates his own hype, testimonials, reviews, and now even "third party" blogs."

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    Re: Gi2c China Intenship Scam using pro hackers & SEO guy to hide complaints online with dozens of fake reviews & testim

    You already started a thread on this at;
    Interesting that you gave it a 'Like' already.

    Gotta love this part at the bottom;
    Quote Originally Posted by Seattle View Post

    This is the veteran scammer Yuri, compliments of archives:

    A little side note. When inserting a .img file it usually gives the url (location) of said file. Like this,
    So, your image is actually coming from ImageShack.

    In fact, that image (and a number of others) is readily available on Google too:;
    And from this we can even find the original source for the image:;
    It appears that Yuri himself provided that image.

    Oh, and from the thread at; The Wall Street Banksters Used Panama Account & Jack Goldberg to buy Senator Hillary Clinton & Gov. Jeb Bush

    Now that .img file is from my Photobucket account and I can delete it at any time. Therefore removing the image itself no matter where it is linked too. Now, if you uploaded the .img file as an attachment, well that's a different story.

    You may also want to look up what 'Lawaoi' actually means.;
    Laowai is the Mandarin pronunciation of 老外 (pinyin: lǎowi, lit. "Very foreign"), an informal term or slang for "foreigner," usually neutral but possibly impolite or loose in some circumstances. Formal and polite Chinese terms for foreigner include wigurn (simplified Chinese: 外国人; traditional Chinese: 外國人; literally: "foreigner"), wibīn (外宾; 外賓; "foreigner guest"), guj yǒurn 国际友人; 國際友人; "international friend") and wigu pengyou (外國朋友; 外国朋友; "foreigner friend").[1] "Laowai" usually does not refer to Chinese living abroad or East Asians who are non-Chinese. The term is typically used to refer to Westerners of European descent, sub-Saharan Africans, Latin Americans, and Middle Easterners.
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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