Link posting scams are out of control right now. Here's another one call Careers for You with the typical header and fake news logos:


As always, the Careers for You scam is the #1 choice for an Internet Career. It's also the #1 choice for how to lose thousands of dollars to coaching company scammers. Well, it's tied with all the other #1 choices for that honor.

The mandatory brandjacked logos of Fox News, MSNBC, abc, USA Today, and CNN:

featured on.JPG

And the typical claim that the system has received a lot of media attention:

media attention.JPG

Well, hopefully it at least receive a lot of attention here at RealScam.

And here's the refund weasle clause where the scammers demand you make an HONEST effort or they won't give you your money back. Always a good time.


I probably shouldn't have to do this...but here he is:


Wesley. The most popular fake testimonial on the net today.