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Thread: League Of Power Scam Or Legit

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    League Of Power Scam Or Legit

    The League of Power site has been around for a while. And I still get people asking me about it, so I've decided to start a thread about it here.

    According to the site at

    "The League of Power offers a wide variety of products and services focused on
    entrepreneurship, investing, and wealth preservation."
    The products I've found that are associated with League Of Power are (These are NOT recommendations,
    just a list of the products/sites/sales pages for the sake of discussion/analysis):

    • League Power Membership by Brother Cristo - I believe it's also known as The League Of Power Wealth Alliance - sales page: sales page
    • Turnkey Digital Empire by Mark Patricks - sales page
    • Beat The System by Mark Charles - sales page
    • F.A.S.T. Trader Club by Rick Pendergraft - sales page
    • Classified Profit Crusader by Mark Edwards - sales page: sales page
    • The 140 Code Wealth System by Mark Patricks - sales page
    • The Easy Wealth Formula by Patrick Coffey - sales page
    • How to Beat the System Without Going to Jail - Marc Charles [Mark's brother? ;-)] sales page
    • Currency X - Patrick Coffey - sales page
    • The Hidden Secret To Internet Wealth by Patrick Coffee - sales page
    • The Narconomics System – How To Make $15,000 a Day The Legal Way by Martin Fanshaw - sales page

    According to this NV Business search:

    • The company behind the site is LOP Solutions, LLC.
    • CORPORATE CREATIONS NETWORK out of Florida is the registered agent.
    • Mark Baker is an officer of the company and lists an address in FL.
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    Re: League Of Power Scam Or Legit

    I signed up for the free League of Power newsletter and have been told I will be getting the following:

    "Okay, next Monday and each Monday thereafter, you'll receive Freedom by Friday absolutely free for as long as you like. In addition to this you will also receive our special Easy Street and Weekend Business Blueprints on Wednesday and Friday, both geared to save you money and make you money!"
    Can't wait!


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