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Thread: Learn How To Academy at

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    Learn How To Academy at

    The Dianne Fisher Learn How To Academy is a typical link-posting scam site most likely used to generate leads for overpriced or worthless coaching programs. Of course, the name Dianne Fisher is fake and her image is a stock photo.

    Not that you shouldn't be excited about making $87/hour within 5 minutes...

    ...but really, you shouldn't...

    Here's a shot of Dianne at the top of the main sales page for Learn How To Academy:

    To try to lend credibility to this whole sham, there's a text box to the right that attempts to make people believe that CBS News endorses the system.

    Here's just a small sample of other pictures of "Dianne" that show up in Google's image search (.i.e., the pic of Dianne Fisher is a stock photo):

    The testimonial images also appear to be stock photos. Here's a testimonial from "Susan J."

    Here's a small sampling of the same image in Google image search (including at a stock photo site):

    To be fair, if you hunt all about the site and scroll around you'll find the following really tiny disclaimer at the very bottom of the main sales page:

    And if you enlarge the disclaimer you'll at least get a good laugh:

    What any of the following could possibly mean is baffling:

    "**All testimonials are real and photos are stock."
    So, the "testimonials" are stock? That's at least honest. Nothing to hide there.

    "Some testimonials have been remunerated for grammar or to protect the identity or privacy, as well as trade secret knowledge."
    That one's doubly-baffling. Not only are "testimonials" being remunerated...but they're being remunerated for "grammar"...which seems highly unlikely on this site.

    "Some of these testimonials may have paid for additional help."
    Maybe additional help with grammar?

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    Re: Learn How To Academy at

    Quote Originally Posted by JustTooMuchTime
    That one's doubly-baffling. Not only are "testimonials" being remunerated...but they're being remunerated for "grammar"...which seems highly unlikely on this site.
    Doubly baffling ???

    More like triply baffling when you consider the definition of the word "REMUNERATED"


    Also found in: Medical, Legal, Financial, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. re·mu·ner·ate

    (rĭ-myo͞o′nə-rāt′)tr.v. re·mu·ner·at·ed, re·mu·ner·at·ing, re·mu·ner·ates 1. To pay (a person) a suitable equivalent in return for goods provided, services rendered, or losses incurred; recompense.
    2. To compensate for; make payment for: remunerated his efforts.

    [Latin remūnerārī, remūnerāt- : re-, re- + mūnerārī, to give (from mūnus, mūner-, gift; see mei-1 in Indo-European roots).]

    re·mu′ner·a·bil′i·ty (-nər-ə-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
    re·mu′ner·a·ble adj.
    re·mu′ner·a′tor n.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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