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Thread: - another Julie Higgins scam

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    572 - another Julie Higgins scam

    Another scam from Julie Higgins!

    "Here is description on how this works. It is the power of 3. We are on a huge team. You do not have to share this with anyone to earn monthly here. But if you will pay it forward for 3 you will be so so so so so glad you did.

    There are 7 rings.

    Ring 1 Cost 5.00 When two land on your first level you make 10.00 This could be by you or by the system of the wonderful team we are on. 5 Goes to you and 5 goes to Ring 2

    Ring 2 5x4=$20.00 $10.00 Goes to Ring 3 and 10.00 goes to you.

    Ring 3 10x8=$80.00 $40.00 goes to Ring 4 and 40.00 goes to you.

    Ring 4 40x16=$640.00 $100.00 goes to Ring 5 and $380.00 Goes to you. $160.00 goes to the co op

    Ring 5 32x100=$3200.00 $500.00 goes to Ring 6 and you make $2400.00 The rest goes to the Co op.

    Ring 6. 500x64=$32,000 You make $24,000 and rest goes to the Co Op

    Ring 7 2500x128=$320,000 Now this will take some time. But this is really possible here. If you share this or pay it forward for 3 people and have them all do the same, this is what can be achieved in time.

    This is monthly Residual Income for only 5.00 a month. Our team is helping everyone to get three personals. But you can get more, but be sure the all know the power of three.

    This is world wide.

    You make your funds the moment you earn them. You do not wait to fill a level to be paid. So no money is not held, it is paid to you. I am telling you this is the one!!!!!!!!

    Get on my list and we will be emailing you updates and will get you started ASAP!!

    Do Not let 5.00 hold you back. Someone on our team will pay you in. But if you have the 5 that is wonderful and be getting 3 people ready for your link. Get with them before someone else does!!

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    Re: - another Julie Higgins scam

    According to the report at BehindMLM, this appears to be a Robert Needham scheme. Look there under 7 Rings of Wealth.
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:


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