Mileys Money Method is a program that was launched on April 10, 2015 by Tim Atkinson, the same person who brought us the binary options scam called Auto Money App. You can see the discussion about that scam here:

Auto Money App at

One of the emails being sent is as follows:


This company has work available starting
right away...

It's not a typical job and gives you
much, much more.


You better hurry, because I can't promise
this will be available for much longer.

- Name

PS - Even if you have a great job, I
encourage you to check this out asap"
The fact that the offer is being promoted via ClickSure isn't a good sign, as tons of scammy offers get run through the ClickSure platform. There's a discussion about ClickSure at RealScam here: ClickSure Scam Or Legit