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    Nancy Reviews at

    Looking through the reviews at I noticed that more than a couple of the sites she recommends set of malwarebytes. I'm not sure whether or not Nancy Fox is a real person or not, but here are some of the programs she recommends at her review site

    AutoMobile Code by Giovanni Lena and Tessa
    Warning: Sets off Malwarebytes.

    EMobile Code by Bill McKnight
    Warning: Sets off Malwarebytes

    My Online Business by Matt Driscoll
    Warning: Sets off Malwarebytes

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    Re: Nancy Reviews at

    Btw, here's a post her about the Automobile Code program:

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    My Online Business Warning

    Here's the warning I get from MalwareBytes when I try to go to the website:

    You can also view the RealScam discussion of MyOnlineBusiness here:

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    Re: Nancy Reviews at

    Here is a list of topics and products reviewed at the Nancy Reviews site - I'm not saying all of these are scams, although many of them are. I'll link to the posts in RealScam that cover any of these products:

    100 percent profit bot review software
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