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Thread: Paid Social Media Jobs at

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    Paid Social Media Jobs at

    The Paid Social Media Jobs program claims it can help you become a social media manager and make money just "messing around" on FaceBook:

    The first HUGE red flag that popped up for me when researching the Paid Social Media Jobs program had to do with its partner sites. The following is from an email sent to me by Paid Social Media Jobs (I also show the html to the side so I can show the destination website of one of the links:

    Here's the full trace of that link:

    The Get Cash For Surveys program is discussed at RealScam here.

    Paid Social Media Jobs also uses a Fox News story that has to do with Social Media jobs in general, but is not an endorsement of Paid Social Media Jobs:

    The site then goes on to tell the story of "Annie Jones" and who promises to teach us "One Weird Trick" that allowed "Annie", a fictitious single mother to earn $700/week:

    There are two main problems with this story about Annie Jones - and they have to do with these proof of income screenshots:

    Problem #1: That's not Annie. Instead, it appears to be a stolen photo of another couple (note: I have verified that the couple in the photo is real):

    Problem #2:

    - First of all, the Total Balance showing on the PayPal proof of income screenshot is a mere $5.82 AUD.

    - Second, even if the amount shown on that screenshot were real, there's no way to verify where any of the income came from.

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    Re: Paid Social Media Jobs at

    From Paid Social Media Jobs today:


    Did you know that there are thousands of businesses online that
    pay ordinary web users like you, to test and review their websites and products?

    Businesses have been doing this for decades, but it's only recently that
    online businesses have started following suit, and now anyone - no matter
    where they live in the world - can get paid to test and review products and services online.

    Click Here To Check It Out

    It's very simple, all you have to do is login and browse which product review jobs
    are available, test out the website, service or product, and then fill in a review form
    giving feedback to the business.

    Most take between 10 - 30 minutes, and payments are up to $50. It is an awesome
    way to bring in some extra money when you need it. And the best part is that you
    can do this and withdraw your payments no matter what country you live in.

    Click Here To Check It Out"
    ...or not.

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    Paid Social Media Jobs at

    From Paid Social Media Jobs today:

    "Subject: Get paid to use facebook (quit work on Monday)


    It's Friday! Are you sick of the long week of work and excited for the weekend? Imagine
    if you never had to go into an office to work again and never had another boss....

    Did you know that you can get paid to do simple tasks on Facebook, such as writing
    comments, uploading pictures and videos, or moderating groups?

    Thousands of businesses around the world are hiring people just like you to help them out
    with these social media tasks, and if you know what you are doing you can earn good money!

    Paid Social Media Jobs is the leading online training provider and job portal for all kinds of
    social media jobs. We provide full training, and have a job database that will have you earning
    for your first paycheck within days. Plus you do all the work online, so you can work from
    anywhere (including your couch!).

    Right now there is a shortage of social media workers from United States, so for the next 24
    hours only you can get full lifetime membership to for 43% off the
    normal price!

    Most of the jobs are extremely simple, such as helping a business create a Facebook or
    Twitter account, posting status updates or tweets, getting new likes or followers and many
    other simple tasks.

    Click here to get started.

    There has never been a better time to sieze this opportunity and start getting paid for helping
    businesses with their social media activities.

    People just like you are earning hundreds of extra dollars a week doing this, and now it's your turn.

    Hurry and join in the next 24 hours to take advantage of our crazy 24 hour sale for members from United States
    and secure your lifetime membership for a massive 43% off!

    Click here to join now. "
    ...or not:

    Paid Social Media Jobs at

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