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Thread: Rich Janitor Mike

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    Rich Janitor Mike

    Rich Janitor Mike - also known as The Rich Janitor or Mike Dee has been around for years now in various incarnations. This incarnation seems to enjoy promoting numerous shady online business opportunities, work at home ideas, and binary options programs. Here are a couple of the "winners" Mike D has promoted so far:

    Here's his promo for the Millionaire Blueprint scam:

    "Hey how is it going?

    I received a special invite that I did not get to thoroughly TEST and
    verify until last evening... the earnings results are astronomical to
    say the least.

    Imagine the size of your bank balance going from 0 to $135,000 in the
    next few months.

    Now imagine you did it with TOTALLY automated software...

    Software you can set up in just 7 minutes or less...

    I've never seen anything like this.

    Yeah out of all the software and methods that I meticulously test ...
    none are like this."
    You can read about the Millionaire Blueprint scam here.

    Here's Rich Janitor Mike's promo for the Larry's Cash Machine scam:

    "(Personal) this job paying people $3,000 upfront - reply!

    HEY -

    How much did you earn from this so far? Please REPLY and let me know or
    Whatsapp message me.

    I'm seeing $1,000-$3,000 EVERY day being earned from several
    student-reported and audited account earnings:"

    Here's information about the Larry's Cash Machine scam at RealScam.

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    Re: Rich Janitor Mike

    Just got this exciting email from Rich Janitor Mike promoting the Auto Binary Replicator scam:

    "Subject: forgot to show you this yesterday ($2035.38/day in 12 minutes)

    Content"Sorry! I forgot to report you the updated earnings results from a
    beginner test group from using this .... at the current moment, EVERYONE
    but one person is earning $2,000+ per day using this:

    Auto Profit Replicator - Give it Me for Free! (link replaced with the truth)

    (Go inside and copy him right away - and this guy is literally BETTING
    $2,000 cash upfront that you'll see the precise results if not more)

    NOTE- there is only one person who is not earning at least $2,000 per
    day and the reason is because he had forgotten to input his bank account
    details to receive the earnings (easy problem to fix lol).

    So note to self- please make sure you input the correct bank details
    inside otherwise you might not get paid the promised earnings. Very

    This thing is very unique because there is:

    - NO funding required
    - NO hosting or websites
    - NO manual work whatsoever aside from a 12-minute setup process which
    even a kid can do!

    And most importantly, he is BETTING $2,000 in cash that you will earn
    at least the amounts seen in his test group (everyone is earning over
    $2,000 per day in pure profit) otherwise he pays you this amount if he
    loses this bet.... simple as that.

    Note that this bet is his risk and he is held accountable in the eyes
    of the community as well as his personal reputation.... so don't go
    easy on him :-)

    This guy has a $2.5 million track record in earnings and it only takes
    12 minutes to setup.... try it and let me know how you're doing with it

    Auto Profit Replicator - Give it Me for Free! (link replaced with the truth)

    (everyone inside is a beginner and verified to have zero experience...
    and it's at a nearly 100% success rate at earning)

    Remember - we are holding this guy inside 100% accountable for the
    promise and guarantee .... if your earnings do not surpass at least
    $2,000 within a day (each day), then you can say he lost this bet...
    he is obligated legally and contractually to pay you $2,000 as a deal.

    Sorry i forgot to report these results earlier, but let me know right
    away after you use this and how much you are earning into your account
    using this 12-minute payday ok?

    In fact, my good friend and beginner student Rick Owens from Pasedena,
    CA USA is one of the people inside the test group.... and Rick has
    confirmed that no one in this test group has any experience making money
    online.... and everyone (except one person) has been making $2,000+ / day
    or more and I've confirmed the setup time is only 12 minutes (maximum)....
    yes i timed myself hehehe :-)

    Rick also tells me that he is one of the people who has literally
    gobbled up all his debt just using this .... so this is easily one of the
    most guaranteed ways to earn and pay off your debt if you have some.

    I really, really love to hear when people use something and pay off
    their debt .... it is like FREEDOM at last!

    There is no funding or any hosting inside ... just look at the live
    testimonials inside.... and some people are even earning MORE than the
    creator himself:

    Auto Profit Replicator - Give it Me for Free! (link replaced with the truth)

    (Just remember - worst case- you get $2,000.00 in cash which he is
    contractually obligated to pay you if he loses his bet that this thing
    can earn $2,000/day for you)

    This way you literally cannot lose!

    And yes, I'm using this thing inside myself as well.... but I did not
    consider myself one of the people inside the test group because that
    was only tested on 100% beginners and newbies to see if they all earned
    such amounts.

    As for the record, he still has not lost the bet yet :-) and this is
    good news because it means everyone is earning HUGE inside."

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    Re: Rich Janitor Mike

    Here's a story about a man who really was a janitor and who really did become rich:

    No one realized this janitor had quietly amassed an $8 million fortune - Business Insider

    And just think . . . he became a millionaire without getting involved in multi-level marketing or illegal Ponzi schemes.

    Too bad all the scammers in the world have chosen not to earn their money the same way he did.

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