Dave Sperling the owner of ESLCafe.com wants you to work in China so he does not want you to know about the toxic air pollution and especially not about the big Hepatitis epidemic the Chinese government has been covering up since 2009. So if you go to ESL Cafe with some hard facts and statistics that show the rapid escalation of the HCV outbreak (Hep C) they will delete your comments immediately. Try to repost or ask about your deleted comments and you are banned on the spot - no explanations. Since they earn a $500 referral fee for everyone who gets hired from an ESL Cafe job ad, they do not want to post any information that would steer you away from China. Here is some of what they don't want you to know...

* China now has the second highest infection rate for Hepatitis in the world (about 18% of the Chinese population)

* There is no known cure for Hepatitis C that is 25% fatal.

* There are 12 ways to get infected with Hepatitis - not just sex.

* Hepatitis is the most contagious disease in the world.

* 30% of all people infected with Hepatitis do not even know it for 3-5 years.

* Hepatitis is spread through EVERY body fluid including saliva. This is why it is such a BIG problem in China - because 1.8 million restaurants use reusable plastic chopsticks and glasses that are not sterilized - just washed. Read this
Yoshinoya Caught Re-Using Rice & Not Disinfecting Dinnerware | eChinacities.com

Thankfully not all the ESL & TEFL forums and message boards are trying to hide the truth about the health problems and risks of working in China Health Alert! China has huge Hepatitis Epidemic - Beware Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers! (1/1) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews