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Thread: A loan program paid by the owner of the dubious Palscafe forum.

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    3,608 A loan program paid by the owner of the dubious Palscafe forum.

    QUOTE BS from a Palscafe administrator

    "Hello PalsCafe members, this is Ines, PalsCafe forum admin,

    Hope you are fine.

    I have a very special offer for you, my forum members only and I will not make it open to the public. Basically, it is a loan offer, I will help you to start building TWO online incomes by paying you commissions with my own money for 30 days.

    Please read this email in its entirety and carefully. More than once if necessary.

    You must be thinking that I am crazy, telling lies, or that it is simply unbelievable but this is 100% possible thanks to my own two programs, Stable Income and Profitable Safelist ( where I make my own decisions ) and thanks to a simple mathematical formula that will help those accepting and joining to start building two monthly incomes.

    I will now go straight to the point and explain the steps to reach the last step.

    The plan:

    First month:

    1)You pay $20 and I will pay you $85. ( $65 NET to your pocket after spending your $20 )

    Howīs that?

    I will work on a list with those accepting this offer and I will help by assigning referrals ( first come first served). This will not be a team build project though. Once you are in profits, you can continue to promote it on your own. Working on a list and assigning members will apply to my current forum members ONLY . Is it clear? Hope so.

    DO NOT JOIN PLEASE. These links below are for informational purposes only

    1)You join “Profitable Safelist” and upgrade to Platinum level ( One time $20. Lifetime membership level ). This will earn you 65% over your five referrals: Total $85

    2)You join “Stable Income” BUT YOU DO NOT UPGRADE because I will give you a free Quartz account at $0 cost to you as long as you are already an upgraded Platinum Profitable Safelist member. Your five referrals will follow you and WILL NOT PAY EITHER. No one will pay the first month but I will pay referral commissions to you and everyone anyway. That is $20 more to your pocket and itīll come from Stable Income.

    You have 5 ( five ) paying members in your Stable Income downline now and a safelist upgraded account for life.

    3) You join TrafficWave at $17.95 monthly with your five members following you into it. You earn: $89.75 fast track bonus and $20 affiliate commissions: Total: $ 109.75 from TrafficWave ONLY + $47.05 NET from point 1 above ( after paying your $17,95 TW fee ): NET $156.80 . At this point, you will have spent $20 ONLY.

    4)You use $100 to upgrade to Stable Income Sapphire level. With your five referrals already in your downline, you will earn $350.

    In the future, you and your downline already in profits can even upgrade to Stable Income Diamond level: Cost: $200 paying $160 per referral ( 80% commissions ) total with five Diamond members: $800/month

    Your TrafficWave account will not earn you much on your first month but your earnings will pay your $17.95 fee and it will grow as you share this same plan with people on your own list, friends, acquaintances, promotion etc.


    If you join this project and you also want to share this with your own list, just go ahead and give them your own Profitable Safelist referral link once you are already in the project yourself BUT I must be immediately notified so as to keep track of my own obligations in what Stable Income 30 day free Quartz accounts is concerned. In other words, if I see someone joining Stable Income without any notification from you, I will not give any free Stable Income Quartz account to your referral.

    This offer will be giving you TWO monthly incomes at a one time $20 ONLY + a Lifetime safelist upgrade + a promising TrafficWave business.

    You can share this same email content above with your own list or you can even promote it to the public as long as I am notified about your new referrals. Remember to change the referral links to your own ones.

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Thatīs all for now. I hope you re-read this explanation more than once if necessary. You will not disregard if you do. People who have failed in the past need to trust and showing that I am ready to use my own Stable Income admin profits for a month is a way to give hope and enthusiasm.

    Finally, reply to this email if you want to join the project and/or if you have any questions.

    Have a nice day


    PalsCafe Forum admin

    Stable Income admin

    Profitable Safelist admin"

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    Re: A loan program paid by the owner of the dubious Palscafe forum.

    It's magic!

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    Re: A loan program paid by the owner of the dubious Palscafe forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Your Pal Ines

    You pay $20 and I will pay you $85. ( $65 NET to your pocket after spending your $20 )
    Isn't it a tad ironic that these masters of the money universe always need your money first? Couldn't everyone who joins just get paid $65 without the Rube Goldberg Pyramid of Referral Recruiting?
    "It's virtually impossible to violate rules ... but it's impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time." Bernie Madoff

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    Re: A loan program paid by the owner of the dubious Palscafe forum.

    More crap from Pal Ines.

    Hello members,

    SInce this will be my last mass newsletter ( this is what I said so, it is a promise ) and because some members who have been silently reading my emails were kind enough to complete my survey, I will share the results that I have had.

    Amazingly, GlobalNPN got the higher amount of votes although Trafficwave still has quite many people interested in building it with this project and a few voted to go for Profitable Safelist -ā Stable Income only and without a third program. However, it seems some members would build another business other than TW or NPN.

    However, what worried me most were some few comments that were typed in the last box, some of them without a name and last name as it was asked in the survey or I would contact those members personally and I would try to help with those concerns.

    After checking the comments, I understand that these are the main concerns:

    1)Some of you donīt want to waste any more money

    2)Others donīt trust their abilities to recruit.

    3)Quite many people want to be given 100% certainty that they will get the five referrals and that they will truly reach $350 ( or whatever the amount is, according to the third program that we finally choose )

    4)They are not sure they will have enough time to work daily

    I will now try to go through all four points above:

    1)I understand. However, team leaders must be honest and tell it as it is regardless.

    You surely wasted money in the past, I believe this is true. But the reason has been exactly because other sponsors, team leaders, admins, never told you what network marketing/ affiliate programs is all about simply because all they want is to earn a quick buck from you for as long as it lasts or because the programs youīve been involved with were not stable ( reason why I always prefer to go for programs with proven track record if I am going to work hard ). The result is: the downline starts vanishing, everybody quits, the team leader moves on to the next opportunity and repeats the story. You donīt want to go for it again or waste more money. Easy to understand and you are right.

    Let me tell you this is the simple solution to all this and that it used to be a natural process back when network marketing started many years ago. There are three a-must-do to suceed:

    1) Serious, Consistent TEAM WORK with a good team leader.

    2) Communication among the team members, regardless of their level of experience. Working 100% on your own is useless.

    3) Correct business mindset

    4) Awareness of network marketing/affiliate opportunities and how it works/what to expect , i.e.time frames to start seeing results, commitment and determination that should exist all the time, ups and downs in business. , learning, coaching others, sharing, speaking up when necessary.

    5) Knowing that “Going to work everyday” is what network marketing requires.

    Any different than offline business?

    A big NO

    If you wanted to start an offline business, any business, like a store in town….wouldnīt you count on a start up capital, small or big but SOMETHING to start with? Yes, of course.

    If things started to go well, wouldnīt you re-invest the first profits back into your store so as to make it grow? If you are smart enough, the answer will be “Yes” again.

    Would you try to be creative and to come up with new ideas, new marketing methods or strategies to get more new customers and to keep your current customers happy? Another big “Yes”

    Unfortunately, I come to the point when I must say this, even if it is not nice. If you donīt agree with all this or if you are not in a position to take your online business the way it should be taken, then you should disregard this kind of online work. I know it is not nice but it is honest.

    Now that you have read all this, go back to the list of concerns above, re-read and think about it again.

    With all this said, I will not go ahead with the project if I canīt count on a large team to work with. When I say large I mean not less than 100 people to start with. I will not make you spend the required one time $20 if I donīt have enough confirmed members.

    About the five referrals that I want to assign under you and your concerns in this regards, I will do my best, I will spend some money on paid advertising and I will also use rotators with your referral links but I will not promise anything. If I did, I would not be honest. ALL I can promise is that I will do my best and that I trust my own work and efforts.

    About my plans with the third program:

    As a way to please everyone, we could go for PS ---> SI ---> GlobalNPN Gold level ---> TrafficWave.

    The plan description is clearly explained in Stable Income home page, except that you would start with Profitable Safelist and then you would get the 30 day free upgraded Stable Income account as promised. The rest of the plan is the same as described there.

    But since not everyone reading this will participate in our team, I will add a link to a special autoresponder that I just set up for those who are really willing to join us so as to make of this newsletter “the last one” to the entire list and in regards to this project.

    If you already made the decision to join the project or if you want to hear more before making a decision, please subscribe here. In case you finally refused to participate, I will manually unsubscribe you as soon as you notify me.

    If you are interested:

    After verifying your subscription, you will get an email. Please read it and I DO need that you please re-confirm your wishes to participate. Even if you already confirmed a couple of days ago, please do it again because I want to know if you agree with the change in the third program.

    OK folks, this is all and this is A LOT indeed. Thereīs nothing else that I could add or do now. The ball is on your court. All this is very professional and serious. I am doing as much as it is in my hands to facilitate future success and honestly, this should recruit not less than 500 members out of a list of 1,800 that have received this invitation if we have some common sense. But thatīs just an opinion. Hope reality proves me right.

    Thanks for your time, patience and attention.

    Have a nice weekend


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