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Thread: Steven Schwankert Scam and Michael Wester Fraud at The - China Expat Job Ad Scam

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    Steven Schwankert Scam and Michael Wester Fraud at The - China Expat Job Ad Scam

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    Michael Wester -------------------------- Steven Schwankert

    If you are a foreigner working in the scam capital of the ESL world (China) do you have the right to profit from the misfortunes of others that you help to create? This is the question of ethics at the heart of the debate about these two executive managers from The problem stems from there agreement to remove negative comments posted about their biggest advertisers posted by fraud victims of those advertisers, in exchange for new advertising contracts. They were caught in the act by other users who posted warning threads to alert others that "Scam Alert" threads that had been on thebeijinger for over a year in some cases, were being censored (deleted), allowing users to be lured to the same dishonest advertisers who have track records of ripping off foreign clients going back many years. The actual posts can be found here:

    The infamous ESL Scam recruiters being protected and promoted by Shwankert and Wester include:

    * China ESL (owned by Rebecca Tang) and also doing business at Golden Bridge ESL, China Golden Bridge Visa, New Life ESL, Valley Organization, etc.

    * Expertise Education Group of Beijing (Not to be confused with other companies by the same name in the UK and America)

    * Hellen Group of Hangzhou (Also operating under a variety of other names)

    Over 100 expats complained about the censorship but those complaints were ignored and the ads from the known scam artists remain posted at thebeijinger along with hundreds of other "blind ads" which do not identify themselves and instruct expats to submit their CVs, passport, scans and other personal documents to unknown people who may be identity thieves using disposable email addresses and mobile phones. One of these suspect ads are list below as a sample.

    "F/T English Teacher for Training Schools 18,000 RMB/Month near the Shuangjing & Taiyanggong subway line 10 & Renmen Uni. Line 4

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    Send message

    English and IELTS Teachers are needed
    Apply ASAP
    Monday – Friday: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

    Required, Essential and a Must:
    Interviews are conducted for Native or European English Teachers from the following countries:
    1 – USA
    2 – Australia
    3 – Canada
    4 – UK
    5 – NZ
    6 - European countries (with fluent accent)

    Training Schools:
    1. Wed-Fri:1:00pm-7:00pm, weekends:9:00am-5:00pm near the Shuangjing subway station on line 10,or Taiyanggong subway station on line 10.(the training school has lots of branches, we can arrange you the one nearby your location)
    2. Mon-Fri:10:00am-12:00pm,1:00pm-3:30pm near the Renmen university on line 4.(IELTS teaching)

    Salary and Benefits For Full-time Teachers:
    1.Competitive salary:8000-18000/month
    2.Paid Public holidays
    3.Free lunch and Dinner
    4.Regular teaching training
    5.Visa support


    1 – Resume (INCLUDING YOUR contact details),
    2 - Copy of your passport,
    3 – Copy of the visa page,
    4 - Copy of your degree and
    5 - Recent photo

    Please attach a copy of all of the five documents and send to my email ASAP.
    Please Note:

    We will NOT reply to your email if you do not submit a copy of ALL of the above five documents JUST WANT AN IDENTITY THIEF NEEDS!

    Contact Details
    Office: 010-571***85 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm)
    E-mail: nmy***
    Please email ALL the documents. As all schools are on holiday, we will reply as from 26th February, First In First Served. Happy Spring Festival."

    Shwankert was also caught, and then admitted to deleting comments from other TBJ readers who disagreed with his editorial comments as well. Maybe these two Americans should trade their citizenship in for Chinese or North Korean passports as they clearly see nothing wrong, criminal, or even unethical with their deceitful acts which make them criminal accomplices. Maybe they wish to come here and defend themselves publicly?

    In the interim you are hereby warned that the China job ads posted at, as well as ESLCafe, and are all corrupted and half are clearly compromised and/or fake. Granted there may be some real ads in the mix but to know for sure you would need to use this red flag review to sort them all out
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