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Thread: Teach In China Job Opening Fraud & Foreign Teacher Salary Scam

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    Teach In China Job Opening Fraud & Foreign Teacher Salary Scam

    The unlicensed black China job recruiters have overgrown the internet like weeds with all their fake and scam online ads. There are literally over 500 new ones posted every day. Chances are you already replied to a few and did not even know it. STOP! and do not send in another resume ESPECIALLY if you are interested in any ad that appears at:

    Surely you must want to know why. No problem - that is a valid question that deserves an explanation. If you take the time to read the five links below you will see that...

    * 85% of all the ads for China jobs online are fabricated. Non-existent jobs designed just to get your resume and contact information. Why? Keep reading...

    * 25% of all the ads placed on the internet for China jobs are posted by identity thieves. They will offer you the non-existent jobs and tell you that they need your CV and a copy of your passport scan. Thinking that you have a real job waiting for you you will cooperate. 6 Months later your life becomes miserable as your realize your bank and trading accounts were looted, strangers used credit cards and bank checks in your name, took mortgages, claimed tax refunds, and even bought a car or immigrated in your name! Even though you will not have to pay back all that money taken through the frauds, you WILL have to spend $10,000 on a lawyer to straighten out the mess, by getting court orders to unfreeze your accounts and getting the credit bureaus to restore your good credit.

    * Many other scams also await you that may not be so costly but will cause you to fly to China thinking you have a great-paying job but after arriving you realize there was a "mistake" and instead of Job A, you now have Job with half the salary in some remote rural area. This is the bait and switch scam

    * Worse still is that you will be brought to China without a "Z" visa (mandatory work visa) just so the recruiter can collect his fee. Within a few months you are caught working with the wrong visa and guess what - you get arrested, spend 30 days in a Chinese jail before being deported.

    * The ads you see on line are just bait. They get you on the hook talking to people who never even tell you your real name. They have no business license and as you can see in the links below, they cooperate with other scam artists and sell your resumes to one another. 48% of all China foreign teachers claim to have been swindled in 2014. Now you you robaboly still don't want to believe this , so here here is the proof...

    China Foreign Teachers Union

    China Foreign Teacher Wages Salary Pay & Earnings Facts - 2013


    Guess what? By stumbling upon this link you are now not going to exploited so easily because you now know the truth about the China expat job market. But they will still try to trick you so always be on guard and get your own job just by getting a free copy of the CFTU China School White List and contacting the schools yourself directly - without any agent or recruiter. Not only will you earn a higher salary, but you will avoid the risks of identity theft. If you want to know about your earnings as a China foreign teacher you can see the the 2015 pay charts and wages scales by region at China Foreign Teachers Union


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