Here is the latest email about the WealthBot scam from Terry Burns!

Hello Teammates

Totally Unique - Totally legit - Totally change your financial future with this one !!

I have resisted the plethora of programs out there as all of them seem to be the same to me and I don't trust any of them.

My business partner and I have been exploring a new o.pportunity and after communicating back and forth with the admin of the program ( at least 40 times ), we joined with the top guy in the program and I want to share something very special with you.

I hope you take the time to explore what I am about to share as I am not here to waste my , or anyone else's time, so trust that there has to be something of substance in this program for me to now recommend it as the second program that I am adding to my Bitcoin Portfolio.

I have prepared an info site to explain everything and trust that I have done my due diligence as best I can and I am satisfied.

I have direct access to the hierarchy in this o.pportunity and I really like what I have seen and heard and been privy to.

This p.ays 30% a month totally passively, it's totally refreshing and unique ( no bot trading, no coin related program or anything like that ) and if you review everything I am about to share, there is a feature of this program that can potentially change your financial future forever.

Have a look and decide for yourself....All I will ask is that you put aside everything and really check it out until the end.

wbtnburns (I left this link because it has all the scamming ponzi information included)

My registration link as well as all the steps needed to register and get f.unded are also on the page above under the heading WHAT TO DO NOW

Here is the link to a PDF file for the registration steps:

Here is the link to a PDF file for the deposit steps:

I am also making an extra effort with the marketing side seeing that sharing this with others , while not necessary to e.arn, is exceptionally lucrative so I will have both replicated Info sites as replicated LCP's /AR/letter series for those who take this seriously and wish to share with others.

To YOUR Success,
Terry Burns

P.S. Attention Leaders: should you see the fantastic opportunity with this program that we see and would like to bring in your team, I can get you access to someone from the company if you like to answer all questions for your team.