Not sure if everyone knows who Gary Halbert was. Do a search on Google and you'll find a legion of faithful pay homage to him as "The Best Copywriter Who Ever Lived", "the Godfather of copy that sells", "The Prince of Print", "King of Copy", and so on and so forth.

He was that good. And if you don't believe the people who described him in those terms, then let Gerry tell you himself in his own words: "Why I Am The Best Copywriter Alive"!

You were almost transfixed by his writing. Halbert had a knack of putting words on paper that got people to send him money as fast as they could. Some of the most famous ads of all time were created by him. He made a fortune - and lost it - 8 times by his own estimation. And if you read any of his letters, you soon learn he wasn't one to pull punches. In one issue he took on MLM. In Gary's own words:


It sucks big time. It's dorky, it's dangerous, it's sleazy and it's stupid. It is a magnet for slime. It is true that not every product sold by multi-level marketing is inferior. It is also true not every person involved in this nonsense is unethical. I must admit their are some (very few) good products and some (very few) good people involved in this insanity. However, even though it sometimes involves good products and good people...

Multi-Level Marketing Is
Always Stupid!
I like this guy!

And he doesn't stop there...
Everything about MLM is bad. MLM is not inherently evil but it does (nearly always) attract inherently evil people. Even if you start out with good products, good intentions and good people, you will eventually, if you grow a little, attract a massive amount of human scum into your operation. And, even if this were not true, the whole idea is still stupid. When you shuck right down to the cob, MLM is simply a magnet for lazy people who are looking for a way to sell without selling.

The whole thing sucks.
You can read the whole thing here: Why Multi-Level Marketing Sucks! - The Gary Halbert Letter

You'll also get a feel for what a good writer Gary was and why he's so highly regarded!