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Thread: GAS - GlobalAdShare - Still Thriving or Drying Up??

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    GAS - GlobalAdShare - Still Thriving or Drying Up??

    Please forgive me if this is posted in another thread. I searched for it but could not find mention of it in RS. I did find that some members having been active in giving out warnings. When I saw it being "sponsored" by my FB friend, I felt it must be on shaky ground, so I did a little research and these are my findings. I am sure many of you already know more than what I have found here but thought it worthy to make mention in RS.




    GlobalAdShare : Terms and Conditions


    You won't believe these testimonials!! (I don't!)

    GlobalAdShare : Testimonials

    GlobalAdShare : FAQ

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    Looks like some members have been "banned"!!

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    QUOTE (Lynndel @ Aug 18 2014, 10:36 AM) *
    For the guests of this thread who think they have landed in an episode of The Twilight Zone, in some ways you have. You see they way this game works is for those who support GAS to make the topic about every thing but GAS. They have to deflect that GAS is a SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP, being run out of an APARTMENT, is not registered to do business in any state, let alone anywhere else, that has an illegal pyramid scheme in their matrix programs (only 14% of people in a matrix program make any money, the rest goes to the program), pay a stated 150% rate of return on all their ad packs, which GAS says that if you pay a stated percentage rate of return you are a Ponzi, and the list goes on and on proving that GAS is a Ponzi. It is just a matter of time now before they run with YOUR money.

    You see all the pontification by proadco that wants you to believe that the issue raised by him is not being addressed, and thusly Eagle should do so, conveniently leaves out that there are at least 4 National organizations already doing what he insists that Eagle do. There are numerous members of the House and Senate that are pushing for the Fed to be audited. In other words, don't focus on GAS being a Ponzi and fulfilling Eagle's dual mission, but do what he insists that I do. Kind of makes you wonder why he hasn't put his money where his mouth is and formed his own company to do what he keeps trying to goad me to do doesn't it.

    You see when you can't argue the facts of GAS being a Ponzi and an illegal pyramid scheme, all you have left is to deflect, distract, discredit me/Eagle, and pray that it works.

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    GlobalAdShare Review: $10 ad pack Ponzi scheme

    Seems to be drying up over at MMG, from the latest posts.

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    I see this has been going on for some time now and at least one of RS members has been active in trying to warn others of this scam. Some are slow to learn or just keep dreaming...
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    Re: GAS - GlobalAdShare - Still Thriving or Drying Up??

    Anything offered by Carla Carey needs to be taken with a shovel of salt. I remember her from 12DailyPro. She is not a naive newbie.

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    Re: GAS - GlobalAdShare - Still Thriving or Drying Up??

    More clowns then under a circus tent in that MMG thread.

    Usually its the pimps (who only do Ponzis) claiming its not. ponzi... knowing it is...

    Sad mix of dumb and crazy backing GAS.

    G.A.S. must stand for (G)uillible (A)nd (S)tupid.

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