Found this touching post by a desperate housewife on another forum who apparently is at her wit's end about what to do with her brainwashed hubby:

Please help. My partner is heavy into ACN. He pays dues, he pays to go to meetings, and he pays to go on 4 “motivational” business trips a year! Still, I’ve seen no improvement since he’s started two years ago….It’s getting to the point where he sacrifices family time and he is subconsciously doing things that could make him loose his day job as an engineer (ie. falling asleep at work from being so tired from business meetings, lacking motivation with his superiors, etc. etc….What’s worse is we have another baby on the way. I am so tired. He has truly been brainwashed and believes things will happen if only he “grinds” harder. I really don’t know what to do. I can’t tell him anything.
Uh, yeah!

Where have we heard that story before?

How is it that apparently smart people - this guy is an engineer - succumb to this MLM bullshit?

What do you tell this woman anyhow????