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Thread: MLM Quote Of The Day

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    MLM Quote Of The Day

    "Even some industry insiders think product purchase requirements have to go.

    “It would fix a lot of issues,” MLM lawyer Kevin Thompson suggested on a conference call last month with Barclays analyst Meredith Alder. “What happens is a lot of people buy stuff they never would buy in quantities, they would never have purchased just to qualify for bonuses.”

    Thompson admitted the change could make it difficult for some MLM companies to survive."

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    Quote of the day:

    "Thompson admitted the change could make it difficult for some MLM companies to survive."

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    Re: MLM Quote Of The Day

    You know what would positively fix a lot of issues for MLM?

    1. Make stuff that people actually want to buy at a retail level.

    2. Sell it at a price that makes sense.

    3. Leave people the hell alone with the listen to this tape, or telling us how much money you are making as we push your broken car to the side of the road.
    "It's virtually impossible to violate rules ... but it's impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time." Bernie Madoff


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