This is part of MonaVie, but it seems to have a life of it's own, so I decided to open up it's own thread.

I found out about it from the Lazy Man and Money site here:

MonaVie Mynt is Coming After Your Kids

According to that article:

"'mynt™ is completely backed by MonaVie. It’s not a new company or a separate entity of MonaVie. It’s simply the brand name of MonaVie’s movement to attract those in the Gen C crowd and to create the next chapter in direct selling. mynt is a community of like-minded individuals who want to have fun!'"

Here are a couple of notable quotations from that page:
"mynt is kind of like a Harley Davidson gang... but without bikes... and on Facebook." — Stephen Jones, MonaVie senior director of marketing, North America

“mynt is like throwing a pebble in the water; one simple act can create a #movemynt.” — Calli Mott, MonaVie director of North America.
Pebble...ripples...Gen C MLM

Definitely worth reading the whole article - especially about the prices of the new products:
MonaVie Mynt is Coming After Your Kids