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Thread: My Job Earning Scam and Ponzi

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    My Job Earning Scam and Ponzi

    My Job Earning at is an obvious ponzi scam that was spammed on the WorkAtHomeTruth FaceBook Fanpage.

    According to the My Job Earning website there are UNLIMITED job positions...UNLIMITED!

    "Everyone can join the site Unlimited Job Positions!
    Anyone can Join! No Experience required!
    Instant Account Setup and Money Making! No joining fee"

    Pluralization is not one of My Job Earning's strong suits:

    Here's the "job" you'll be doing along with information about why you'll never get paid:

    My Job Earning is very uncertain about how much fake money they'd like to guarantee you'll make, but it appears to be somewhere between 500 - 1200 imaginary dollars.

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    Re: My Job Earning Scam and Ponzi

    It's actually not a Ponzi scheme, but it is definitely a SCAM.

    These things started showing up in the fall of 2013 and with their promise of $10 for every click on the ad page that they want you to spam everywhere you can, Facebook timelines were quickly polluted by idiots who believed the numbers-on-a-screen that were pouring into their "accounts".

    A number of replications of the SCAM popped up in a very short period of time, with some of the presentations offering as "little" as $1 per clicked ad with a $20 minimum payout. Their domains are usually very short-lived. Currently running the same racket as is:

    Some of the older sites I recall running the SCAM were:

    Believe it or not, the entire point of these SCAMS came down to trying to con you in to "taking surveys" where you fill out name, address, phone, email, income bracket, likes, etc and then find out you are required to "complete x number of the following offers" in order to receive all of that money you just made.

    No payments are ever made to the participants, of course. The admins put up these sites to get commissions from your participating in the offers. The sheep didn't find out they had been conned until after they completed the surveys and received no payment.

    Once the participant's "account" reached the required minimum for withdrawal (after they had spammed hundreds of their friends), requesting a withdrawal would produce a page like this:

    At that point, you were no longer on your "work" site where you signed up, you had been redirected to a company called CPAGRIP. They advertise specializing in:

    Content Lockers
    Url & Download Lockers
    Video Lockers
    Offer Walls
    Virtual Currency

    I have no idea how complicit CPAGRIP is in the proliferation of these SCAMS, but I suspect that a huge portion of their business comes from the SCAM admins using their "content locker" software, and their split of the survey participation returns. This is what CPAGRIP's traffic looked like in the fall of 2013 when this crap took off:

    Considering how their traffic has held up since then, it looks like we have a business on our hands that won't be going away any time soon:

    According to Alexa, traffic on CPAGRIP's site comes from:

    India - 26.5%
    Indonesia - 13.0%
    United States - 5.1%


    "No one in this world, so far as I know - and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me - has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people" - H. L. Mencken

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