The Profit Bank program has been around for some time now. For anybody wondering if it's ascam or a legitimate way to make online income, the following video should solve that for you fast:

When the video was made, the person behind the ProfitBank software was using the name Mack Michaels. However, now he's using the name Thomas Black:

And according to the html title, ProfitBank is by Millionaire Societ - which will make sense to you if you watched the above video.

According to the video, the ProfitBank software creates a review site that is dynamically populated - but which always has ProfitBank as the #1 program. So when people purchase the ProfitBank program, they then set up a review site promoting the ProfitBank system, and so on and so on. Hmmm...the program is making money for "somebody" it seems - whoever Thomas Black and Mack Michaels are.