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Thread: Purium Health Products, Pyramid Scheme?

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    Purium Health Products, Pyramid Scheme?

    Here is a video describing PURIUM HEALTH PRODUCTS. IMO, a very accurate and honest explanation by this young fellow about this company and how it works. If you can't be bothered watching all 18 minutes of it, I'll summarize.

    Not once in the video does he mention selling product to non-affiliates. In fact, he explains how to sign up people and duplicate. The way to success apparently.

    And what he is explaining is an ILLEGAL PYRAMID SCHEME as you must SELL i.e., become a salesman, and retail half your product volume to customers. That means "pounding the pavement", selling on the internet although every other affiliate will be doing the same and, of course, asking friends and family to buy from you monthly. Remember, customers are required, they are not affiliates, and those people cannot duplicate.

    Also worth noting, this video is listed as a favorite of ponzi/pyramid promoter Deborah Brolley. She most recently was highly active in recruiting for the Flexkom Ponzi Scheme. Flexkom had ripped off thousands of people in Europe before she associated herself with Flexkom America. Anyone who did ANY due diligence would have known that. She was also associated with Visalus. This company has a lawsuit pending brought by former affiliates who feel they were scammed. There is also Mary Kay in her "resume". I recommend reading Pink Truth.

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    Re: Purium Health Products, Pyramid Scheme?

    Guy in the video says this is an "example". What I would want to see IF I was considering this real life case studies. If 100,000 start in Purium each year, how many do what he claims with his easy peasy get 2 who get 2 system?

    Policies and procedures ---- would be affiliates ears better perk up if any medical or therapeutic claims are made as that is a .

    Discussing incomes without supporting documentation.

    I did not see a disclosure of what percentages of Purium distributors actually hit these PV levels. Absent any other proof my assumption is 1% make the real dough, 4% squeak by, and 95% make that all possible by losing their money.
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