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    Quick Pay Group

    This is the latest NEXT BIG AND GREATEST program being pimped by Ken Russo!

    Here is his latest pimping email (notice that his sponsor is scamming, pimping Dick Moore)

    February 17, 2014

    Greetings Everyone,

    This update will provide information about an awesome project that is
    scheduled for an official launch on March 1. The name of the company
    is Quick Pay Group Ltd or QPG and it is an Independent Marketing
    Division for Quick Group Business Channel.

    The company is based in Belize, Central America

    CEO & Co-Founder - Larry Jones
    COO & IT Senior Adviser - Jasbir Singh Awapal

    Here is a 12 minute introductory video featuring Dr. Lenny Cocco who
    is one of our team leaders.....

    Qpay Team Presentation - YouTube

    The company is very serious about the way that the members promote
    this project. There is to be no marketing on the internet and we are not
    allowed to send our link en masse. Each and every incoming member
    must consult with their sponsor if they wish to join. Their sponsor will
    then create a member account for the incoming member.

    Of course, the most important part of any discussion is how the average
    person can benefit via his or her participation. Here is the introductory
    message I received from my sponsor, Dick Moore. Please read carefully
    and you will understand how average folks worldwide can benefit, even
    those who do not refer a single person.

    Subject: QPay - More info - Recorded Webinar Video
    Date: 2/8/2014

    Hi Ken –

    Just following up - More info on Quick Pay Group (QPG)…

    We now have a recorded webinar presentation of QPG –

    QPAY-3Feb14 - WWSz_Tink's library

    The more I get into this the more I believe this will be a very lucrative
    long-term business. I really like this comp plan. It is the best I have
    ever seen for the non-builder to make money. Those that can build can
    make a fortune! (…. and build a strong monthly residual income as well.)

    I would highly recommend that you get in this immediately to take
    advantage of the pre-prelaunch pricing. It is currently £200 per unit
    ($330) - It will go up to £295 at launch ($495) March 1st.

    There are six ways to get paid:

    ...Retail Commission (Direct Commission) – 20%

    ...Leadership Bonus (Unilevel) – 5% (through 5 levels)

    ...Binary Bonus (Binary) – 5% (For every 1 - 1 Pair)

    ...Daily Bonus Revenue Share (Direct) – (Fixed for now at 1.6%/day)

    ...Residual Retirement Bonus (Company Forced 2 x 10 Matrix at launch) -
    £1 per unit in matrix

    ...Rotary Relay Bonus – (See powerpoint overview)

    (I have not done a relay before but it looks like THAT will be the most
    lucrative part – especially for builders! Everyone can benefit but the
    builders will do very well!)

    There will be at least 13 Business Channels (Products or services) to
    chose from. They are starting with 4 and will be rolling out a new one
    every few months. (See the overview for details)

    Primary Advantages of this Business (What really makes this one special…):

    # 1. No referring or selling required to make money!

    # 2 Those that do refer and build will be well rewarded!

    # 3 Get paid for your OWN PURCHASES (You only purchase the first
    one from your sponsor – Then you purchase all the rest from yourself and
    YOU can make all of the commissions)!

    # 4 Upline constantly builds under downline in the matrix!

    # 5 Monthly Residual Income with NO monthly out-of-pocket costs!

    # 6 Get paid instantly in real time

    # 7 Weekly payout via bank wire for now – Additional options planned
    after launch

    This is strictly by personal invitation only (no Internet marketing allowed)
    but we have a very good team and they are in the process of developing
    everything needed to promote this opportunity and remain in compliance.
    For now, you can simply generate interest and have your people attend a
    live overview (Or use the recorded one above).

    Call Schedule –

    Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays @ 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST

    Plus Qpay Corporate call – Thursdays @ 4pm, 3pm CST, 2pm MST, 1pm PST

    Same Number for both: 805-399-1000 pin code 331027#

    Just let me know when you are ready to join - I can get you registered and
    get your first unit in for you. This establishes your membership. (Everything
    else you will purchase from yourself). We can check to see how many more
    are available from the upline or you can simply wire payment (or make a direct
    deposit) to their bank. They will send £200 to your account for each unit you
    want to purchase. I will walk you through the process.

    FYI - I started 30 days ago with 7 units – I am now up to 20 without referring
    anyone. I am just now starting to recommend this to others because I am very
    impressed with how they are handling their rollout.

    I can now begin withdrawing over $1200 per month from just 1 of the 6 revenue
    streams in this comp plan and still keep building internally. (Referring others will
    make it build much faster)

    There is also a recorded overview with a couple of testimonials here:

    (From Thursday 02/06/2014)

    Let me know if you have any questions or when you are ready to jump in…

    DD Moore
    Innovations Marketing Systems LLC

    After reviewing Dick's message and listening to the recorded calls and
    a live webinar, I sent this message to him.....

    Hi Dick,

    You said - "I really like this comp plan. It is the best I have ever seen
    for the non-builder to make money".

    Tell me why, keeping in mind that I will include your comments in my
    program advisory message.


    His response will be provided in Part 2 of the update which I will be
    sending tonight at 9 PM EST. Meanwhile, I hope everyone can find
    some time to access the audio links above and gather the information
    needed to make an informed decision. I joined just last night and, with
    Dick's assistance, I was able to obtain my first unit right away. Today
    I am going to wire funds for 9 more units. Needless to say, I'm excited
    about this project.

    As mentioned above, there is a live conference call tonight, Monday,
    February 17 at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST, 6 PM MST and 5 PM PST.

    Number - 805-399-1000 pin code 331027#

    I have asked Dick if he can arrange a private call for my group some
    time this week during which folks can ask questions. I hope to provide
    details in my next message.

    I look forward to helping lots of folks get started with Quick Pay Group
    in their quest for an additional income stream for 2014 and beyond.


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    Re: Quick Pay Group

    Heh - same call in number as Organo Gold is using..

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    Re: Quick Pay Group

    Quote Originally Posted by LBLive View Post
    Heh - same call in number as Organo Gold is using..
    That is conference bridge owned by

    quiet popular, Anybody can use it


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