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Thread: The Viral Franchise

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    The Viral Franchise

    The Viral Franchise is by Frederick Spears who also runs the website and a Global Cash to Credits platform called IWBR Financial at

    The Viral Franchise Product

    According to this post at the Warrior Forum, The Viral Franchise, which participants sell and use, is the product:

    Is The Viral Franchise The "Make Money Online" Industry's Most Valuable Brand?

    The Viral Franchise claims to be the "Make Money Online" industry's most valuable brand - and claims to be "loaded with some of the internets top affiliate marketers who just love to make money online":

    A couple of questions:

    • Who deemed them the "Make Money Online" Industry's most valuable brand?
    • Who are these "top affiliate marketers who just love to make money online"?

    Personally, I find it doubtful that any serious affiliate marketers would bother with something like The Viral Franchise. I'm willing to be proven wrong if some names of these affiliate marketers is provided along with proof that they are involved.

    Getting Rich Overnight

    I'll just let the following speak for itself:

    Will The Viral Franchise Control The Stock Market?

    Here's an interesting comment at BehindMLM:

    Question: If the model is sustainable, why would it "run dry"?

    Use Of IWBR for Payments

    Here's the explanation of why IWBR is being used for payments:

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    Re: The Viral Franchise

    Woo, boy, on the stink-o-meter, this one is pegging the needle...!
    It seems like in this "industry" common sense is not all that common!

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    Re: The Viral Franchise

    The Viral Franchise - Snapshot

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    Re: The Viral Franchise

    They claim to be a franchise, but they provide no income data that shows how much franchise owners are actually making. This is clearly illegal in the United States. The money that the "franchise" generates is from cash payments from other "franchise" owners. This is clearly a cash gifting scheme. Avoid this scam.
    Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud. - Sophocles
    LikesXL Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!
    Top 10 Work At Home Business Opportunity Scams

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