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The above is a woefully incomplete list of Travel MLMs, most of them are dead though a few haven't admitted it yet and most are from just the last few years. Very soon we can add the name Volishon to that list.

"Hey, wait. Volishon just hit prelaunch yesterday and you're already talking about it in the past tense. What kind of freaking review are you writing here"?

An honest one.

The list above speaks of two things:

A: Travel MLMs are absolutely horrible ideas and almost everybody who pays to join will lose money.
B: There are always greedy fricken bastards out there willing to start a new one.

But if A is true how can B also be true? The key word is "almost" everybody loses money, they lose it to the very few near the top of (and the is the key word) Pyramid.

There simply is not enough of a profit margin in selling travel to fund a multilevel comp plan (an excellent analysis here), so the only money coming into one of these companies available to pay the affiliates comes from the affiliates. This of course means the only way to get paid is to recruit more and more people, and those people need to recruit more and more people and so on. At any one given moment in one of these schemes far more members will have paid in far more than they've received in return and this will still be true the day the scheme collapses. Who makes money here? The pathological hyper recruiters who lie about these being great opportunities for everyone when in fact they are only great opportunities for people who lie.

For example:



Joel Santiago and Joseph Otis were promoted to positions of leadership in Ben Glinsky's Pro Travel Plus after the wheels fell off, cofounders Charles Vest left for Hop Rocket and Seth Fraser just plain left. As absolute proof of their integrity and dedication to their downline Joel and Joseph continued to recruit people into Pro Travel Plus long after they knew the company was dead and it would be impossible for those new recruits to do anything other than lose money. As Joel likes to say, Just Tru$t him. I rather suspect the same was true of Daniella Le Roux and Sankie Beukes, they along with Cheri Ward headed up (with Joseph Otis' help) the South African wing of Pro Travel Plus and seem (minus Ward) to be doing the same for Volishon. Cheri Ward's falling out with PtP and Otis is an interesting story for a later post.

So we have a sizable chunk of the "field leaders" from Pro Travel Plus which Volishon is a near carbon copy clone of, PtP lasted a good four months by which I mean to say it had a good plus or minus four months before recruitment slowed down (as it always will) and it contracted into the catatonic mess it will remain until Mr. Glinsky stops paying for web hosting and the site goes dark. Until that happens we can enjoy the growth and inevitable contraction of Volition, only real question is will they beat PtPs record for longevity.

It is important to point out that selling actual travel plays no part at all in Volishon's business plan. I repeat, Volishon has nothing to do with selling travel. When I first joined as a "preenrollee" there was a page on the Volishon website which had a DoHop interface, you could book flights through Volishon for the exact prices you could through DoHop (I checked). That page seems to be missing as I type this but Volishon is having certain website issues at the moment (come on Daniella). So you could (past tense?) book flights through Volishon but you could not earn any money by doing so, you have to recruit fresh affiliates for that.

And that of course is the problem with all these disposable travel MLMs, endless chain recruitment is never endless. The people who fail to recruit a sufficient number of new recruits lose, not make money and they wont keep paying monthly fees to only lose money for very long. When they stop paying that lowers their upline's income and the company's momentum reverses on itself. Rank and file PtP members, remember how everything was superterificfantastic one day and over the next? Yea, that's what I'm talking about. The exact same thing will happen with Volishon, most likely than not before July.

Then we can add their name to the list.