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Thread: We Share Crowdfunding research

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    We Share Crowdfunding research

    The following Video shows the path I took through various websites to get to the final website. Nothing in the video is meant to imply anything about the legitimacy of the "We Share Crowdfunding" platform.

    The main piece of the We Share Crowdfunding program seems to be something called
    "The Donation Distribution Formula" which is explained below:

    From: we$hareCrowdfunding

    So far it looks like the "Team Builder" aspect "The Ultimate Team" is a 3rd party team-builder separate from the We Share Crowdfunding program.

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    Re: We Share Crowdfunding research

    So a couple of things jumped out at me. Just what are `leveraged donations'? Leverage usually implies debt of some sort. So what, you borrow $ to then donate? Huh? Why so many levels? Seems way too complicated and convoluted.
    And tragic thing is that the whole crowdfunding concept which probably started as a good and noble concept has been completely hijacked by scamsters and now they are all running around using the term `crowdfunding' to lure well meaning, yet na´ve people in!
    All the `floors' implies recruiting and it has that chain letter, gifting scheme, Ponzi feel to it.
    Sad and scummy!

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    Re: We Share Crowdfunding research

    it's a cash gifting scheme. that's it. As you said, if you are there to allegedly get a 'donation' for a project, then you don't have the money to be paying in. Why would someone 'donate' to someone else when you need the money to begin with? If it was truly what they claim by the title, they would just be collecting and donating to others not even involved.

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    Re: We Share Crowdfunding research

    The comment I have read below are a reflection of someone's opinion and not Facts.

    So here are the Facts...

    All of the donations you receive go to you directly to you. You control how your money is spent, and when you want to spend it, and where you want to spend it. It's your money to begin with, due to the fact it was donated to you.

    Hummm so far sounds like a great way of collecting money for a need or service that I could not have funded tradition-ale by my self.

    You can join for FREE and still get to keep all of your donation you receive and never paying anyone in the community anything. You would just stay at the Basic level, witch means you would have to collect all your donation on your own with no help from the community that has been built around you to help you. No time restriction is ever out on your project like 45 or 90 days.

    Now less talk about why you might want to buy in to the concept.

    I have never heard of someone going into debt over spending $10.00 or even $200.00 dollars.

    But never the less you buy in to have the help of the entire community support your idea/project.

    you make the choice to do this, no one pulls your arm and tell you you have to do this.

    It was created to help you not hinder you, by allowing mass amounts of people in the community to see your project and see that you are a giver bases off your one time donation between $10.00 and or $200.00 dollars, the members are willing to give to you and you project.

    That's where We Share in the name comes from.

    Now if you give a donation to a company off the TV who spend millions of dollars just to ask you for your recurring payment of $25.00 or more or less. You fell good, that you have worked with a company who will do what they said they can do.

    Now take in consideration that the payment you just made will most likely be cut up and a part will go to what you are wanting to support. On the other hand a piece will go for over head and a piece will go into more advertizing so they can bring more donations from views like you.

    We, I my self included still make the donation to the company because a piece of something going to the cause is still better than nutting at all.

    It boils down to trust if you believe in that person or cause or idea and want to help them, do it & don't forget the hole reason why they are their was to get help in the first place.

    Who does it hurt or scam to help someone out with a donation? NO ONE, NO ONE AT ALL.
    Who does it help when you make a donation? The one who you made the donation to will rep the reward as well as the others who showed them how to do it. Every funding site I have ever look at was created for the organization to rep a piece of the reward as well ....

    The pay it forward concept....

    I would love to have a open conversation with anyone about this subject....

    Thank you for reading and have a great day.

    Joyella J.

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