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Thread: WebsiteTester.Biz Email gatherer or Ponzi Scam?

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    WebsiteTester.Biz Email gatherer or Ponzi Scam?

    WebsiteTester wouldnt normally grab my attention - more of the same old, same old survey sites,join free and get paid to survey websites, if it wasnt for the fact that it is spreading like wildfire, virally and as being promoted by the Online Success Zone (the former Golden Panda Ad Zone Forum - ex AdSurfDaily!), as well as on the HYIP boards in several countries (MMG, ASA talk Gold Dream team moenyglobalearntalk, many spanish language HYIP boards and a long list opf etceteras) and it seems to have an mlm payment structure..

    And much more to the point, investigative reporter Patrick Pretty has already written two articles about it

    WebsiteTester.Biz Pitched On Reborn GoldenPandaAdZone Forum, Plus MoneyMakerGroup, TalkGold And Other Ponzi Havens

    MYSTERIOUS: WebsiteTester.Biz Getting Stranger By The Moment; Apparent Parent Company Of Website Now Advertising ‘Job’ Opportunities

    As it has already been pointed out - this looks like another NarcthatCar or DNA -. lots of promoters and no client list, i.e. product, to promote.

    It is owned by parent Alfa Marketing Research, supposedly from Nevada, but the domain ownership of both is unknown and hidden behind a proxy.

    It may end up being a simple email harvesting project for something else, but in view of the links to HYIP ponzi promotion sites and the old ASD, it looks more serious.

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    Re: WebsiteTester.Biz Email gatherer or Ponzi Scam?

    Well I would certainly view anything that has the remotest connection with ASD or any one of its apologists with the greatest of suspicion.

    What never ceases to amaze me is that, with all the information now available and criminal charges pending, anyone would be careless enough to have their name even linked with ASD, never mind actively promote. I guess there are simply a lot of people who think that they are immune and that the law doesnt apply to them.

    WebsiteTester looks to me to be so similar to NarcThatCar, in its productlessness. They have produced no list of clients who want their Webs reviewed and appear to be recruiting the reviewers and offering to pay them, before they have clients. The question I have seen raised in the Spanish language forums is this - if they have so many people joining, what are they going to pay them with? Noone has answered the question so far.


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