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Thread: Your Gateway to Wealth scam!

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    Your Gateway to Wealth scam!

    David "The scamming Christian" Sherman is back at it advertising a new pathetically obvious ponzi scam! here is utterly ridiculous hype email:


    Hello Team...

    I have some very good news for you. I have been invited to a new program
    that is scheduled to go into pre-launch phase on 6-20 and then full launch on
    6-24-14. There is not one person in this yet. There are two people who own
    this and I would be right under one of the co owners so I would have a top position.
    That means you will have a top position as well when we go into pre-launch!

    I have just rec'd word that I can get my leaders in tonight!!! This is very exciting!!

    Here is what I can tell you now....

    Type: 3 x 3 Matrix with a Monthly Sub

    A 3 x 3 Matrix consist of 3 people on Level One, 9 people on
    Level 2 and 27 people on Level 3.

    3 x 3 Matrix (Matrix does not have to be filled to be paid).
    Pays immediately to YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE.

    * After you complete all 3 levels that position will be completed
    and you will receive a re-entry position in the matrix.

    You Receive $ 301.00
    Your Sponsor Receives 20.00
    1 Re-entry back into level 1 25.00

    You can withdraw when ever you want to and receive your money right away
    from STP or you can also use it to transfer money to your subscription account
    or buy single positions with it.

    Just 3 People On Your First Level And You Have Enough Money
    In Your Account Balance to Fund Your Subscription Account!

    Cost: $25.00 Plus $5.00 Admin Fee, monthly.
    Everyone You Sponsor You Will Receive Sponsoring Bonuses when they complete Matrix Level #3.
    You will also receive sponsoring bonuses on all their monthly subscription entries, re-entry positions
    and any and all singles they have. This is based on a person you referred being active in the matrix.
    Sponsoring Bonuses Can Add Up to A Lot of Money For Those Who Sponsor Others.

    I'm excited about this one folks! This one will do very well, especially for those
    people who get in early!

    My Referral Link is: Lightning Speed Cycler
    My Splash Page Link is: JUST LAUNCHED

    To Our Mutual Success,

    David M Sherman
    Game cameras, digital game camera, hunting cameras, trail camera, cameras

    The Dove Bible Study

    586-336-4165 9 - 7 PM EST

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    Re: Your Gateway to Wealth scam!

    Looking at who the four people running this one are, it's no surprise. Two names with histories of online scams stretching back more than a decade each, a tech guy (who will likely regret it if I start exposing here), and "Len O." the nameless person.
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:


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