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  1. Can you watch this without laughing ?
  2. Be creative every day
  3. The best fidget spinner you'll ever see
  4. Music for little people
  5. Dear friend, I do not want to be a part of your pyramid selling scheme
  6. Car karma
  7. Wen ya wreally, rweally need annuva beer
  8. Post Truth Politics (Did Hilary really say?)
  9. Jetty ??? I don't need no stinkin' jetty
  10. Don't you dare stop until I say you can
  11. Learning from animals.
  12. Show us your Penis, Drumpft.
  13. Is that guilt all over his face ???
  14. Trump as a urinal
  15. This may be the scariest video you ever see
  16. Children of the World, Plaintiffs vs Santa Claus, Defendant
  17. Orangutan laughs hysterically after watching magic trick
  18. I know you're in there somewhere
  19. A Street Cat Named Bob. Lovely book in New York best seller list. Film to be released soon.
  20. Classic meltdowns
  21. The Husband Shop
  22. Dr Evil in da house
  23. Orang mothers tiger cubs
  24. Happy Mother's Day Ladies (and Gents)
  25. Epic parking fail caught on camera
  26. Segor Ros
  27. This woman is my hero
  28. Cracked article on scams
  29. Ecstacy
  30. Car fights back and smashes mans face
  31. iPad magician
  32. I just washed it and I can't do a thing with it
  33. It's mine
  34. DYI space travel
  35. Just plain Christmased out.
  36. If it's so good YOU take it then
  37. YAY - it's Christmas - time for a Happy Dance
  38. Here's why not to take a selfie with a monkey
  39. So, there's this innocent looking tree...........................
  40. Elmo
  41. Rabbits and cats are not normally playmates. An enchanting video.
  42. A free gift from your bank
  43. Is this how tequila drinkers start ??
  44. Internet millionaire to keep ‘money making secret’ a secret
  45. P*** on Lamborghini prank goes horribly wrong
  46. Now THAT'S what I call a tantrum
  47. Tutorial: seting a new Windows password
  48. The Best Of Times - part three
  49. The Best Of Times - part two
  50. The Best Of Times - part one
  51. Do you wish to know the endings of All the fairy tales ?
  52. Turkey Attack
  53. Happy Easter!
  54. An average school day - USA
  55. An average school day - Egypt
  56. An average school day - Brazil
  57. Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix- Style Martial Arts Dance
  58. Japanese Tsunami Viewed From A Car
  59. A caring mum video. Dedicated to Ribshaw
  60. Redneck road rager meets instant karma
  61. Hit me right in the feels ...
  62. The faces of drug arrests
  63. Adverts you will never see again
  64. A cars worst nightmare
  65. BAN FOX HUNTING - please help
  66. Fred finally got his tow truck license
  67. That green thing
  68. Santa Is A Jerk
  69. Yours Is A Very Bad Hotel
  70. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Chatroulette Version)
  71. The REAL Sister Act
  72. iPads available - half price - any interest ??
  73. A 2013 digital Christmas
  74. 3 questions for engineers
  75. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)
  76. Invest now and never get it back. 100% risk guaranteed!
  77. Epic bridge fails
  78. What your country leads the world in.
  79. 18 of the most ridiculous, but real, travel complaints ever
  80. Is this the next Rory McIlroy ??
  81. Coffee shop prank goes viral
  82. Never say no to a panda
  83. Referee joins the fight
  84. And people wonder why car salesmen have such bad reputations
  85. Best beer prank ever
  86. Blobfish declared world's ugliest animal
  87. Man has epic meltdown on phone call
  88. I can safely say none of these are on my bucket list
  89. Worst twerk fail ever - how NOT to twerk
  90. WestJet introduces state-of-the-art money-saving feature
  91. Full body scans at airports:
  92. Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer
  93. Police are not nocturnal
  94. Mark off
  95. It's raining idiotic men
  96. Just a normal day at the beach
  97. Michael Winslow - Whole lotta love
  98. Possibly the cutest animal video ever
  99. Parking 'jerk' faces revenge prank
  100. Divers Almost Get Swallowed By Humpback Whales
  101. Trailer for the official worst movie of all time - Sharknado
  102. Is this the sickest and most terrifying prank ever ?
  103. Political correctness
  104. If you are 36, or older, you might think this is hilarious!.....
  105. A quick thought
  106. Funny Email Questions, Blog Comments, etc.
  107. Where is that hilarious 419 video from that got pulled from YouTube
  108. Heard of WD40 ? - here is WD41
  109. My Success With Anthony Bonus! (Fake)
  110. OOPS - that's not how you do it.
  111. The Drama Button
  112. Crazy ass goat terrorizes village in Brazil
  113. A beautiful coat if I ever saw one
  114. German iPad - who can ask for more
  115. Light stick magic
  116. The LandFill Harmonic
  117. How old is grandma ?
  118. News World's best prank? Mates flood room with popcorn
  119. Kent Bazemore's Car Full of Popcorn
  120. 7 year old cancer victim scores touchdown for Nebraska
  121. The Zipper
  122. Sex on Mars
  123. Are you sure it's a puppet ??
  124. Magic Clerk Easter Chick
  125. (Animal) Photobombing at it's best
  126. Will You Live to see 80?
  127. Please, Do Not Try This at Home
  128. How to be a father to a daughter ...
  129. The new shop
  130. Is your garage door boring ??
  131. ASD Parody Video/Song I Made in June of 2008!
  132. The gremlin loo roll shredder! Who dunnit?
  133. Tears flow freely as US lab chimps see sky for the first time
  134. Is this the meanest Valentines' breakup ever ?
  135. Rio for real, Fly with a bird
  136. Blonde Jokes...Gotta luv those blondes
  137. Lance armstrong - I'm A Drug Cheat ft. Operah (Dubstep mix)
  138. More pix of this wonderful world.
  139. Images You Wont Believed Aren't Photoshoped
  140. WOW, what a wonderful world
  141. She's only 5
  142. Murphy's other 15 laws
  143. Ghost car emerges from Queensland storm foam
  144. Road rage karma is a bi**h
  145. Look closely at photo #1
  146. A miracle in aisle 6
  147. Letter to Husband
  148. Who Doesn't like some Julian Smith?
  149. Best definition.
  150. Som Sabadell flashmob
  151. Just another day in Africa
  152. The Christmas Story
  153. Twas The Night Before Congress video I made at the end of 2008:
  154. Worst free throw ever
  155. now THAT'S what I call a Halloween prank
  156. An Enchanting Video from Scamlandpro of all places
  157. Is this the worst movie death scene ever ??
  158. The photobomb to end all photobombs
  159. Announcing the 2010 Parent of the Year Awards
  160. Swimmer circled by 'at least' 10 sharks
  161. Bible on the Dash
  162. Dead Penguins - I never knew this!
  163. Cat with cold ears
  164. Click on the snowman
  165. The luckiest dude in Russia
  166. Ain't living in the internet era fascinating ??
  167. How to p*** off a frog aka The frog strikes back
  168. Tiny Toms' ping pong tricks
  169. New iPad Act - Stockholm with Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales - from MIPIM in Cannes v 3
  170. Let's Have a Bellyache
  171. Allah contacted Media person by email!!
  172. Andre Rieu and the Scottish Pipers - Amazing Grace
  173. Stephen Colbert on Truthiness vs. Truth
  174. World air traffic over 24 hours
  175. Polar bear smashes its glass tank
  176. Canadian Store Owner Fights Off Robbers With Bear Spray
  177. A dramatic surprise
  178. I'm super lazy today
  179. Parallel parking extraordinaire
  180. Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist
  181. Signs, signs, everywhere signs
  182. The worlds' most epic marriage proposal
  183. Signs of the Times too
  184. Signs of the Times
  185. Funny letter from Ronald Reagan to seventh-grader resurfaces
  186. Garrett McNamara rides 90 Foot Wave! (Full Video) New World Record
  187. Robin Williams meets Koko
  188. Gorilla reunion
  189. Did you know ??
  190. New search engine
  191. Truck driver of the month
  192. Justice
  193. Shake, shake, shake.......shake, shake, shake......
  194. Nice purse
  195. Amazing Slo Mo action
  196. The defective parrot
  197. Man nearly walks into 400lb bear while texting
  198. Bodysurfing anyone ???
  199. Das Auto un-bloody-believable
  200. Tampon Fitter
  201. The real meaning of MPH
  202. There's one in every family
  203. Irish traffic lights
  204. Awwwwwwwwwwwww
  205. Choosing a wife
  206. Cats Rule!!
  207. Tiger, Tiger burning bright
  208. The REAL batman
  209. The Best of Tim Darnell Mentor to Jack Weinzierl / Advantage Conferences Titanic / The Fundraising Advantage
  210. Man rules
  211. Life explained in graphs
  212. Clean underwear, anyone ?
  213. Don't try this at home
  214. Best police pursuit video ever
  215. The best door to door salesman ever Kenny Brooks
  216. Is this the worst ad ever made ?
  217. Life-saving captain stops plane plunging nose-first into the tarmac ...
  218. Honey, I shrunk the Flughafen: world’s largest model airport
  219. Why men shouldn't write newspaper advice columns
  220. now THAT'S what I call a hotdog
  221. Phantom Hardware Systems Engineer.
  222. Beautiful blond pole dancer- not suitable for opening at work
  223. Inbred cat
  224. Who says they're not like humans ?
  225. Ever wondered how Irish dancing started ?
  226. Signs of recession in the USA
  227. Drinking and trains ?.....nope
  228. Fear is something that... does not suit me...
  229. Is this the worlds' dumbest driver ?
  230. Oz dogs are tuffer 'n your dogs
  231. Those killer green apples (sound on for this one, please)
  232. Proof lightning CAN strike twice
  233. Shake that Snowball booty
  234. Bluebird of happiness
  235. Someone needs to hose these two down
  236. Young boy proves Kinect "hard" isn't
  237. Cyclist strikes back against unfair fine
  238. From the Shallow End of the Gene Pool
  239. Racing the avalanche - for fun
  240. Couldn't have done it better if he tried
  241. Holy #*! that's close
  242. Guaranteed to make you go AWE !!!
  243. Who has priority on the road?
  244. Take THAT and THAT and THAT
  245. A tiny bit more than just a boy and his model plane
  246. Stupid A$$ Theories of Robert Kiyosaki
  247. A non Disney Fairytail
  248. Why Our Great-Grandparents Have Such Fond Memories Of Their Youth...
  249. Help me! I've glued a hat to my head! - Bizarre ER - BBC Three
  250. The guilty dog