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  1. DoJ charge Denver man with wire fraud over $55 million ponzi scheme
  2. CFTC, NASAA Sign Agreement for Greater Information Sharing Between Federal Commodities and State Securities Regulators
  3. Investment scams cost Australian consumers $64 million in 2017.
  4. Bitcoin Trader SCAM website is using Dragon's Den stars to dupe people out of their money
  5. Shark Tank stars warn of Bitcoin Trader scam
  6. FTC moves in on My7Network / Bitcoin Funding Team / Jetcoin schemes
  7. 36 arrested in US cyberfraud takedown
  8. Package Thieves
  9. Three charged over multi billion dollar pyramid scheme in Singapore
  10. Police arrest alleged 'Nigerian prince' email scammer in Louisiana
  11. Thai police arrest 10 for Eagle Gates Group securities investment fraud
  12. SEC obtains judgement in ponzi fraud run by former NFL player
  13. Malaysian police reveal RM4.4 billion lost to fake investment schemes
  15. Police: Tiger Woods Arrested in Florida for DUI
  16. Ransomware cyber attack attack goes global, 99 countries affected
  17. Judge rules against Traffic Monsoon - Asset freeze remains
  18. SEC shuts down WCM 777 clone, Vizinova pyramid scheme
  19. Still think ponzis are harmless fun - mother suicides after collapse of MMM nIGERIA
  20. Martha Moxley Murderer Michael Skakel (Kennedy Cousin) headed back to Prison
  21. No sympathy from Nigerian government for MMM ponzi victims
  22. Jail for conman and gang who left victims in poverty
  23. Attack on US firm disrupts internet access
  24. SEC files against Traffic Monsoon, obtains temporary restraining order
  25. Amway Kingpin Dies
  26. Liberty Reserve founder sentenced to 20 years jail on money laundering charges
  27. DoJ charges alleged mastermind of $7million ponzi scheme
  28. San Andreas fault ready to blow
  29. Yet another ponzi forum darling jailed - Planb4you admin Johny Schabregs.
  30. Cruz drops out....
  31. Panama Bank Accounts Known To FBI in 1996 - Courts Pressured To Censor Whistle Blower In Canada With Fake Extradition!
  32. US tax season fuels surge in email scams
  33. RIP Scam.com
  34. My Advertising Pays ponzi fraud threatens internet blogger
  35. Auschwitz Ex-guard Reinhold Hanning trial starts today....
  36. Aus Gov hunts welfare cheats through their facebook and twitter posts.....
  37. One million Chinese investors lose $10 billion to ponzi scheme
  38. Chris Doyle - LOL
  39. Pharma CEO arrested on securities charges
  40. More than a million OPM hack victims still not notified
  41. Dell acknowledges security hole in new laptops
  42. Cyber crime cost Australia AU$1.2Billion last year.....
  43. Forced to post Passport on Face Book.....
  44. Jonathan Pollard released after 30 years in prison....
  45. FTC bans payment methods favored by telemarketing scammers
  46. Hacking Hospitals
  47. Selfie on FB leads to $825 stolen within minutes....
  48. How scammers use eBay as a personal ATM.
  49. The 11 Worst Internet Scams We’re Still Falling For
  50. Amazon Sues 1,000+ Fake Reviewers
  51. Birth Tourism
  52. W.A. govt warns against Strauss-Mann Trading Solutions gold investment scam
  53. FTC sues 'Miracle weight-loss' biz for trying to silence bad online reviews
  54. German prosecutors charge Deutsche Bank executives with fraud
  55. Crackdown on Wall Street Fraud
  56. Latvian man charged over Gozi computer virus pleads guilty
  57. Ashley Madison sued for $578 million
  58. FBI - Medicare Fraud
  59. FBI Cyber Cop Joins Security-Software Firm
  60. Portuguese truckie scoops €1 billion in Spanish swindle
  61. Researchers warn of bogus emails offering Windows 10
  62. SEC charges another ponzi board favourite - DFRF Enterprises
  63. FTC Returns Almost $1.9 Million to Consumers in BurnLounge Pyramid Scheme
  64. Scam.com Copycat
  65. Man 'likes' his own wanted by police post on Facebook - gets arrested
  66. SEC charges ponzi scheme targetting military personnel
  67. SEC prosecutes yet another US based HYIP ponzi fraud
  68. FBI Works with Foreign Partners to Target Botnet
  69. If passed, the “True Origin of Digital Goods Act” will make anonymous free speech illegal.
  70. Judge orders California to pay for convicted murderer's sex change operation
  71. You’ll never guess what happened when three junkies tried to rob this former prizefighter
  72. Evolution Market - TOR black market site runs with money
  73. Robert Craddock indicted for wire fraud over oil spill fund
  74. U.S. court decision could force Golf Channel to return Ponzi scheme money
  75. Phil Collins Lone Star Hero!
  76. Microsoft warns 'Freak' attacks put hundreds of millions of PCs at risk
  77. Florida Police Dog Fired Over Biting Doughnut Shop Worker
  78. Lenovo Notebooks Come With 'Horrifically Dangerous' Adware
  79. Ben Carson Not Convinced on Global Warming
  80. Copyright Office: Monkeys Can’t Copyright Works
  81. Hackers steal up to $1 billion from banks
  82. Banking Giant HSBC Shelters Cash Linked to Dictators and Arms Dealers
  83. Respect European law, Google warned.
  84. GNC, Walgreens and Walmart — were accused of selling fraudulent supplements.
  85. Another Nollywood Actor Down With Kidney Disease
  86. McDonald’s chief steps down as sales decline....
  87. Alpari (UK) – russian forex kitchen files for bankruptcy
  88. Woman charged in alleged WCM777 related murder case
  89. Charlie Hebdo - “Tout Est Pardonné”
  90. Bug hijacking web pages and redirecting users to ads, porn sites has experts concerned
  91. The Salty Droid says Goodbye
  92. Cyprus - One less offshore for americans
  93. Ponzi Scammer Cryogenically Freezes Wife With Ill-gotten Gain!
  94. FTC Obtains $26.9 Million Judgment Against Work-at-Home Scammer
  95. Holidays tis the Season for the Pigeon Drop and other Short Cons
  96. Holiday Season Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns
  97. FBI warns holiday shoppers to be aware of E-Scams
  98. Michigan ponzi fraudster sentenced to 30 years jail
  99. College used strippers to lure students
  100. FTC Ratchets Up “Conspicuous” Bar For Negative Option Disclosures
  101. Russian Central Bank alerts on FOREX
  102. Quebec AMF alerts on GIMsafeInvestor.com HYIP PONZI FRAUD
  103. N.A.A.S.A. warns public - HYIPS - don't get roped in
  104. TRUSTe Settles FTC Charges it Deceived Consumers Through Its Privacy Seal Program
  105. Ontario SEC alerts on 5 BinaryOption websites
  106. DDoS Attacks Cost Businesses $40,000 an Hour
  107. FTC Obtains Court Orders Temporarily Shutting Down Massive Tech Support Scams
  108. Decling traffic to RipoffReport, Scam.com...
  109. SEC busts another HYIP ponzi featured on the Talkgold and MMG HYIP ponzi forums
  110. Another billion dollar ponzi collapse - Secure-Investment
  111. Five banks fined more than $3 billion in currency probe
  112. Home Depot hackers stole 53 million emails, too
  113. New malware can infect iPhones via Mac computers
  114. a first alert on a HYIP Monitor - AMF vs MAXHYIP
  115. 22 big Ukrainian banks went bankrupt this year
  116. Zeek Rewards founder Paul Burks indicted
  117. Music producer convicted in multi million dollar ponzi fraud case
  118. Kmart says payment systems hacked
  119. Dublii Shop till ya drop
  120. FBI Arrests StealthGenie Mobile Spyware App Maker, Disables Website
  121. AT&T Pays $105 Million to Settle Mobile Cramming Charges
  122. Two States Sue Makers Of 5-Hour Energy With Claims Of Deceptive Advertising
  123. Red Bull Will Pay $13 Million To Settle False Advertising Lawsuit
  124. Does the FTC Have Legal Authority Over Affiliate Networks?
  125. It's only 48 Million scammed from 420k people - business as usual
  126. Is Avon Different From Herbalife?
  127. Lucrative 'Native Ads' Challenge PR Ethics
  128. BehindMLM knocked offline by bogus Faith Sloan complaint
  129. FDA warns companies about fake Ebola drugs
  130. 'Staggering' Sanctions Slapped On Wyly Brothers In Offshore Case
  131. Skeletons In Plain Sight And Why Nu Skin Is Worth $10/Share
  132. Avon Withdraws From DSA; Implications For Herbalife?
  133. The PACER Mess
  134. What The FTC REALLY Thinks Is Important
  135. Facebook Scam Exploits Robin Williams' Death for Clicks
  136. Quebec AMF warns about 35 unlicensed trading sites
  137. Facebook 'colour change' malware resurfaces, infects 10,000 users
  138. Anatabloc - Dietary Supplement Produced by Star - McDonnell Corruption
  139. Russian gang amasses over a billion internet passwords
  140. FTC Settles With The Tax Club - Proves Once Again That Crime DOES Pay
  141. Mark Shurtleff
  142. FTC Vs Trivita
  143. US consumer bureau sues debt law firm
  144. Cynk Technology value soars to over $5 billion within days
  145. Man sentenced to 8 years in prison for fraud
  146. US Secret service kidnaps russian carder–kingpin
  147. FTC Alleges T-Mobile Crammed Bogus Charges onto Customers’ Phone Bills
  148. First Telexfree - now hackers target Brazil
  149. Hoax? KFC child w/ scarred face asked to leave.
  150. Con man killed in Canada
  151. Computer Users Warned Of Global Cyber Virus
  152. Gameover Zeus virus link to Australia as FBI moves to shut down the global bank-siphoning operation
  153. U.S. Leads Multi-National Action Against “Gameover Zeus” Botnet and “Cryptolocker” Ransomware, Charges Botnet Administra
  154. SaltyDroid takes on Herbalife On Twitter
  155. Russia - a new offshore?
  156. Billionaire Executed For Fraud
  157. Five Chinese Military Hackers Charged with Cyber Espionage Against U.S.
  158. Anton Purisima in Manhattan federal court sues for 2 undecillion dollars — more money than on earth
  159. DoJ charges Telexfrees' Merril and Wanzeler
  160. FBI dismantles sophisticated fraud ring
  161. Scott Rothstein’s Wife Faces $2 Million Judgment Over Hidden Jewels
  162. In wake of Telexfree fiasco, Mass. Securities Division warns of pyramid schemes
  163. FINALLY - Faith Sloan charged by SEC in Telexfree fraud
  164. The Salty Droid in The Telegraph
  165. Ben Suarez Exec. Blows Brains Out!
  166. Ten Reasons Why Trudeau Should Serve More Than 10 Years
  167. Conspiracy to Destroy - Fake Doctor Sues SaltyDroid
  168. Vemma News Stories
  169. Man arrested in the most fitting shirt
  170. 36% of all Web traffic is considered fake
  171. Herbalife Investigation... but What About All the Other MLMs?
  172. Little Known Scores About YOU That YOU Can't Legally Correct
  173. Tax phone scam ‘largest ever’
  174. Data brokers change labels describing poor and vulnerable
  175. Warren Buffett underperforms S&P 500
  176. Tribes act as fronts for major Internet lending businesses
  177. Frances' FMA issues public warning against HYIPs and pyramid schemes
  178. Kevin Trudeau - 10 In the Pen
  179. Save Josh Hardy
  180. SEC Halts International Pyramid Scheme Being Promoted Through Facebook, Twitter and HYIP ponzi forums
  181. Ponzi schemes as a lagging economic indicator.
  182. Some Context on the Ukraine
  183. Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) SEC Responds To Sen Markey
  184. Citigroup reports $400 Million fraud in Mexico unit
  185. Bragging on FaceBook cost $80k
  186. "Free" Games Aren't Totally Free, And Europe Is Ticked About It
  187. Apple releases update to fix security flaw
  188. California couple finds $10 million in gold coins buried in backyard
  189. FTC Takes On Utah Coaching Companies (Finally)
  190. Apple security flaw allows hackers to beat encryption
  191. Speculators look to cash in on Bitcoin crisis
  192. Leaking offshore data in BVI
  193. Crowd-funding site Kickstarter hacked; CEO urges password changes
  194. Maxim mag and the attempted US$28million scam...
  195. Public servant allegedly organized Silk Road from inside prison system
  196. 2013 Review of Notorious Markets
  197. BBB announces top 10 scams of the year
  198. Bitcoin price plunges: Mt. Gox suspends withdrawals, says flaw in protocol allows fraud
  199. Another Bitcoin exchange goes down
  200. FTC Files Brief - First Amendment Protection Is not Available for POM’s Allegedly Misleading Claims
  201. One-Ring Phone Scam on the Rise
  202. Former Christian radio host charged in Ponzi scheme
  203. Silk Road website 'founder' indicted in US
  204. Morgan Stanley to pay $1.25 billion to resolve mortgage lawsuit
  205. Herbalife News Stories
  206. FTC chief to meet consumer activists about Herbalife
  207. Weight-Loss Companies Charged With Fraud
  208. Pyramid scheme talk in the House
  209. For-profit colleges face new wave of state investigations
  210. Flatulent cows start fire at German dairy farm - police
  211. Canadian regulator probing Herbalife
  212. Lulac says AGs are investigating Herbalife
  213. Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Calls Global Poverty Report 'Fantastic News'
  214. FTC Charges Florida Obamacare Spammer
  215. US federal courts 'hit by cyber attack'
  216. Let's face it. Google hates its customers.
  217. Consumer Watchdog files Google+ complaint with FTC
  218. Prepaid Funeral Scam
  219. Connected TVs, fridge help launch global cyberattack
  220. Target To Offer Free Credit Monitoring
  221. Herbalife’s Bankruptcy Business
  222. NSA collects millions of text messages globally - Guardian
  223. Neiman Marcus computers were hacked as far back as July - NYT
  224. Reminder: Free Speech Is Dead. Here's How Lies Made It So
  225. Apple settles FTC complaint over charges in children's apps
  226. More well-known U.S. retailers victims of cyber attacks - sources
  227. Cyber attack on US merchant Neiman Marcus
  228. Cops and firefighters involved in Social Security scam
  229. JPMorgan to pay $2.6 bn for role in Madoff Ponzi fraud
  230. Chrome's Insane Password Strategy
  231. Top 5 Most Dangours EMail Subject Lines
  232. U.S. State Department Spends $630,000 on Fake Likes
  233. Loophole In Federal Law Allows For-Profit Schools To Scam Veterans
  234. Herbalife, Nu Skin Fall As FTC Eyes Weight-Loss Ads
  235. War on Offshores - Panama
  236. Info of millions of Snapchat users leaked
  237. "Dead" Banker Arrested At Georgia Traffic Stop
  238. Thirsty wife stabs husband with squirrel
  239. Bots traffic on the rise
  240. Scientists are using nanotechnology to crack down on fake designer bags
  241. Target customers' encrypted PINs stolen
  242. AmEx to pay $US75.7m in settlement
  243. Stolen Target Credit Cards and the Black Market
  244. I think We Mentioned Something About Being Careful What One Posts!
  245. unathorized Forex Brokers - AMF update
  246. Real Guts
  247. Crime Slated To Become Illegal In Canada!
  248. Registration For Upcoming Anti-Spam Event NOT Double-Optin!
  249. Why FTC couldn't fine the Brightest Flashlight app developers
  250. The crooks who made millions from fake designer bags