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  1. Scam Warning! Watch where you swim at Reddit TEFL & ESL Teachers!
  2. China Job Scam Recruiters masquerade as Reddit mods tell TEFL teachers to commit felony crimes
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  11. Fake TEFL Certificates & Diplomas Get 269 China Foreign Teachers Arrested & Deported.
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  18. Scam Alert - Lawaoi Career Center is old sophisticated China job fraud with a new name - same Russian owner. My Review:
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  22. Scam Alert & Public Warning! Do NOT Trust ESLACAFE For Real Jobs & Accurate Information - Fraud!
  23. Wiseway Global Education Scammers Buying Fake Testimonials & I-20 Letters!
  24. 诈欺警告! 威久出 Wiseway Global Education Scam in Beijing, China 作弊者!
  25. Wiseway Global Education of Beijing Scamming High School Students in Study-Abroad Fraud Scheme
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  27. Gi2c China Intenship Scam using pro hackers & SEO guy to hide complaints online with dozens of fake reviews & testimonia
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  37. GoAbroadChina GAC Internship
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