Home Cash Package - Scam Or Legit?

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If you are looking for information about Home Cash Package, you've come to the right placee. Home Cash Package is similar to several other sites that have generated a substantial number of complaints in the past. I'm in the process of finishing up documentation and will post my analysis shortly.

In the meantime, you may want to check out the following list similar sites from the past along with links to warnings about them:

Online Income Solution.
This is one of the more recent sites similar to HomeCashPackage.com. The main concern I had with Online Income Solution was their use of a "coaching company" (usually a huge waste of money). Also, they wouldn't reveal the name of the coaching company.

Online Income Solution

Home Wealth Solution
Some of the problems with Home Wealth Solution were out of the control of the company. At the time many emails were being hacked by a criminal ring and people were being sent to a fake version of Home Wealth Solution. However, I would still recommend you read the comments here:

Home Wealth Solution Warning

My Real Income

I did a review of red flags here, and you'll see the same person fielding questions in the comments section that fielded questions for Online Income Solution.

My Real Income review of Red Flags

Home Income Package

Again, this site appears to be related to Home Cash Package based on the sales page and a few other elements I'll cover when I'll do my analysis of the Home Cash Package site. Once again, you'll see the same "customer support" person fielding questions in the comments section.

Home Income Package review of red flags
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