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Thread: Beware Work At Home China ESL & TEFL Job Recruiter Scam - Echinacities & Other Frauds

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    Beware Work At Home China ESL & TEFL Job Recruiter Scam - Echinacities & Other Frauds

    The best paying "job" for a foreigner in China these days is to be an unregistered China job recruiter who lures new uni grads, and other down and out suckers to come work in China as an English teacher. Each potential new hire will make the recruiter about $300 every month in fees and another $1,000 when they sell the personal file and data of the teachers to professional Identity thieves. See here for more background...

    China ID Thieves Now Target 500 Expats Monthly As "Agents" - China Business Central - Open Salon

    The local Chinese scammers are being gradually outed one by one by, China Scam Patrol, The CFTU, etc. so now they are seeking "Work At Home China HR Specialists" or "China Job Agent" or "University Recruiter" to run ads for them on Craiglist, Kijiji, etc. They offer to pay anywhere from $200 - $300 a week plus $100 for every gullible fool you manage to sign up. IF they paid you it would be great income yes?

    Some offer to pay you $5 for every blind ad you post for them, but require that you post 200 - 300 ads per week. Perhaps 10% of these shysters will even pay you - and why not? After all, they are making $20,000 a month from you efforts and ISP address! And why not? When the police and Visa Card security people start tracking down the ads they will lead to YOU - not China! Because of you and the ads you posted, some poor young kids are going to get burned for about $5,000 - $10,000 each. Because these con artists are in China, they are untouchable by your local police and even the feds! YOU are easy to prosecute.

    In short, you will work for four weeks and wait for a paycheck. In 4 weeks you processed about 1,000 ads for them and forwarded about 3,000 resumes! When you get no paycheck or even a reply to your email, the person who answers your call on the disposable mobile number in China they MAY have give you, will tell you that you have the wrong number or the girl who owns this phone was either just arrested or moved to Singapore or India. In short, you are screwed - along with all the people who answer the ads you posted for the scammer! Call the police and guess who is going to get arrested as an accomplice?

    The same work at home scam also asks you to help them recruit "Translators" and here are hundreds of victims and emails related to this massive fraud: TRANSLATOR SCAMMERS DIRECTORY | TRANSLATOR SCAMMERS INTELLIGENCE GROUP BTW... and are owned by the same Chines millionaire - George Xu.

    Do not be fooled by glorious testimonials, great online reviews, and elaborate web sites. They are all bought or self-created. If you ever have a question about any opportunity related to China visit // or
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