As they say, you best learn in crises. If things go smooth then you wouldn't know the real FACE of the person, the website, the service.

I used to think PeoplePerHour a safe and cost effective website to get somebody to work on various tasks. But then I came across a bad seller.

I hired this Harry S for fixing 6 well defined tasks and escrow the full amount on his request. That was my terrible mistake. Seller cheated and raised dispute. I submitted all proofs and still seller got paid just based on false claims, aggressive and abusive language (calling us dishonest, thief, using word shut-up if you raise arguments, etc, etc).

Dispute was raised but I was really disappointed from the outcome of their decision. Job was not done, and they released the funds to seller. Question is why they took so long (3 weeks) and why pretended that they are looking at the work-stream.

It was not a job which relate to design where taste or customization comes. It was troubleshooting job. Website was online. If the said job was completed then they should have gone online and verified themselves?

Seller was claiming that he did the job but why did not they read the task and verify the work on website? If they don't have time for this then why did they took the responsibility for resolution. Even I convinced seller on the incomplete work (live at stream) where he clearly accepted that he didn't complete the work. Even they didn't penalize him for using abusive language, calling us thief, dishonest, etc etc.

I thought that everybody is safe here because of Escrow but it seems that it does not matter. Anybody can be fooled like us. Seller can ask to lodge the funds in escrow and then can claim that he did the job.

I offered seller and PPH helpdesk to hire someone independent expert for objective and independent review. But I assume that they both were at one side and the reason for this assumption is helpdesk didn't responded us for our suggestion. Its not the matter of money. Its matter of fairness to everybody.

After this, they sent the news letter with wording: Remember - your funds will only be released to the Seller once you agree the Job is complete. Annoying and to some extent hilarious. Isn't ?

To be honest, I should had realized from start. If they release the funds to seller they will get the 18% fee of that amount.

First I thought whatever is happened is happened. But then I thought that I should post the couple of reviews to tell the people so that not jeopardized.

Dreadful Experience. Please avoid. If still you have to use then the better is, do not escrow the full amount. Try as low as possible. If seller is not scam then its good to go otherwise it will be only loss of 50%.