According to Home Business 2.0, their core mission stated here is...

"to assist each and every aspiring entrepreneur to find the financial success they desire by providing them with a systemic education in business and entrepreneurialism; an education that spans from the hard hitting basics for first time or struggling home business owners all the way to world class entrepreneurial excellence and results."
Apparently the way they plan to do that is by stealing my content, which you can see by clicking on the arrow in the section called:
"home business review::Work At Home Truth Not Recommended - Home Business Reviews Exposed!"

Ironically, they have this on that page:
"Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
Any unauthorized duplication or use of any portion of this web site is strictly prohibited. All violators will be prosecuted with all available remedies."
My original post is here: Home Business Reviews Exposed!

The following shows my content on the page: