The Home Internet Careers University work at home program (scam) has an identity crisis. It can't seem to make up it's mind as to whether it's Online Home Careers (OHC), Online Home Careers University, Home Internet Careers, Internet Careers Online, or Home Internet Careers (all link posting scams). Of course, as usual, the scammers keep changing the name to try to prevent people from finding complaints about the scams in the search engine. But they usually at least put the scams on DIFFERENT sites - I guess they're too busy scamming to bother with that.

Obviously, Home Internet Careers University started out as Internet Careers Online, as can be seen in the address bar:

And if you know the history of this scam, you'll recognize that "University" was simply appended to the "Home Internet Careers" name to magically turn it into "Home Internet Careers University".

Online Home Careers or Home Internet Careers University? See if you can figure it out based on the fake security logos (OHC) vs the footer logo:

Just to spice things up, why not throw Online Home Careers University into the mix. This is probably my favorite image of the whole bunch, because it so blatantly shows how lazy these scammers are:

Oh, and let's not forget these testimonials on the Home Internet Careers University sales page - where everybody is so excited about OHC...

Ordering Home Internet Careers University is simple...maybe...I can just go to the order page and order...

Internet Careers Online (upper right)...or is it OHC University (bottom logos) know what, maybe it would be better if you just didn't order at all:

I'm not saying that the 37Clicks company isn't being completely upfront with you like they claim they are being in their disclaimer...but...they're not being completely upfront with you: