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Thread: I'll Twist Your Arm Until You Admit It's Legal!

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    I'll Twist Your Arm Until You Admit It's Legal!

    Here's the latest from Rich Janitor Mike - aka Mike Dee where he's promoting League of Power.

    My favorite parts of the following email are:
    - "It's 100% legit" - i.e., not 80% legit and 20% scam or 30% legit and 70% scam. You know, in case you were wondering the percentage of scam vs legit.
    - "$35,000+ that I'm legally obliged to collect". Could be a hefty fine if he doesn't collect that $35,000. I wonder if they could take that out of the $35,000 he's legally obligated to collect?
    - "I've spoken to Billy, the one man who has automated this process." Ah, "Billy", good ol' Billy. The man who automated "this process". Hero.
    - "I asked him again - was that legal. Billy admitted it is 100% legal." Apparently Billy kept telling Rich Janitor Mike Dee that the whole thing was illegal, but Mike kept pressing him for the truth and FINALLY Billy had to admit that it's 100% legal.
    - "one can also see paycheck proof amounts audited by LegalZoom for accuracy and integrity." Ummm. LegalZoom is digital storefront where people buy legal documents. I guess having things audited by a legal document WOULD be cheaper than hiring an accounting professional to do it though.

    "Subject: Guaranteed $50,000-per-month paychecks mandated by government ( RECEIVE THIS)

    You know - i really thought these incoming effortless paychecks would stop but after checking my mail earlier (Wednesday), they have paid me on time EVERY two weeks and now at the tune of $35,000+ PER MONTH without me ever doing a thing!

    ==>> Apply and immediately collect guaranteed government mandated paychecks for $30,000 to $50,000 PER MONTH without even doing a thing!

    (I urge you to sign up for this inside right away because you'll receive an effortless paycheck for $4,500.00 as soon as tomorrow noon - try it for yourself - zero effort i promise because it's 100% legit and mandated by the government!)

    Billy, who has automated the process has been getting paid by these distributions for over a year now and I've personally been receiving these checks for months now to the tune of $35,000+ that I'm legally obliged to collect!

    FACT - this is 100% legal and mandated by the government. There is absolutely nothing illegal or "cheating" about this as I've verified personally about everything Billy has set up inside. Please do not feel guilty at all because in a way, this is money that the government OWES you!

    There is a simple 4-5 minute setup where you simply sign up by entering your name and details and you are guaranteed to get these paychecks bi-weekly in your mail. These will be distributions from the government and backed by 100% legitimacy.

    In other words, please expect a HUGE paycheck ($3,000 up to $7000+) every 14 days and always on-time.

    Just sign up inside and you will get approved immediately - zero effort at all, I promise and you can trust the process 100% because it's backed by the government.

    ==>> Collect guaranteed paychecks legally from the government using this automated collector that even LAZY people are earning $30,000 per month without lifting a finger!

    (These are legally guaranteed paychecks from the government to YOU- as soon as you sign up inside you will start receiving these effortlessly upon approval inside. And you can run up to TEN instances of these which adds up to $30,000-$50,000 or more every month!)

    I've spoken to Billy, the one man who has automated this process into a simple software which you must use inside... it's effortless to activate and you do nothing after filling in your details to get approved immediately or it's risk free!

    He is currently earning just over $50,000 per month using this himself.... by running TEN instances of this software which is paying him close to $5,000+ per month each instance!

    Billy also has given me a killer little tip about this legal effortless paycheck LOOPHOLE...

    TIP - the trick to earning $30,000 PER MONTH or above in payments from the government (according to Billy) is to use the software and then make TEN instances each receiving at least $3,000 per 14 days.

    I asked him again - was that legal.

    Billy admitted it is 100% legal but just to do some background verification, I looked up this process that was already paying me and found out that it's been in existence as a government paycheck distribution program since 1988!

    It's a government loophole that is intended to stay up for at least the next half a century! Meaning it's not going away and not only is it legal, but this is actually money owed to you.

    It does not depend on the stock market or the national economy (up or down) so this is the very reason why it has paid on time even during the crash of 2008!

    As Billy admits ... he's like a welfare moocher that has not even lifted a finger in almost 5 months now!

    Plus this thing approves you regardless of gender, age, race, education level, work experience, or religion. And it does not matter if you are receiving pension or disability benefits or any other payout of any sort - because this is extra cash which is yours to claim mandated by government.

    And again, it's NOT some pension that makes you wait over time - you get to cash each check you get immediately and they keep coming to your mailbox every 14 days.

    NOTE- this works worldwide now and deposits come in any local currency so please be rest assured as I just made my deposits even while I was travelling in Hong Kong!

    Lastly, there are ZERO strings or hidden taxes attached tot his. You keep all the money for yourself and you don't need to report anything out of the norm. You get paid effortlessly by collecting these checks - PERIOD.

    I've shown this previously to beginner students who have been tired of using any other money-making method and just wanted 1 single automated guaranteed way to earn paychecks without any effort.

    Here are the results for just the last month alone from 3 newbies whom I've personally interviewed.

    ================================================== ====
    Verified Beginner Earnings from Paycheck Replacement Program
    ================================================== ====

    DISCLOSURE - all earnings have been personally verified by myself and one can also see paycheck proof amounts audited by LegalZoom for accuracy and integrity of these earnings results.

    1. Denise Jenkins has been collecting paychecks up to $43,000 per month just last month automatically from this. Denise is a single mother from Charleston, South Carolina USA who is widow on pension and lives with her lovely younger sister's family. She was super skeptical of this until she signed up and immediately got approved. She barely even contacts me until today because she has been enjoying her simply life worry-free of money ever again! God Bless her heart!

    2. Yolanda Redkins from Marina Del Ray California, USA started this last month and has already collected and cash $37,800 worth of paychecks from running TEN instances of this.... I told her and she could not believe it was this simple. Even after filling just 1 form, there was literally nothing else to do except to cash the paychecks received every 14 days - that's it!

    3. Sam Rosinbaum from Olympia WA USA is actually quite a self-admitted "lazy man" as well. He started receiving the paychecks from this and even forgot he was receiving them! Yes, this actually motivated Sam to check his mailbox even more frequently!!!! :-) His earnings from this have collected $23,000 from last month alone. Note that he only has 5 instances of this paycheck replacement program running..... yes, he is that lazy he professes LOL. I told him that he can now deposit checks via his mobile phone app which he is doing now to cash each received paycheck.

    4. Owen Rikes from Norfolk, VA USA was a beginner student who befriended me after seeing this really worked and he could not believe that the government actually owed him money. He is a single father who has been out of a job since the 2008 recession started.... and here is him now collecting $41,200 so far within just the last 30 days effortlessly and automatically!

    Seriously try this right now and please let me know how much paychecks you are collecting from this.

    They should approve you right away after you watch the video and fill in your details (stays private and confidential)

    Again, this process has been around as a government distribution program since 1988 and is NOT going anywhere soon. Billy has legitimately automated this and we've made sure it's safe and legal from any angle you look at it.... it's money OWED to you!

    ==>> Try this for yourself and you will be HOOKED after the first paycheck and NO DELAY on getting the cash

    (Go inside and collect guaranteed LEGIT & legal paychecks perpetually every 14 days up to $7,000+ EACH and if you run up to ten instances, you can earn up to $50k or more per month)

    And because this is a government mandated program which the software automates, the earnings are actually UNDERSTATED... try it for yourself and cash your first paycheck if you don't believe....

    To be frank, you would be STUPID not to get this - because this was originally money owed to you - despite what the media says about the recession or anything the government is facing. This is legit and legally your money to collect!"
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    Re: I'll Twist Your Arm Until You Admit It's Legal!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustTooMuchTime View Post
    Apparently Billy kept telling Rich Janitor Mike Dee that the whole thing was illegal, but Mike kept pressing him for the truth and FINALLY Billy had to admit that it's 100% legal.
    damn that's funny.
    Haven't lost any money to online scams.......results are typical.

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