There have been many Michelle Robinson work at home scams over the past few years. And today I'm going to admit that the scammers are getting smarter. The scams used to have names such as:

  • Work At Home Edu
  • Online Cash Institute
  • Work At Home Revenue

I believe the scammers have figured out that problem with those types of names is it's way to easy to warn people about them. So, what they've done is starting giving their scams very generic (and hard to rank for) names such as "work at home". That makes it much easier for the warnings about these types of work at home scam to stayed buried deep in the search engines where less people will see them.

It would be like an MLM company naming their company "MLM" - or a ponzi scheme naming their scheme "Ponzi".

The Work At Home Revenue Program Becomes just "Work At Home"

The fake news site Best Home Jobs is promoting Work At Home Revenue as seen below:

However, when I clicked through to the the site was promoting, I noticed the name of the Work At Home Revenue program has been changed to simply "Work At Home" as seen in the two images below:

Michelle Robinson Work At Home Calculator For Fake Income Projections

In order to convince people how easily the cash will be flowing from simply posting links at home, the Work At Home Revenue site provides a good old-fashioned income-projection calculator in the style of the old email processing, envelope stuffing, and other such schemes:

Apparently, this is to set up the mark to believe they will be able to recoup their "investment" within 60 minutes:

Making Money Is So Easy You Can Have Your Own Success Advisor!

Apparently, the Michelle Robinson Work At Home program is so easy they'll even give you your very own success advisor (I'm pretty sure that doesn't make any sense)...

Of course the whole success advisor "bonus" is just a ploy to get people to buy high-priced coaching they don't need. You know, because it's so simple, you're going to need a lot of coaching...