One of my friends who writes for Demand Studios told me about a FaceBook page selling online writing accounts. Here's a link to the page:

"Please Hit my inbox if you are interested in BUYING or SELLING all sought of Online Writing Accounts.( Contact us 0712 326 621 or"
Here's where it gets really weird:

"It has been noted with a great concern that There has been a trend of freelancers being CONNED their hard earned cash through some dubious account sellers who post their sales on this and any other page. Any buyer is highly advised to buy an account from only Admin whose no 0712326621. I insist on meeting you physically and ensuring an account is legit before parting with your cash. All sellers are advised to contact buyers through the Admin to do away with this unscrupulous con-artists. The admin takes no responsibility on any off the INBOX sales, CON cases or an account sold and later retrieved. When the deal is too sweet, think twice!!!"
That post says the person is located near Nairobi, Kenya, but most of the writers would be from all over the world.