I think I know what's going on here. I'd have to figure out the advertiser id to know for sure. But it looks like what's happening is as follows:

1. Somebody is bidding on the term "work at home" in Google Adwords and using the Forbes work at home page as the landing page for their adwords campaign:

2. They've also purchased advertising that shows up at the top of the Forbes work at home listings so that when people click on the adwords ad they are taken to the ads at the top of the forbes work at home page:

3. My best guess is that the person buying the adwords ads is the owner of the top ad on the Forbes Work At Home page - in other words the person who owns top3workathome.net. The reason I think so is because every time I've run through this process, that site's ad is always being advertised at the top of the Forbes work at home listings.

I've put warnings up about all 3 "programs" the top3workathome.net site is currently promoting: