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Thread: Take Surveys For Cash at

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    Take Surveys For Cash at

    The Take Surveys For Cash site lays claim that Jason White has discovered a "weird trick" to make over $3,500/month taking surveys for cash. In fact, he even offers "proof" that his work at home system is a legitimate, real, and reliable way to earn extra money.

    Of course his "proof" would be a little more believable if the successful members he touts here:

    Didn't include an image that was widely circulated in 2008/2009 link-posting scams. You can see that in a 2009 video I made about one of the link posting scam affiliate sites in 2009:

    I think I also figured out Jason White's "weird trick" for going from $3 surveys to $500 surveys...

    Take a closer look at what's written at the bottom of that second check. lol...

    That looks totally legit, doesn't it?

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    Re: Take Surveys For Cash at

    In my opinion, the Take Surveys For Cash Scam uses results that are not typical to sell a money making opportunity that makes little or no money for the people that participate in the opportunity. Then they try to get you into other offers they make commissions on which are presented as bonuses for joining their program. The affiliate program seems to be the only place where a significant amount of money can be made. You make 75% on the purchases of people that you convince to join this money making opportunity. They do not offer any retail products for you to sell outside of the money making opportunity. Take Surveys for Cash is a gateway site that will point you to other survey sites. The survey sites it points you to are free to use. I would avoid the Take Surveys for Cash money making opportunity.
    Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud. - Sophocles
    LikesXL Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!
    Top 10 Work At Home Business Opportunity Scams

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