Here's another work at home program that is using the scammers' latest ploy of using generic words in order to hide from people looking for them in the search engines. Not a bad ploy really. They probably should have just gone with "Work At Home" instead of Work@Home, though:

So here's what we have with Work@Home:

The program claims that it was created by Melissa Mayer - not to be confused with Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo!.

Apparently, Melissa is the #1 Home Job Consultant in America (even though she's a stock photo):

Here's Melissa Mayer's picture at the Work@Home site:

Here she is at iStockPhoto:

The usual nefarious sites are promoting the Work@Home program:

Here's the fake review site promoting the program - but calling it "Work At Home Opportunities":

Here's promoting the site, but didn't bother to change the old name of Work at Home Edu to Work@Home: