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Thread: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Coram Deo Academy and Christian Educator Stephanie Weinzierl - Croam Deo Academy, Stephanie Weinzierl, Jack Weinzierl

    And, from a defrauded rep:
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    Anyone that calls Advantage Conference a great company is a LIAR that caught up in the game.

    I am like 90%+ of those that signed up with AC, I lost money. In my case, I lost thousands of dollars.

    Advantage Conference people are really very creepy and scary. They know most everyone loses their money but yet they still try to deceive them. I guess it's just to help recover their loses.

    Most don't tell you about the thousands of dollars advertising that will be lost for the most part.

    Anyone promoting AC should be ashamed.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________
    The Weinzierls certainly are very creepy and scary!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    JackWeinzierl Jack Weinzierl

    Two interviews this week. Believing to align with the right company with a vision much bigger than my own. Integrity, authenticity, results.

    29 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    That was almost a year ago. It is hopeless, Weinzierl. As I had to step in as plaintiff in the Collin County Court case I did offer numerous times to settle and give him the opportunity as a Christian to do right by his elderly victim from that scam, Advantage Conferences. T. Randall Sandifer, his supposedly Christian attorney, asked what I was going to pay Jack. Well, the incompetent boob should have looked out for the best interest of his client. If Jack had truly repented and done right by Rep X, as he had promised on Scam publicly to help anyone is his group that needed it, then he wouldn't be in this mess. If I had believed he had truly repented and he had done right by his victim then I would have no reason to warn and inform the public about him.

    Thankfully, employers do frequently check Google, so he will not be in a position again to harm any other good trusting Christians. His bragging about being a multi-million dollar earner months after a chapter 7 bankruptcy just reeks of integrity. Participating in making and publishing false criminal allegations is really going to demonstrate just what kind of character he possesses.

    Hopefully, he will finally suffer enough for his deceptions to truly understand the pain and suffering of his many victims. Many are still struggling to put food on the table and recover. One who ended up bankrupt due to her involvement in Advantage Conferences took her own life to escape her financial woes. I will never forget my best friend.

    Clean up your mess, help those you harmed and repent, Weinzierl!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???


    JackWeinzierl Jack Weinzierl

    We have no idea what tomorrow holds, but we do know who holds tomorrow. Don't let the "report" ever determine your hope.

    1 Mar 10 Favorite Retweet Reply


    JackWeinzierl Jack Weinzierl

    Integrity and character can slow you down....temporarily, but maintain. We must do the right thing.

    1 Mar 10 Favorite Retweet Reply
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    The reports are just beginning. And, really Weinzierl, it is your lies and deceit that have slowed you down. Get real, scammer! When have you ever done the right thing? You have victims that need help with food and basics. He and We will be watching to see if you respond, Weinzierl!

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???
    The truth about negative posting sites
    Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 10:57AM
    Here are a few facts about Negative Posting Sites (such as scam dot com) that most people don’t know. I am continually attacked on this site and their complete disregard for the truth is appalling.

    1. Negative Posting Sites routinely BAR the TARGETED PERSON/COMPANY FROM POSTING. The site’s owners have full editorial control over what content is posted, and who is able to post. For example, Tim Darnell is not allowed to post on their blog an answer or refutation to the accusations that are levied at him. E-mails coming from his e-mail addresses are blocked. Why? Sensible postings containing truth and reality don’t drive traffic to Negative Posting Sites. Sometimes a refutation will briefly stimulate the number of postings, but eventually they slow the flow. The negative postings are easily exposed and laid to rest with a few short sentences if readers were really looking for veracity and truth. But that is not at all the basis for the sites’ business model. It is the strength of Negative Posting Sites’ business models that fictitious slander is their dominant theme and content. They will allow some positive postings that counter the negatives into the mix to add the dimension of controversy. But a disproportionate balance of negative over positive postings draws greater interest and viewership, and therefore profit to their site - not a genuine understanding of the truth of a matter.

    2. Negative posting sites are EXTREMELY PROFITABLE BUSINESSES. The sites receive tremendous revenues in the form of Pay per Click advertising. The sites make fortunes on Tim Darnell’s name generated by Google searches about him, his work, writings, ministry and business (the same with all of the better known ministers, authors, and business owners). So it is in the site’s best interest (balance sheets) to keep the negative, tantalizing postings coming in regularly and in sizeable amounts. The negative posting sites really are a brilliant business model as regards profit. They know that a sizeable segment of the public are ‘suckers’ for negative information. There is simply a high demand for suspicion and smut and the public proves that fact by buying that information multiple times over boring, “noble” reporting. And, what’s even more ludicrous, they not only crave and buy this negative info – they actually believe it!

    It makes total sense. Take a step back and think about the content of virtually all media, and ask the question, “what sells”? Do people rush out to buy stories about the positive good that ministers and entrepreneurs say and do; or do they demand shocking, accusatory, slanderous gossip that fuels their suspicions and fears? Of course the latter creates the much larger draw. The public demands negativity and titillating gossip whether the reports and stories contain any truth at all. Truth is in no way the criteria for the postings in a scam dot com or Hollywood celebrity reporting (the Enquirer, for example). No, scintillating stories sell much better! This is a sad, but factual commentary about what the average person wants to view, how they spend their time, and what they actually buy. To repeat, what is worse is that way too many well-meaning people actually believe the postings and accept them as factual.

    3. PAID POSTERS: Negative Posting Site Companies pay negative posters to keep the pot stirred - the more negativity the better. And the public is quick to rush in, fuel the fire, and believe virtually any statements made. If a site doesn’t have consistent negative postings, then traffic to the site would dwindle and eventually die a natural death. The sites can’t afford for that to happen. Obviously, it is important to keep the negative postings coming in on a regular basis. It makes one wonder what the job description of a Negative Poster is – “Vice President of Assassination”, “Director of Mischief and Mayhem” or, “Fictional Prefabrication Editor”?

    4. ANONYMOUS POSTINGS: Of course, the vast majority of postings are made by anonymous posters. Posters are smart for not putting their real names on their messages for the fact that many of their postings are unquestionably libelous, some being actionable in a court of law. The predominant posters are “un-findable”. Is this all starting to make sense?

    5.FOREIGN LOCATION: Further, most people are not aware, and frankly don’t really care that scam dot com is a foreign owned and operated company based in Finland . The owners are not identified, nor is their location or contact information posted where the average web surfer can find it. Obscurity and anonymity allows their business to go untouched and protected from lawsuits regarding their complicity to the slander and libel from which they make their millions of dollars. Brilliant business model, would you not agree?

    6. DUE DILIGENCE Sabotage: Making decisions based on unsubstantiated opinions is the sure-fire way to be totally misguided in one’s decision making process. Does it make any sense whatsoever to form an opinion based on an anonymous poster who claims to have secret insights and proofs about their targeted person or company? Does it make sense to accept those inflammatory opinions without talking to the accused person or to respected persons with whom they are closely associated? Getting information from a Negative Posting Site is not due diligence at all, and in fact is exactly counter-productive to genuine due diligence. People formulating opinions from these sites are simply being deceived.

    In summary, the only people being scammed are those who view and fall for the ridiculous, negative content on the scam dot coms of the world. Negative Posting Sites play on peoples’ unquenchable thirst for scintillating accusation and innuendo. The owners of these sites know full-well that the suspicions and fears of a gullible and uninformed public can be manipulated and utilized, resulting in tremendous profits. Don’t fall for this deceptive nonsense. If you do, you will find out from first-hand experience who is actually being scammed and why this particular site is appropriately named.

    Posted by Jack Weinzierl | Comments Off
    View Printer Friendly Version

    Copyright © 2007 Jack Weinzierl, Christian Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Mentor. Independent Representative of Advantage Conferences. This is not an Advantage Conferences corporate website. It is an independent website and the information provided is the sole responsibility of Jack Weinzierl. All rights reserved.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
    Gee, Weinzierl, remember this lie-filled insane rant you published knowing what a crock it really was.

    1. No one but a repeat spammer was barred from posting on Scam. No e-mails were ever blocked there on that old software. Posts there were never put up for moderation, approval or prescreened in any way. So, no particular mix of postings negative vs. positive could possibly be achieved. Those few short sentances that could lay things to rest were never forthcoming. "Fictitious slander" equals the truth is the basis of the posts, Weinzierl. Jack Weinzierl had created 9 IDs to post there and many more to vote in his silly poll, so he knew how easy it was to get posts up there. What a lying fraud!

    2. Controversy was making Scam owner and porn spammer George Dranichak money, but there are no ads or revenue generating activities on here or, so that argument does not hold any water. Folks reading me and my fellow scambusters were believeing the truth about you scammers. Remember Jack Weinzierl threatened me and Tim Darnell filed suit. I won in Summary Judgment and you sick bastards didn't have the guts to show up and face me like real men!

    You had no trouble making up all kinds of wild tales about me stalking you and your families and sending death threats, but you never took those tall tales to the authorities and never provided a shred of evidence in that court case to back up that bull either. That is why you fools didn't want to face the judge. Those hideous lies were your undoing and you didn't have the courage to face the music! Lying cowards!

    3. I was never paid to post and I know for a fact that no one here or at is compensated. More fabricatioins from desperate scammers desperate to keep the reps drinking the Kool-aid.

    4. Folks remain anonymous because it cost tens of thousands of dollars to win frivolous suits. Tim sued me and it racked up 60 grand in attorney fees, but as he is a pauper with no assets and no money in the bank one can't collect against the filthy *******. Of course, now that Darnell has tax protested his way into a $97,265.17 tax lien ( for Advantage Conferences best year /2005) that was filed this year, I think we victims will finally get some real justice. Cathy Darnell's name is on the tax lien as well and as she is the only wage earner and has a decent salary she is quite likely to get garnished. Hallelujah!!!!

    5. Case law is very confusing for you isn't it, boys:
    Publishing the Statements and Content of Others | Citizen Media Law Project
    Publishing the Statements and Content of Others

    If you have web forums, allow reader comments, host guest bloggers on your site, or if you repost information that you receive from RSS feeds, you generally will be shielded from liability for defamatory statements made by your users and guests under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act ("Section 230"). This important federal law protects you from certain types of liability, including defamation, associated with the statements and other user-submitted content you publish on your site.
    Section 230 grants interactive online services of all types, including blogs, forums, and listservs, broad immunity from liability so long as the information at issue is provided by a third-party. You will not lose this immunity even if you edit the content, whether for accuracy or civility, and you will be entitled to immunity so long as your edits do not substantially alter the meaning of the original statements. However, if you alter someone else's statement so that it becomes defamatory (e.g., changing the statement “Bob is not a murderer” to “Bob is a murderer”), you would be responsible for the content of the edited statement; and if it turns out to be untrue, you could be liable for defamation. In addition, if you add your own commentary along with the user-submitted content, you will only be shielded from liability for the material created by your user, not for your own statements. For more on this important protection, see the section on Immunity for Online Publishers Under the Communications Decency Act.
    Note that Section 230 does not shield you from liability for copyright infringement claims and other intellectual property claims. If you publish or use the creative work of others, their trademarks, or certain confidential business information without the permission of the owner, you may be exposing yourself to legal liability for violations of intellectual property law. Fortunately, if you allow your site's user to post this type of content you can protect yourself from copyright infringement claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), so long as you establish effective "notice-and-takedown" procedures, promptly remove content when a copyright owner notifies you that it is infringing, and have no knowledge that the material in question is infringing. We cover liability associated with copyright, trademark, and trade secrets in the Intellectual Property section of this legal guide. For guidance on the procedures you should follow under the DMCA, see the section on Protecting Yourself Against Copyright Claims Based on User Content.
    So, George would not be held liable for what his posters wrote on Scam. Things only disappeared there under bogus threats or incentives to George. And he is in Cananda and the site is hosted in New Jersey, idiots!

    6. Funny, but I formed my opinions based on the facts. I researched and posted thousands of pages of court documents, public records, ads you boys put up, e-mails from reps and more. You two are just really really sorry the bus didn't run me over and shut me up. You two liars have an incredible amount to hide. The transcipts from our recent scuffles in court will show that you both refused to produce discovery and lied about it under oath as well. Jack told the judge at trial he didn't produce after protective orders were in place because I was posting. So, I have no doubt I would have prevailed in appeal. But, as they are both lying paupers I think it is much more logical and necessary to protect the public by fighting them in the court of public opinion right here.

    There are lots more court documents, Scam posts and other facts to come!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    May 2007:

    Our Advantage Conferences business is giving our family financial freedom, time freedom and independence. This is a marketplace ministry for us and it is exciting to be 100% sold out for what we represent.
    The key to creating wealth coupled with joy and peace is to SERVE the Lord and serve others, over-deliver value, and the money is simply a by product. We’ve been blessed to make over $800,000.00 with our Advantage Conferences business over the last two years, which has greatly enhanced our lifestyle and our ability to give to the ministries that are close to our heart.
    We serve a God of abundance who is willing to deliver more than enough. But we have to do our part, putting our natural to His supernatural. And it starts with our thinking and with making a decision to use our gifts and talents. Tim, I thank God for discernment, for you, and for Advantage Conferences. I look forward to an incredible journey together. Thank you for our new reality. Jack M. Weinzierl, Flower Mound, TX
    Jack joined in February 2005. He spent $8,000.00 for advertising on his Visa that first month. He spent $6,000.00 a month for many more months. By 2007 he had stalled out. Jack made almost nothing after that bold story. He had earned about 33% of the total company sales as his ad spending simply obliterated everyone else's peanut sized ad budgets. He kept pushing AC even though he knew around this time that my calculations from the papers from the losing harassment suit against the BBB that 98% of the reps were losing their money. He constantly bragged like this even though he knew no one else had even come close to earning these type of amounts. Almost everyone that came in lost their money. They lost thousands and thousands of dollars they couldn't afford to lose. Demonic evil! It was a journey straight to purgatory on a road of vicious lies and threats!


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    Re: Dummies Making Money or Not!! Tim Darnell of Portfolio Marketing Group & Josh Peak Team Up with Juvenile Adam Horwit

    I just heard from Josh Peak, who told me, "Jack Weinzierl? I haven't had contact with him in years... so again... please take down the threads that include that connection... it's not a bittrue at all." My trusted sources say otherwise. I hear they are active on social sites together, but Weinzierl has blocked me everywhere he possibly can. That is transparency for you!

    Tim Darnell ran around like a nut according to someone who was close to a former office person from Advantage Conferences and I quote what they shared, "Tim then said that there are some former reps who are out to get him, but that he was developing an iron-clad suit to put an end to it.." Tim Darnell had an iron-clad case against the BBB and me too. We all remember how those turned out, now don't we!!!! As a result very few folks have stayed in contact with him and the millionaire mentors are all long gone never to return.

    These MLM guru types go crazy on social sites leaving quite a trail of their activities. I became close friends with Judy Sterling in 2007 and have been in contact with numerous Advantage Conferences victims and their families over the years, so I know much more than I ever wanted to. The smart ones out there have removed and / or blocked Darnell and Weinzierl on every social site on the planet to avoid their names being associated with them.

    Be careful online!

    Last edited by Soapboxmom; 08-22-2011 at 10:27 AM.

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Jack you really should stop fictionalizing your resume. I again remind you that you were not brought in to head up Soulmate, despite your claims to the contrary. You came in as a V.P. to a deal that was, as many of your long term deals have been, deal on arrival!

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Special Announcement July 7th - Effective for 30 Days!!
    In an email sent from Jack Weinzierl, Vice President of Network Development
    Pro Team,

    We are on fire coming off the biggest month since we launched last November and our Partners are making it happen! We wanted to add some fuel to that fire for the next 30 days to build your marketing team.

    We are going to pay out $40 fast start bonuses for anyone who refers an Ultimate Partner and whose new Ultimate Partner refers a FREE Trial or Active Member. This is for the next 30 days so go full speed and take advantage of this temporary promotion.

    In fact, if you have referred an Ultimate Partner since we went live with the enhanced compensation plan June 23rd, all that new Ultimate Partner will need to do is refer a new FREE dating member and it will trigger your $40 Fast Start bonus. The programming in the commission engine is LIVE right now!

    So call or email your new Ultimate Partners from your contact manager and let's add to our massive growth from June.

    To Your Success!

    Jack Weinzierl
    Vice President of Network Development

    P.S. Don't forget to mark your calendars for our SoulMate Celebration Event in Dallas, July 31. Online registration will be available soon. Seats are limited and will fill up fast. Make sure to get your guests registered, as it will be a day and evening of life-changing teaching by Dr. Greg Baer, fun at our evening celebration, and a powerful opportunity to build your SoulMate business. We have partners planning to bring dozens of guests, so register as soon as online registration is announced.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________
    Jack may have been president for a few months as everyone was bailing that Titanic. He was in Advantage Conferences in February 2005 after Tim had begged and said to Jack that he needed the money, man. Jack must have realized Soulmate was history and since he had nothing better to do, he joined Darnell and put Advantage Conferences on the map for a short time. The gravy train quickly ended when those idiots sued the Dallas Better Business Bureau and then me.


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Will you have regrets looking back 5 years from now?Views: 105 Jan 12, 2006 1:28 am
    Will you have regrets looking back 5 years from now?
    Jack Weinzierl
    Are you FIRED UP for 2006? I know that many of you are as you have already added to your teams and you are encouraging others daily in your journey. I am making a personal commitment to INVEST at least 1 hour a day into my own personal development in 2006. The difference is really on the inside of us. I am so excited that I am shouting as our business is about helping people change their thought life to change their results. It is crystal clear. Work harder on yourself than you do your job-- YOU cannot change the economy, but you can change yourself.

    On the course to the moon, you will have to make adjustments along the way—some destinations are critical and make adjustments. You cannot afford to miss the moon.

    We are excited about our first annual convention coming up next week. I had a candidate last night who has been through all 3 steps and read about the fact that our first day of the convention was a Day of Giving and that attracted him to our business. He stated that was a demonstration of walking the talk and I could not agree more.

    I was able to attend a More Heart than Talent conference with some top trainers in the industry this past week. It was my first time to see Jim Rohn and Mark Victor Hansen, along with several other leaders. The highlight for me was Saturday night after the event having the opportunity to share our faith with someone who really needed to hear the Good News. It reminded me that we have to be quiet and still at times as listen to where God is directing us, as my desire was to be home hours before in my home with my family. A life was changed that night and we were simply the conduit. We are in a marketplace ministry and I am so proud to represent Advantage Conferences.

    I took notes each day and here are most of what I was able to assemble. There are some nuggets that can be helpful for you.

    Regret weighs tons—as we look back 5 years from now, will you have regrets?

    It is also about your perspective. I shared this earlier today with a team member. If you are feeling discouraged at all with the timing on your business, think through and contrast with a business like a restaurant. You put $300,000 in and may hit break even in 3-4 years with incredibly long hours. What we have here is many team members getting qualified in weeks or a even a few months, then they have a business that can produce incredible incomes, personal growth and time freedom for years to come. It's about perspective and when you know you are in the right place, well let's say it like it is, satan will come to steal, kill and destroy. We are all in a battle and don't think for a moment that satan wants you to prosper if you are sowing seed into reaching people with the Good News. The good thing is we can recognize it, resist the devil and he will flee. But we have to resist that doubt, fear and hesitancy. Anyway, we have several pastors on our team that can share exact scripture to back that up, but I think everyone of us deal with that on occasion.

    And do not think for a moment that those warm market people who doubt you now, won't doubt you later and try to bring you down. Sure, I'll join you when you show me the checks and show me that you can prosper. Many are the same people that say, sure God, I will tithe when you bless me. No, even when you show them the checks down the road, they are the same people who think that it is too late for them now. Jack gets all the lucky breaks. You would think that everyone in my family would be clamoring to join us in the business after we will finish our first year around $500,000 with Advantage Conferences. No, it was the 3 family members that saw the opportunity a couple months after we joined that got involved. I love the rest of them, but they will continue to live way below the level they could because of their doubt, disbelief and fear. God does not create junk and God did not want any of us to lead average lives, just getting by, be so busy trying to make ends meet that we don't have the time to stop to talk with a hurting stranger for an hour about how we serve an awesome God that wants us whole.

    As I reflect on this past year, it is so obvious to me that we are ALL living below our privilege. Jim Rohn shared the following that I think was so powerful for me. The Company can work to improve the product, but we must work to improve ourselves. Folks, we have every tool, every video clip, every web page right now that we need to each build a multi-million dollar enterprise. Say those words, My Enterprise. Set some goals for 2006. My enterprise will do this in 2006.

    Here are my notes that you are welcome to review.

    • Your business success lies in your heart first and not your head.
    • What’s going on crowd-- call them and they say “not much” Isn't that a sad way to live.
    • Marketing your own energy—people do buy you and we all need to work on ourselves
    • Many people are running a Non-profit organization in the discomfort of your own home.
    • You should be in business for FUN and Profit
    • Don’t let others bring you into their drama---we are addicted to emotions. Smooth out those highs and lows
    • Find people you can collaborate with--local businesses that you can set your cards out at--if you see the referral from a dry cleaner--give them $500
    • Motivation wears off—move to inspiration and transformation. That is why most people in MLMs fail. They are motivation for a season--120 days or less. Your why and your belief have to be big to inspire you. It is not your enroller or mentors job to inspire you. You need to work on yourself.
    • Clues and signs show up in your voicemail box and email box. Are you attracting tired, broke and desperate people constantly?
    • Focus on having 10 good quality conversations each week--learn how to connect with people
    • Create relationships and you have to be comfortable with yourself.
    • Free enterprise skills—can take 2-5 years to develop the skills to develop those skills and mindset vs. JOB. First time in your life you don’t have someone telling you what to do.
    • Paint the picture for people-- You are out in public at a restaurant or wherever--You have incredible people skills. Have you ever considered owning this business, vs working here? What do you feel you deserve for a tip? I deserve a great tip—attract people that have receiving skills. Connectors, results oriented, people skills--- 3 to 5 connectors can build a fortune
    • This is about me looking for a few good quality people
    • Get paid like a professional—highest paid profession in the world
    • Entrepreneurial seizure---Ask what I do for a living – um well, I operate a non-profit organization from the discomfort of my home
    • Trying so hard in your head, but your heart is not in the game—wear out your immune system—toss and turn at night—flight or fight
    • Pain has to be great enough—drop the drama
    • Be comfortable with yourself.
    • Ask what do you DO while You’re Living?--not working
    --I am an entrepreneur
    --I am an agent of change
    --I teach prosperity
    --I develop 6 and 7 figure income earners. Do you know anyone interested? Look for clues—look for connectors. Barnes and Noble—those are great books have you read them yet?
    --I am a Christian millionaire mentor

    --Are you attracting co-dependants
    --biggest challenge is receiving—balance
    • My Enterprise
    • More assets than you do liabilities—time to experience, travel, give
    • Become good at attracting people who are self-starters, prosperity partners, what I deserve in partner—their profile—intense, peace, competitive, pride--play for the game, don’t like to lose, want people who are results oriented, connector—circle of influence, leader/leader grower, Sports-minded
    • Create for profit homes
    • 30 second commute—paint pictures
    • An uncontrolled mind is a terrible thing
    • You can have the desire, but if there’s no belief, then you will not take action
    • Make your someday NOW, but understanding that you cannot go back. You have to go forward and failure is not an option. A mind once expanded cannot go back to the original shape.
    • Put yourself in a place where you are taking on more than you think you can do. Get desperate enough to do what needs to be done
    • Commitment and accountability
    • Tie yourself to other’s commitment
    • What are your intentions—declare that you are going to win—ONLY competing with only those that decide to win.
    • Sometimes success looks different. Some relationships that you build and some you walk away from
    • Desperate enough to do what works
    • Most people—95% who give up the first time, never come back to re-enter the race.
    • Not perfection--I am a great example here folks, it’s about getting up and getting up—can you go back to what you used to have? It won’t be comfortable for you
    • Commitment—leads to Resistance (shows up) Overcoming that resistance is where the victory is.
    • We are here to set the pace for you to go a little faster than you may be comfortable.
    • Change your choices and change your life.

    Mark Victor Hanson

    Be a great story teller—Chicken Soup for the Soul Self deprecated humor Picture of abundance

    Idea+ the right contacts=

    Change the world one story at a time.

    Enlightened millionaire—learn, earn, and give

    Partner with someone that already has the database—and partner Big projects—vastly rich so you can do big projects

    I am a victor
    Attractor of unlimited good
    When rejected, just say NEXT!

    Most important skill is selling.
    You’re here to be abundant—you’re rich
    No one can reject you without your permission 130 people said no to Mark and Jack Canfield—not over $1 billion in intellectual capital.

    Lack of focus—concentrate
    Cracking the Millionaire code—residual philanthropy Ask to get what you want—focus Have to write goals Your potential's infinite
    3 biggest challenges--- Multiple millions—surplus money
    1) pressures--time
    2) financial pressures
    3) Balance between work and home

    Free days –100% no work
    Focus Days—Business building activities
    Clean-up Days—all other stuff

    • A million a year minimum—so we can take massive action together
    • I am so happy I am on schedule to earn a million this year—Jack Weinzierl 1/5/06

    Keep an idea notebook!
    101 Goals

    The size of your question determines the size of your results!
    Change your friends—

    Remind yourself every day that you did some things well. Write it in your journey.

    1 and 1 equals 11. Collaborate.
    Big Hairy Audacious Goals

    Set Huge Goals-

    It inspires people to want to play
    It forces you to grow.

    Emma is going to open 100 orphanages in Africa--already has her first $40,000 each. Big Hairy Audacious Goals

    Unconsciously competent—
    Grow rich your niche—

    Find someone who will listen to my 2 minute story—tell me what works and what doesn’t

    Only hang out with those that add or multiply. You may have to get rid of some relationships that subtract or divide.

    Warren Buffet’s 3 questions in doing business—
    1) Do I Like Them?
    2) Do I Trust Them?
    3) Do I Respect Them?

    Surrounded himself with all the people who could do things that he could not do. Takes being comfortable with who you are as a person.

    Most of us are living below our privilege.
    Bring your digital cameras to the Convention—begin to tell good stories to others --Take pictures with people at events and then ask for their email address so you can send them a copy—with your link of course.

    Jim Rohn—

    Great quote—I couldn’t wait to get here to hear what I was going to say

    Capitalism—any value you set aside to be invested in an enterprise that brings value to the marketplace hoping to make a profit.

    Seed corn is called capital—has to be planted to be multiplied—this corn is to be reserved to be invested so it could grow.

    Capital money—would you eat it, no, would it be given, no Capital time—your time, give away, no that is your capital time

    From testimonials and personal experience we have enough information to conclude that it’s possible to design and live an extraordinary life.

    Study, practice then Teach!
    We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace— Marketplace is the people

    Value is 2 parts—Part 1--value//product or service Part 2—for what we become

    Company can work to improve the product, but we must work to improve ourselves.

    Formal education gets you a job, self education—personal development gets you rich

    Basics and Fundamentals—study the fundamentals—usually just a few—no new ones—fundamentals

    Your income is primarily determined by your philosophy.

    $5 and hour up to $32 million an year in income in the U.S. -- economic ladder

    If you are at $5 an hour, you have a view choices:

    1) Wait for the government to change the minimum wage to $6
    2) Wait for the company to pay you $6
    3) Go on strike—philosophy of demand—demanding $6—you cannot use it to get rich
    4) Philosophy of performance and productivity—do extra things, I will perform and be rewarded

    The key to Greatness is service—what service can I render—If I give I will receive.

    Service to Many leads to greater income—wealth Don’t ask what the country can do for you, BUT ask what I could do for my country. Maybe starting with my family, my neighborhood,

    The key to great wealth—If you help enough people get what they want, you will get everything that you want. Best said by Zig Ziglar

    You can climb as high as you wish or want—how much land can you own in America, how much money can you make in America?

    America is easy.
    Bangladesh would be hard. Average yearly is $200 there.

    The key to achieving whatever you want—learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. The difference is inside.

    If you work hard on your job, you can make a living, if you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune.

    Success is not something that you pursue, success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person—go to work on yourself—charisma and all the rest.

    Jesus would travel around and say, You, follow me.
    Because of who he was.

    Become that type of person—his reputation proceeds him.
    The key is who you become—working on yourself.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Jim Rohn’s view of the 21st century.
    • Unprecedented opportunity
    • Keen competition

    5 Fundamentals to Study
    Personal philosophy—each person’s personal philosophy is how your life turns out
    --see the danger on one side and to see opportunities and capitalize on the right side Opposites are in conflict and we are in the middle Evil vs. Good Negative vs. Positive—work on your positive and you can overcome the negative Tyranny vs. Liberty Illness vs. Health—push shove match and work on the right side Death vs. Life---Life is a struggle to keep death at a distance—push back and push ups

    The season of summer---good seed in the spring would you have –weeds and bugs are out to take that seed.. Nourish like a mother and protect like a father.

    2 nice people, HOWEVER 1 built his house on the rock and one built his house on the sand and the storms came and the one who built their house on the sand was lost. Foundation—build on the rock. Nice is not enough.

    Ants think winter all summer—plan for the harvest—winter, winter, winter.

    Find someone who has been through the storm and let them scare you to death!
    Learn to think winter in the summer and summer in the winter. Make wiser decisions. Even nice people can make careless decisions.

    Story is to alert us.

    On the course to the moon, you will have to make adjustments along the way—some destinations are critical and make adjustments. You cannot afford to miss the moon.

    Regret weighs tons

    5 Simple Fundamentals—

    1) Your personal philosophy
    2) Your attitude
    3) Your Activity
    4) Keep measuring progress—measurable results in a reasonable time
    5) LifeStyle—live a good life—not arrogant and not cynical

    1) Look to your past as a school—learn from it
    2) Look to your future—set your goals, what is your plan
    3) How you feel about everybody else
    4) How you feel about yourself

    The Winds of Change will come—they blow on ALL of us

    The difference with us vs. every other God given creature is in our ability to set our sails.

    You have the ability to change where you are going UNLESS you are a goose.

    What’s your television costing YOU? No, not $800, but probably $40,000 a year.

    1) Discover you are not a Goose—you have to get to the point where you say, I don’t want to live like this any more!
    2) Learn from OPE—Other People’s Experiences—negative and positive—if someone comes back from the bridge and tells you it’s out, turn around and change your course.

    John Di Lemme

    To Respond to needs and desires of our family and to needs around us in a big and bold way.

    3 Fundamentals of Network Marketing Millionaires

    ENEMY-- learn the language of the enemy Believe

    How are you doing? Truthful--full of the truth

    I am doing fantastic, business is incredible

    You have to emerse yourself

    God does not make any junk

    I am Dr. Why—come back to
    Habits of millionaires

    By 65—

    95%--dead broke Indecision/procrastination

    Bible—Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

    Todd Falcone—

    --Decide and commit
    --plan on it and for it
    --exercise patience
    --understand that exposure is the seed

    Stop dabbling in this business

    Build rapport with your candidates. No one wants to buy or partner with someone they don’t like and trust.

    To Your Success,

    Jack Weinzierl
    Advantage Conferences
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    Jack conned his brother Jerry Weinzierl, Jerry's son Aaron and their wives plus his father-in-law Alan Tannous into joining this pyramid scam. The other family members were smart enough to stay away from this scheme. All of those crazy enough to get in got refunds and bailed early on. The refund to Jerry and Aaron Weinzierl was completely against policy. Alan Tannous, as we can see here in the picture with his scamming son-in-law Jack and daughter Stephanie Weinzierl, apparently thought the conference was not worth the price paid. He got a refund as well.

    Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl denied almost everyone else who asked and were due a refund under the policy. Jack giving his family members only a $7,000.00 refund is predatory and discriminatory practice. All reps should have had the same option. That is not in the least Christian.

    Alan Tannous is nothing but a scammer himself. After watching 98% of the representatives get burned in Advantage Conferences knowing he got a refund others couldn't he went right back into the MLM crap with Evolv. Evolv was being sued by the MD Anderson Cancer Center and had some very questionable nonsense going on, but any chance to make a buck with this bunch it seems.

    Jack's family members who have had the good sense to avoid his scams and schemes have to be living much better than Weinzierl is. He is mooching off of his in laws as he hasn't been able to get gainful employment or push any more scams with the truth all over the internet! Jack is the brainless and laughable black sheep of the Weinzierl and Tannous families! Jack should be thrilled to make $5 an hour after being mentored into chapter 7 bankruptcy by Advantage Conferences!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    I want to thank Tim Darnell, President and Founder of Advantage Conferences

    Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 09:36PM

    I am so thankful for Advantage Conferences as we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary with AC next month. We have already earned commissions of $762,245.50, but equally important is the growth that I have seen in me and our team members. I am totally expectant that we will double those earnings to date in 2007 with the enhanced President's Package product offering, as well as the improved and simplified 3 Simple Steps.
    I want to thank Tim Darnell for providing this marketplace ministry, powerful mentoring and financial vehicle to each of us.
    We already have 100 subscribers to this Blog from the past 10 days, so I wanted to bless everyone with a book that has impacted my life. If you send me an email at with your request, I will send you Tim Darnell's new book Slay Your Giant with my compliments. This is a $29.95 value and it is my gift to you.
    Have a blessed evening.
    Jack Weinzierl, Flower Mound, TX
    Christian Entrepreneur and
    Advantage Conferences, LLC
    That post is beyond laughable. Jack knew they had lost the BBB suit and would have their account garnished and the whole thing was highly publicized by the Houston Press with that superb article by Craig Malisow. Sales were absolutely plummeting and the vast majority had lost thousands and thousands of dollars in this thing and Advantage Conferences was in the middle of a mass exodus. Tim couldn't even fund the measly matrix checks the reps were due any longer and cried that those that didn't participate on the calls and do his bidding would be cut off from funds they earned under the agreement they had signed up under.

    Jack knew Tim had been the author of the comp plan for United Sciences ( he had bragged about it to Craig Malisow of the Houston Press and admitted it under oath) and 3 Attorneys general had deemed the comp plan an illegal pyramid. Tim had been a rep for Global Prosperity another illegal pyramid that with its advice about tax evasion and off-shore accounts had landed the top people in federal prison. (Dave didn't deserve federal prison for tax evasion, but that scum Tim Darnell sure does) Jack was also aware that Tim Darnell, the tax protester nutbag, had denounced his United States citizenship and Texas residency. Craig Malisow revealed that in his December 2006 article as well.

    The Titanic sunk fast. In May 2007 the BBB had emptied $10,000.00 out of Advantage Conferences account leaving only $500.00. Tim Darnell had to sell his car and borrow $30,000.00 from an 80 year old local rep, which he never paid back.Tim basically threatened and cajoled people egregiously in an effort to get folks to pony up the $1,000.00 to come to what would be the last conference in a desperate effort to get his cult members back under his control. Tim's e-mails show how mentally unhinged he was becoming. He and Jack then began their campaign of accusing me of stalking them and sending death threats so they could reel in the suckers with their incredible story of true martyrdom. Jack Weinzierl by the end of the year 2008 had just cleared $800,000.00 and in 2008 having made virtually nothing he threw in the towel. He didn't renew for 2009 as it was clear the gravy train had ended.

    So, when Jack wrote this he knew the end was coming at lightening speed, but anything to wrangle another buck out of a desperate sucker, right Weinzierl?

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Advantage Conferences will change your life IF you are serious about change. If you are serious and committed to building a long-term business based on Christian principles, then I will mentor you.

    I have earned over $800,000 in the network marketing industry with Advantage Conferences inour first 2 years and I have been blessed to learn what works and what doesn't. It is my passion to help others succeed BEFORE they have to step on the same landmines that I came across in my journey.

    We are committed to building our Advantage Conferences team based on honesty, integrity, and a commitment to help others. This foundation of mutual trust has served me well in my traditional business career, and it serves us all well here.

    I have my MBA and I was in the medical technology business for over 15 years. My wife, Stephanie, is a gifted teacher and we are actively involved in our ministry in the greater Dallas area. We have three children under 10 years of age and we are building this business to help people change their lives, giving them both time and financial freedom.

    God has a buffet of promises for all of us and we need to get out of our seat and receive those blessings. Let’s start your future, today!

    Blessed to be a blessing,

    Jack and Stephanie Weinzierl
    Advantage Conferences
    Flower Mound, TX
    It begins with 3 Simple Steps at:
    Jack Weinzierl had this pack of lies up while he was filing his chapter 7 bankruptcy in the summer of 2008. That fraud even asked for law enforcement protection at his creditor's meeting claiming I was a danger to him. Of course, I was there the whole time in the front row furiously taking notes and he didn't realize who I was until he walked out to his car and saw the Department of Justice Attorney (there to investigate possible bankruptcy fraud and having grilled him extensively), the Plaintiff's attorney and I high fiving and shaking hands after Jack's ridiculous testimony. I was one of many that formally complained to the DOJ. The DOJ attorney requested I put together all his earnings claims and photos and other documentation substantiating his assets. Quite fascinating research!

    Advantage Conferences was changing lives to be sure. Jack already knew for a fact that 98% of the reps were losing money. He knew that many had lost thousands and been left financially ruined and / or hungry. Being the scam artist he is and floundering in a 1.23 million dollar mansion he couldn't make the payments for he kept right on trolling for victims.

    Jack Weinzierl, Tim Darnell and Advantage Conferences were the business landmines one should be on the lookout for!!! So much for that alleged honesty, integrity and commitment to help others.

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Its interesting when you google Jack Weinzierl the first three of four hits come to real scam. This is one creepy lowlife hiding behind the bible. Hopefully he one day will be living under a bridge in a refrigerator box. Scammers like Jack Weinzierl are the worst of the worst. Stay after him SBM. You are wearing this guy out.
    If its listed at the Talk Gold ponzi and crime forum its a SCAM.

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Snow job Weinzierl style:
    Peak Performance

    About Me

    Name: business141 Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States View my complete profile

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    What it takes to Succeed in a Home Business

    What it takes to Succeed to Succeed in a Home Business

    NOTE: This is the truth. No smoke in mirrors, no make believe tactics,
    no garbage, no deception.
    And by the way, these basic
    principles are what it takes to succeed in any business
    in any industry. I am giving just a tip-of-the-iceberg of the tools and ideas that have generated me great success in this industry. My TEAM member get the whole arsenal of tools I have, this again is just a brief free newsletter of basics to help you succeed. Being on our team requires a stringent interviewing process, and is highly selective. After reviewing this information, if you are interested about being considered, you will have a chance to call me at the below contact information.

    A. The Simple Steps To Follow To Success
    In the Home Business Industry

    Know your Target Market: Expose and market your business to the right Target Market. I will give you as an entrepreneur a few examples of what I am talking about, and then I will elaborate. Example 1: Use pay-per-click advertising with the correct key words to “attract” the right people to you. Example 2: Use Expired Domain marketing, using expired domains that already have your target market coming to their sites, but re-directing it to your site. Example 3: Contact and recruit network marketers either by e-mail or by telephone. Example 4: Creating a Business Blog, which can be indexed quickly, but also putting valuable information like this with content rich keywords. Contacting network marketers is huge, as I call it “headhunting”, it’s what large corporations do. They are people who have been in a business, and are serious about having a home business that “works”. In essence, this takes out all the tire kickers, and gets you to the people who are looking for you. Having an endless supply of people who are coming to you to make a pile of cash.

    Timing: Timing is everything; it’s being at the right place, and the right time, with the right people. Being part of a “shift” with a legitimate home business will put you light years ahead of the 95%er’s of the world who just don’t think it’s possible to make millions, and are satisfied with working hard for someone else. Be involved with something that can put positive cash flow into your pocket immediately, and not just change, I am talking about thousands of dollars. Money that can get you out of your job, or out of a dead-end home business that just doesn’t work!

    Mindset and Mastermind: Position yourself with millionaire mentors who have done it, rather than people who are throwing a bunch of theory out of their mouth. I have done it, and I will show you how to do it with the correct marketing methods. You are who you hang with, and remember that. If you want to operate like a thoroughbred, then hang with the power horses, if you want to be just ordinary and average, than there are plenty of donkeys to put yourself around in this industry as well. Put yourself with a TEAM of professionals who understand business and marketing.

    Money and Time: Do not spend money, time, or energy on anything that doesn’t put cash into your pocket. Marketing, timing, and discernment of where your time and money goes are so key.

    B. What You Need To Succeed

    1. Initial and continual training in how to attract, follow-up with,
    and keep the right people the right way in your business.
    (Why waste time on the wrong people and the wrong methods?) Keep a steady supply of leads of the right prospects. (Why waste
    time with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives,

    2. The will to consistently attract new people at least
    until you reach your monthly income goal whether is be $7,000/mo, $14,000/mo or $140,000/mo

    4. The ability to ignore the "conventional wisdom", most of which
    Is dead wrong. (You will go broke listening to the so-called
    "experts" and "gurus", most of who never have built am organization

    5. The will to succeed and the resolve to do it yourself. (Only
    you can do this for yourself. No one, repeat, no one can do it
    for you. I can "help" and give you the tools to succeed, but you have to want to do this.

    6. Immediate cash flow to cover your business expenses during
    the first couple of months. (You must survive long enough to build up a
    long-term business and income. You cannot do that with negative
    cash flow.)

    7. At least $250-$500 a month for advertising to get started. (You are going into business for yourself, and there are
    costs involved. If you don't have any money to get started, then,
    you need to get some. If you can't find the money to get started,
    then, do not do this.)

    8. At least 10-15 hours a week for 1-2 years. (If you cannot
    devote 10-15 hours a week to this business for 1-2 years,
    then, stay out of it.)

    C. It Really Is This Simple

    1. There are no issues in this business when you
    consistently are attracting new people and when your
    organization consistently is attracting new people. When
    your group is growing, nothing else matters. And the only
    way to grow is to consistently attract new people by using my methods. If you do this, everything including income takes care of themselves.

    2. Everything else that you are told about what to do, what
    you need, what to pay attention to, etc., etc., is a very distant
    second. And a very great deal of it is unnecessary non-sense.
    3. Remember, only you can do this for yourself. Only you
    can want it for you. Only you can help yourself. No
    one else - I repeat - no one else - can do this for you. Get a really good seat, because you’re going to see one awesome thing take place!! When you have something good, people will come from all corners of the Earth to be a part of what you have, take it from a person who knows this first hand. I would be crazy not to give credit to the people who have been mentors to me, and helped me create my wealth. I will tell you that college education couldn’t touch in a million years what these great people have taught me, I mean it’s all about taking the best things from the best of the best, then assimilating it into a plan of action…which I have done.

    The great people include: Gina Gaudio-Graves, what an internet marketing GURU, and person who understands the legal issues of internet marketing. Joe Herlihy has taught me the no non-sense way to attract people in marketing, and much of the information above I learned directly form him. Barbara Kardokus just taught me countless things, including how no to be so rough in this relational game of business, she has a wonderful polished touch, and it’s proven results. Great graphic designer as well. Lastly, Jack Weinzierl. Has been a mentor in many ways, and has shown there is nothing wrong with making over $80k monthly. I want to thank them all!!

    Again, if your interested in being trained personally by me, and willing to learn and implement these strategies to making it big-time in this industry, you can contact me at 918-637-2459.

    Committed to Excellence,
    Josh E. Peak
    posted by business141 | 6:29 PM | 3 comments
    __________________________________________________ ___________________
    Weinzierl is nothing more than a well dressed thug. He was never a millionaire or a real mentor. He was simply oily and deviouis enough to mentor folks hard earned money out of their pockets and into his own. He has emptied many innocent, trusting folks pockets.

    Thankfully, the truth, facts and stories from those that were harmed all all here so no one else will be victimized. That load of bull was written months after Josh got hooked up with that snake Weinzierl. As the bankruptcy papers show, Weinzierl made little in 2007 and barely more than pocket change in 2008 and then down the commode he went!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    [QUOTE]What an incredible weekend!Views: 415May 02, 2005 1:43 pm
    What an incredible weekend!#
    Jack Weinzierl
    For those of you who called and emailed me over the past few
    days, I apologize for the delay. We were participating in the
    most powerful conference that I have ever attended at the Gaylord
    Texan resort. I am playing catch up today and scheduling President
    Interviews for this evening and tomorrow for those that are ready.

    I will be sharing several audio testimonials with you over the
    next couple days from participants, but I wanted to highlight
    a few things for those who were unable to attend. Our next
    conference begins registration today, so I encourage you to
    go through our simple 3 step process and then take decisive
    action--IF Advantage Conferences is a good fit for you.

    Wow! What a couple days. As I reflect on our Millionaire Mindset
    Conference, I literally get moved by several emotions. It is
    overwhelming and I cannot describe how proud and excited I am to
    be representing Advantage Conferences. In fact, most everyone
    shared their testimonial at the conference and when I shared mine,
    I could barely get through it. I was also blessed to have my wife,
    Stephanie, in attendance with me Thursday evening, and she is as
    excited and as committed as I am to the lives we are changing
    with Advantage Conferences.

    It hits close to home for my family.

    Just two months ago, I stepped out in faith resigning from a
    6 figure position as a president of a network marketing
    company--with NO plan B in place. I knew that God had a
    bigger plan for us and within weeks, I had doubled what
    I had earned with my previous employer--and this was our
    business, done on our time, based on our faith and Christian

    Was it easy and can everyone do that in their first few weeks?

    Of course not, but is was simple. Simple and easy are quite a
    bit different. Our business is simple to build with our simple
    3 Step process, but it took hard work as I created a training
    site and tools that our entire team could leverage over the
    next several years. Essentially, making this business even
    easier for my team members to build as when they have a new
    representative join, they plug them into our team training on
    day one--allowing them to build this business in 1-2 hours
    a day.

    OK, more highlights from the Millionaire Mindset Conference--

    Beginning Thursday evening, we had several guests and a full room
    of representatives at the Strategists/Opportunity meeting. I was
    blessed to have a guest from Nigeria—yes Nigeria, who happened
    to be in the states, as well as a guest from Fort Worth, who I had
    never spoken with or met prior. Her name is Faith Moore and Faith
    is one of our newest Advantage Conferences representatives. She
    came to the strategist meeting, took decisive action and joined us
    the next morning for the Millionaire Mindset Conference.

    I was fortunate to have my mentor and friend and awesome business
    builder, Michael Bartlett, and a very good friend and incredible
    online entrepreneur, Bill, at the conference. We were all blown away.

    Bill stood up in front of the room and shared how his marketing

    company currently does about $10 million a year, and that he
    sees Advantage Conferences equaling what they are doing with that
    business. WOW! Talk about validation of the education we are
    providing, as well as our business model!

    As Tim Darnell gets the video, pictures from the conference, as

    well as the video testimonials all together, we will all be blown
    away yet again. I have been involved in many companies, and I have
    never experienced ANYTHING like Advantage Conferences.

    It was so refreshing to hear millionaire after millionaire share

    their wisdom and their faith. It was also so powerful to hear
    almost every representative share their powerful testimonial
    on how the conference had an impact on them.

    If you were not able to attend, you will want to be at the next
    Millionaire Mindset Conference. I have been to many seminars
    during my professional career, and this was much more powerful
    as we began each day in prayer, worship, and ready to accept
    personal insight that you can NOT get any place else.

    You all know how excited I was about this business before, but
    that was probably 20% of where I am at right now. This is of course
    a marathon and not a sprint, but get ready to run hard and as fast
    as you can--and have fun. Get ready and GO today!

    To Your Success,


    Jack M. Weinzierl, MBA
    Advantage Conferences, LLC
    Flower Mound, TX

    PS Let me know when you have completed the 3 Simple Steps and
    when you are ready for your President's Interview with Tim Darnell
    and me.

    Attachment 318

    Attachment 314

    Attachment 315

    Attachment 316

    That is Bill Broadbent Jack is bragging about being so successful and pumped up about Advantage Conferences and he was in and out of this scam with lightening speed. He apparently made nothing from what the records show. 0 million a year is zero!!!!

    And, once again Jack's admits he talks to people before the president's interview and participates in them. Really smarmy the way he lied about that repeatedly in court when Rep X sought a refund from the scammer!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    The Christian Millionaire Mindset Mentors Network is not currently active and cannot accept new postsOutrageous Favor - It's no Secret!Views: 334Jun 11, 2007 11:45 pm
    Outrageous Favor - It's no Secret!#
    Jack Weinzierl
    I had the honor to share the following Sunday morning with our congregation.

    Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you that we live in a country that allows us to freely come together to worship you, thank you for the hedge of protection and refreshing you place on pastor Stan and his family as they travel, we thank you for the tireless sacrifices they make every day for your Kingdom and we thank you for giving us insight this morning, it’s ALL about you Lord, Holy Spirit fill this place, in Jesus precious name we pray, amen.

    Some of you asked where I was last week and I appreciate that by the way. This church is filled with so much love. Well, I traveled last weekend to surprise my brother in Detroit at the Grand Opening of their new ministry center in Sterling Heights, MI. It was awesome to see the vision that God gave him a little over two years ago, now realized. It was just about two years ago when my brother went to his church board to let them know he was directed to possess the land and they only had $800 in their building fund. They all saw the vision with no naysayers and last weekend they opened up their new $15 million ministry center. You know they could have made a 100 excuses to not more forward in the natural, but you can make excuses OR make a difference, BUT you cannot make both. They had incredible favor with financing, the city council, the Wal-Mart that had just purchased the building in the same center, and with the community. Praise God.

    And we are going to talk about Favor this morning. Not just Favor, but Outrageous Favor.

    God gets all the glory and lives will be forever changed in Detroit that by the way, has one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the world outside of the Middle East. I was honored to surprise my brother by singing several songs with their praise team and they had 1600 people at their first service with 7 people accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    Praise God and you each had a part in that as well, as we, as a church have sowed into their ministry and they have sowed into Oasis. I have to tell you that my mic was shaking a bit that morning singing, but I had to remind myself that I was truly singing to an audience of ONE.

    So, I am excited that I get to use the headset here at Oasis, so if you see my head shaking, then we have a problem.

    A quick headset story to share, I was getting ready to speak to a group of about 100 Christian entrepreneurs last year at the Dolphin Resort at Disney and I was all miked up. I had a few minutes and needed to use the restroom. Let’s just say about midway through that experience, I realized that my mic was turned on still. I was mortified and I thank God that I later found out that I was out of range.

    OK, back to my brother’s church in Detroit.

    Folks, that church started in a basement about 23 years ago with only 20 people and you be interested to know, that my wife Stephanie, then about 16, was in charge of the children’s ministry—OK that may be a stretch as there were about 4 kids and she was babysitting back then. VBS stood for “Very Bored Stephanie” back in those basement church days.

    I am so thankful for the strong Christian heritage in my family. In fact, at this grand opening I met a gentleman that was praying for my brother to get saved 30 years ago.

    I was blessed to have married an incredible woman of God 18 years ago, after being setup on a blind date through their church in Detroit. She is also quite a dancer as you saw this morning and overall, just a great goofball—and I mean that with the utmost affection.

    I married very well and I thank God for Stephanie every day.

    We had been married almost 15 years and I can openly share that we gave of our finances, but I was not a cheerful giver as is instructed in 2 Corinthians 9:7. I knew what the Word said, but I was not living it. In fact, we attended Life Changers with Pastor Gregory Dickow for several years and I always cringed when he talked about money and giving every week. I am so grateful for that stewardship training and the seeds that were planted.

    I want to encourage some of you this morning if you begin to get a little uncomfortable, always look at the Word and one thing I have found with the successful people in my life is they all have one key trait, they have gotten comfortable being uncomfortable….that is where the growth typically occurs.

    With that said, if I share something that does not line up with the Word, spit it out.

    Now more than ever, the Body of Christ is learning that there are a lot of benefits when we serve the Lord.

    For example, when you look for employment, do you take a job solely on how much it pays? Of course not! Not only do you look for good pay and fair treatment, but you also keep in mind the quality of the benefits offered to you. It's the total package that often determines where you decide to work. The same is true in the spirit realm.

    Psalm 103:2 says,
    "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits." You see, God's benefit package includes a blood-bought right to wealth, divine health, wisdom and preferential treatment. Don’t believe it? Look what the Word says about it in (Ps. 112:3; Is. 53:5; and Prov. 3:4).

    These benefits began as an everlasting covenant with Abraham, and extends to his seed, meaning you and me (Ps. 105:8-10; Gal.3:29). Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we would forever be eligible to walk in these heavenly benefits daily. In fact, when you received Jesus Christ, the Anointed One and His Anointing, as your Lord and Savior, you became the seed of Abraham. You now have a covenant right to the blessings that God promised him in Genesis 12:3 and Deuteronomy 28.

    Due to a lack of clear understanding about our covenant and covenant rights, many Christians have not received the benefits that are theirs as children of God.

    To understand simply means "to piece together, to comprehend, or to grasp." When you have understanding, it enables the Word to take root in your heart. In other words, it becomes "rhema," or real to you. Therefore, when you fully understand that YOU are the seed of Abraham, you can stand on that Word and expect your inheritance to manifest itself in your life.

    Think of it this way: When your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents die, as a family member, you are an heir to their estate. You have the right to receive their possessions as your own. Their houses, land, jewelry, money and everything else they may own will be passed on to you. Likewise, as the seed of Abraham, you have a right to inherit the blessings that were bestowed on him.

    Birthright alone, however, does not qualify you to receive your inheritance. God also requires your obedience. In Deuteronomy 28:1-14, the Word describes the blessings that come from obedience. In fact, God promised to set you above all nations of the earth. You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out. Everything you do will prosper.

    Some people might say, "That's all in the Old Testament. We live by the new covenant now." When you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you became an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ (Rom. 8:14-17). And since Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8), it's safe to say the Old Testament blessings still apply.

    You see, we were adopted into the family of God (Ephesians 1:4-5). And since we are His children, we have a right to all of the promises in the Bible. We have a right to have all of our needs met, be free from worry, and live an abundant life (Phil. 4:6, 19; John 10:10). That's what Jesus came to earth for - to set us free from the bondage of sin and death and usher us into the land of more than enough.

    We also have a right to the wealth of God. Psalm 112:3 says, "Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth forever." And The Amplified Bible tells us, "Prosperity and welfare are in his house." As a born-again Christian, you have inherited houses, riches, and eternal life (Is. 65:21; Ps. 112:1-3; John 3:15). In addition, you have inherited a right to God's power, His anointing (Eph. 1:19).

    Everything you could ever want or need has been provided for you; however, you must receive your inheritance. Proverbs 5:10 says, "Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labors be in the house of a stranger." In other words, if you don't receive, or walk in your inheritance, someone else will try to cash in on it. That someone is the Devil. Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that "Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy."

    Don't let him have what is yours! You are a child of God (1 Pet. 2:9). Don't let someone who is a stranger to the covenant take what belongs in the family! For example, if an attorney called a meeting for the reading of your relative's will, everyone in your family would probably show up because they'd want to know what they had inherited. However, if a stranger - someone who has no relationship with the family - showed up, everyone would ask, "Who are you? What are you doing here? What makes you think you have a right to anything?" You wouldn't sit by and let someone take what belongs to you. You'd run them out of there! So, put the thief on notice once and for all! Say, "Devil, in the name of Jesus, God's Word says you must restore everything you've stolen from me. I want my stuff now!"

    Thank God for the blood of Jesus! Now that you are a member of His body, you can partake of His covenant blessings. You see, God has always purposed for you to live in abundance.

    It's hard to understand why people have a problem with Christians enjoying the fruit of their labor. In fact, some folks here this morning might be thinking, Jack is sounding a lot like those prosperity teachers out there. And to that I say, Amen. If the Word says it, that settles it. In fact, many have seen the bumper sticker that reads, God said it, I believe it, that settles it. Actually, that is incorrect. God said it, that settles it, whether you and I CHOOSE to believe or not.

    Many people seem to take offense when you live well. Trust me on this one. I am attacked on a website daily because of our success. But the Word says wealthy living is good. In fact, it's part of your divine inheritance. God gave you the riches, wealth and power to enjoy. It's all part of His covenant with you. That is good news folks, but you have to CHOSE it.

    There is much more to your salvation than just eternal life. The Greek word for salvation is translated "soteria," which includes deliverance, victory, health, wholeness and prosperity. Yes, eternal life is a big part of it, but it's not the sum total of the experience. There is nothing wrong with being prosperous. As a child of the King, you're supposed to live abundantly. In fact, the Old Testament makes clear that people who were in covenant relationship with God were recognized by their wealth. Now, however, people tend to think and say all kinds of evil things about you when you enjoy the blessings of God.

    Since I began putting Christ first and boldly proclaiming the Good News in my business two years ago, horrendous and evil things have been said about me….some of which you wouldn’t even believe.

    Well, they're going to have to change their thinking, because God is raising up millionaires to show the world that it pays to serve Him. They are living in scarcity or what I like to call “scared city.” God rewards the obedience of His people with bountiful blessings! You see, you can't bless anyone when you're broke or just barely getting by. And you can't show someone what it's like to be in covenant with God when you're in debt or in poverty. But by living in abundance, we prove the goodness and faithfulness of God. You may think, "I don't need to be a millionaire. I don't require that much." Well, Child of God, it will take all of that and more, because He has called you to be a blessing to others. We are not called to be us 4 and no more. That’s really a selfish view when you get right down to it.

    God wants you to experience all of the wonderful benefits that come from His covenant relationship with you. You will be able to supply the needs of those around you, promote the gospel, and bring others into an intimate covenant relationship with Him.
    Scammer Jack can't even keep straight how long he has been married to his evil scamming wife.

    Pastor Stan of Oasis Church left snake Jack Weinzierl to lead Sunday services when he went out of town. From what reps told me Jack used the opportunity to reel in more victims for the Advantage Conferences pyramid scheme. He was handing out those business cards and bragging of his Christ-centered and God ordained business with great delight with so many captive audience members no doubt. That church quickly imploded with Jack using it for his hunting ground for warm marks. No doubt many in that flock were desperate to run off that wolf in sheeps' clothing.

    Jack was never attacked for his success. He is being exposed for the lying, money grubbing scammer he truly is who has left a trail of devastation in his wake. My truth telling will never be silenced.

    "Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy," and so you did Jack!!! God is apparently raising up armies of paupers. Jack is beyond pauperdom. He is mooching off of his in-laws and his wife's measly salary to continue his rental castle life style of extravagance. I assume he is still drowning in $220,000 in credit card debt he amassed during his years in Advantage Conferences and made public record in August 2008 with his chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    He boldly claims, "the Old Testament makes clear that people who were in covenant relationship with God were recognized by their wealth." Then it should be quite apparent his demonic scamming explains he fall from grace and into pauperdom where he landed hundreds of good, trusting Christian reps! An outrageous audacity to steal and destroy. An outrageous disaster for those Jack recruited into that pyramid scam!!!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    On a personal note, I invested the first 17 years in corporate America chasing the almighty dollar. And a little over Two years ago, I was faced with a decision where my wife and I spent time in prayer seeking His purpose for us. I was the president of a company that was all about the almighty dollar, with no Almighty in the equation.

    I needed God in our finances, our business and my daily walk. So after much prayer and an indescribable peace, I resigned from that secular corporate position as president of an online dating business—of all things, to become a Christian entrepreneur and mentor. The Lord was directing me to be a difference maker and to lean on Him and the Word vs. the world. I have been able to put Christ first in my business and my life. I have been mentored by Christian millionaires and the example provided by these godly men and women has forever changed my walk.

    The Lord has blessed me with gifts and talents in the marketplace, but He was waiting until I trusted Him and that He could trust me to pour out more blessings, not so I could hold tightly onto them, but so these finances could flow through me. I firmly believe He will get it to us, when He can get it through us.

    When we began to “live” His Word 2 years ago, the blessings have been amplified. That was a major shift for me. Taking the focus off me and onto others was the key. Being a cheerful giver was truly an outward manifestation of getting my heart right. It started with our finances and it opened my heart to one of service. And as 2 Corinthians 8:7 states, “But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us—see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”

    “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38. Since we have been obedient with our finances and focused on serving Him first, He has opened up opportunities and supernatural favor in our finances entrusting us with so much more. I give God all the glory, honor and praise. We are also able to reach more people with the Good News as finances are simply a tool to equip ministries locally and globally.

    When you seek Him first, your desires begin to change from worldly desires to desires that are aligned with the Word. We have been blessed and prosperous with our business over the past two years and one lesson that I have learned is just because you can buy something, does not mean you should. Having grown up around wealth, but never experiencing it in my family while growing up, I had some worldly desires that I pursued. If we are all honest, all of us have been there or are still there. The more time we spend in the Word of God, in prayer and in praise, those desires begin to change and get in alignment with God's purpose for our lives.

    During the first two months of 2007, I took a long hard look at those things that we have prioritized in our lives. We are in the process of seeking the Lord on all areas that need to be transformed from world to Word. It comes down to a matter of good stewardship. In fact, it was during this time that we made the decision to move from our current home—this Tuesday in fact, to be better stewards. Don't get me wrong, things are not the issue, but it's when some of those things have us, that it is an issue. I realized that I am entrusted with the assets that the Lord has given us the keys for.

    I turned 40 years old a few weeks ago and I am so thankful for the wisdom and discernment that the Lord has given me. For many years, He was my Savior, but now He is Lord of my life. It is never too late to repent and seek Him first, beginning today. Simply ask, “here I am Lord, use me.” And be ready to do what the world will tell you cannot be done. Remember, you have to attempt the impossible to do the impossible. When you are willing to get out of the boat and go where God wants you to go, get ready to do the impossible. Give outrageously of your love, give outrageouslyof your finances, give outrageously time, gifts and talents. I believe it is the ultimate reflection of Christ in us.

    Now, I want to shift gears with some keys to experiencing that favor in our lives.

    Do you begin your day in prayer and in the Word? This is an area that is often a challenge for me. I want to get into the “to do” list for the day and for those wired the same way, simply add that at the top of your “to do” list.

    Do you have a spirit of thankgiving every morning. It does not have to be a long song or a long prayer, just Thank you, Lord.

    Are you praying and believing for the Lord to direct your steps, your family, your business? Are you praying about where you sit at a restaurant, Starbucks, who you connect with every day?

    Are you believing and expecting Divine appointments in your life and business?

    --Believe for divine appointments and favor

    --Let His appointments and schedule become yours

    --He can open doors you can’t open in the natural

    --we need to stop focusing on the horizontal and go vertical—look up

    --The Holy Spirit can lead you to someone to bless; connect you with the one person who can change the results.

    Are you believing for Divine solutions?

    --God has everything you need

    --Be willing to trust what God can do more than what you can do! This is a tough one for me.

    Are you believing for Divine favor?—Grace on steroids

    --Divine favor will compel people to help you

    --magnetic power, not through the Universe that the new agers are crediting these days, but through the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

    Are you believing for Divine power?

    --He will empower your words, actions, phone calls, meetings, presentations and anything else His breath touches for His Holy purposes.

    Are you believing for Divine results?

    --His results multiply. A lot of us say, Lord, you’re in control, but we are still in control. We have to surrender. We have to make Him Lord, not just savior.

    When we look at prosperity in the Bible— we are not just talking money folks, it translates to:

    --nothing lacking


    --having everything you need, abundance

    God created each of us for Greatness! Not so we can hold tightly to it and show people what we did, but so we can reflect Him and be a blessing to others. Please make sure when you have that favor, that you give Him the glory.

    Ask the Lord, what is it that you have for my life? We each need to ask ourselves what we are trading the days of our lives for. That is exactly what we are all doing and we are not here to be space takers, but to be difference makers.

    1) Seek that vision for your life and He will begin to open your eyes

    2) Bigger than what we could ever think

    He has plans to bless and prosper you.

    Some folks in here this morning have a poverty mentality and some people hold onto that so they don’t have to perform. It is easier to stay in your comfort zone.

    A couple other things I wanted to share with you this morning. We all know that everything is fruit from our thought life—out thoughts lead to our actions, leading to our habits, leading to our character, then leading to our end results or success or lack there of;

    But here is a great way to share that.

    What you allow to come on your life, it will come in your life, and it will come out of your life. It is critical to get in God’s Word and keep your mind right. You have control over your mind and then you begin to speak out.

    Be Doers of the Word! Don’t try, DO and DO seek the Lord’s divine direction and connections every day.

    I want to encourage you this morning. I am going to ask the ushers to pass out something that I read most every morning. Make it your own. As we close this morning, I want to confess this together and Tricia and the praise team will bless us as we close.

    OK, are you ready?

    Be Encouraged TODAY:

    I set the course of my life today with my words:

    I declare today that I will not be defeated, discouraged, depressed or disappointed.

    I am the head, I have insight, I have wisdom, I have ideas, I have authority.

    I exercise my authority today with my words and I decree a thing and it is so.

    Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4)…the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in me… (Romans 8:11)

    As I speak words today, they come to pass (Job 22:28); they go before me, they bring the things to pass that I desire; and they stop all attacks, assaults, oppression, and fear from coming to my life.

    God is on my side today and, therefore, I cannot be defeated.

    His favor surrounds me today as a shield. (Psalm 5:12). I expect favor today from heaven and from the earth.

    Jesus had favor with God and man (Luke 2:52), and as He is so am I on this earth. (1 John 4:17)

    Therefore, I have favor today with God and man.

    I expect and receive favor in my home, favor in my job, favor in my business, favor in my ministry, favor with my finances, favor in every deal I am involved in.

    I have the wisdom of God today. I will think the right thoughts, say the right words and make the right decisions in every situation I face today.

    My mouth speaks wisdom and my heart is filled with understanding. (Psalm 49:3)

    I ask for, and receive, an abundant supply of wisdom and understanding today from God (James 1:5)…wisdom from above, wisdom that is pure, peaceable, gentle, unwavering, willing to yield, without hypocrisy. (James 3:17)

    Wisdom and understanding are better than silver and gold and nothing I desire can compare with them; therefore, I make it my ambition and desire to have understanding and wisdom; therefore I know I will have all of the other desires of my heart. (Proverbs 8:10-11)

    My words go before me in securing my divine health and healing…

    I will not be sick today; I will not be sad today; I will not be broke today; I will not be confused today.

    I have health today; I have joy today; I have all the money I need in the name of Jesus.

    My steps are ordered by the Lord… (Psalm 37:23)

    I have a covenant with God and by the blood of Jesus I release my divine protection and divine provision.

    I expect to have divine appointments today, to run into the right people, and to be delivered from the wrong people.

    Any adversity, attack, accidents and tragedies that were headed my way are diverted right now in Jesus’ name.

    Now I speak to:

    every mountain of fear

    every mountain of discouragement

    every mountain of stress

    every mountain of depression

    every mountain of lack and insufficiency

    And I say, “Be removed and cast into the sea in Jesus’ name!” (Mark 11:23) I expect the best day of my life spiritually, emotionally, relationally and financially today in Jesus’ name.

    Those are powerful confessions. Make them your own. Don’t just sit here this morning and then go on with life as usual. Make these confessions every morning and you and your results will be changed.

    Today is the start of oceans of blessings and fruitfulness in your life. Thanks be to God in advance for what He is doing and will be doing throughout the next week and the rest of your life. It begins here. It begins today. It begins with your commitment to receiving and believing in His great abundance. Thank you, Lord Jesus. You are worthy and holy and we lift You up and praise Your Holy Name today. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

    We cannot end this service without giving someone an opportunity to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. With heads bowed and eyes closed, if you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please raise your hand. If you are feeling a nudging, get a little uncomfortable as today is YOUR day.

    Please pray this prayer with me. Dear Heavenly Father, I need you in my life, I know that you sent your son Jesus to die on the Cross for my sins and that He rose again, and that whosoever believes in Him shall be saved and have everlasting life. Thank you Lord for saving me, in Jesus name I pray, amen.

    Have a blessed week and expect incredible things in your life this week. Love outrageously, give outrageously and Live OUTRAGEOUSLY.

    Let’s go out and change lives this week, amen?
    Private Reply to Jack Weinzierl

    On one hand we have the Holy Trinity -- the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. On the other we have the Satanic Trinity -- scammer Weinzierl, scammer Darnell and Advantage Conferences.

    Jack has made a difference to be sure. 98% of Advantage Conferences reps lost money. Many were ruined financially and are still struggling to recover from his treachery. That supernatural favor he spoke of left Weinzierl in chapter 7 bankruptcy a year later and led to him being sued by a rep he defrauded.

    As that elderly rep was left destitute and struggling to save her home and put food on the table, my family hired an attorney in Texas to help her recover her losses. Weinzierl lied under oath and claimed he never talked to her before she purchased even though the phone records show he closed the deal and was instrumental in relieving her of her money.

    Soulmate, the MLM scam dating company for which he was a VP, was on its way right down the commode. He was only making $140,000.00 a year, but even then living way beyond his means and driven by greed. It imploded shortly after he bailed.

    Weinzierl's 1.23 million dollar mansion purchased in 2007 (which the bank foreclosed on in 2009 after a year of no payments and lost almost $600,000.00 on) Hummer and Mercedes sure attest to his passion for giving outrageously and serving God and others. What total dishonesty and hypocrisy he lives in his daily walk.

    Weinzierl has no character and has been quite defeated. God purposed in my heart the mission to see these fraudsters couldn't harm anyone else. For those who want to give outrageously, there are victims of Advantage Conferences that are in genuine need.

    Beware the Satanic Trinity!!!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    I laugh every time I read a 'man of God' worshipping the almighty dollar.

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Re: Advantage Conferences II

    by soapboxmom » Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:55 pm
    I took copious notes at Jack's hearing and will share all the highlights here.

    Jack confirmed that all his tax statements are correct. When asked about employment, he said he worked a couple of online businesses, but declined to name them. He then emotionally revealed he is interviewing for jobs. I, of course, was shocked to hear that Mr. Christian Millionaire Mentor would be job hunting after all those hours of videos touting his fantastic success and claiming he was there to truly mentor folks. He talked like he basically had no income at this point (more on that later.)

    The poor lad had to pull virtually all the money out of his SEP retirement account to live and will be facing tax consequences for that brilliant move.

    He started to well up when being asked about his 1.2 million dollar mansion. He is praying to reaffrim that debt and keep his ill-gotten gain. He then whined about how he had perfect credit for 20 years.

    When asked why he had to declare bankruptcy he got all emotional again and proclaimed that he took full responsibility and had made bad business decisions and investments and the like. He admitted he had built his home and that was a mistake. Then he began a tirade on how he has been attacked on

    I bet folks didn't know that Advantage Conferences lost 95% of its business due to or so Scammer Jack sniveled. He failed to mention the Better Business Bureau suit or many investigations currently being conducted by various agencies. He also failed to acknowledge that these "attacks" consisted of court documents, e-mails, AC call notes, advertisements, press releases, reps experiences and opinion. There is nothing that is in any way the cause of their demise. The truth in their case is certainly much stranger than fiction. The BBB suit, Houston Press article and hundreds of posters across the net on various sites discussing this venture have peformed a valuable service.

    Jack obviously isn't aware that all these many "major governmental" agencies his friend Timmy blathers about are looking into Advantage Conferences and sharing files and information. So, if he thinks the trustee and bankruptcy court will buy into this delusion of persecution he is selling, he is not too bright. That Better Business Bureau suit and the one page judgment that resolved the case in the BBB's favor confirmed the BBB's statements that AC is primarily conducting a pyramid scheme and advertising deceptively. All this information is in the hands of those investigating his filing.

    Jack continued his silly tirade by claiming Advantage Mentoring was under attack. He also says contrary to all logic that the debt is all his and not his wife Stephanie's. He talks about his travel business and says he has 3 or 4 main websites.

    He blathered on about Advantage Conferences and its weekly mentoring calls and how they provide business education ( mentor folks straight into financial disaster and bankruptcy?????? ) He talks about his little friends in his social network marketing. He talks about the 6 millionaire mentors coming to AC's conferences and his coveted MBA.

    When asked if he had any other assets related to possible suits, he said he had no one to sue to collect funds. He proudly proclaimed AC was MLM but had changed to a direct sales model.

    Jack's next statement was unbelievable. He claimed his wife, Stephanie, was not working with him in Advantage Conferences and if memory serves I believe he also claimed she has had no income. The facts are Jack Weinzierl joined AC on 2/26/05 and his wife Stephanie on 3/23/05 at the highest level MMC-IV for $9,995.000 each. There was only one page from the Advantage Conferences General Ledger showing commissions in the court files and the page was dated June 26, 2006. The court records had 2 pages total that were from the Advantage Conferences General Ledger, but AC"s entire set of records was turned over in discovery for that frivolous case Tim Darnell filed and lost. Jack Weinzierl is listed as receiving $750.00 in matrix commissions and right below him Stephanie Weinzierl, his wife, is listed as being paid $400.00 in matrix commission on that one page of the general ledger alone. So, clearly Stephanie has received thousands and thousands in matrix commissions in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    Jack admits the most he has made is $450,000.00 a year. Now whether that is before or after his fascinating deductions and taxes I am not sure. He is such a brilliant businessman that he once again put 5% down on his house and concedes he shouldn't have bought it. The reason he cites for the purchase is he had to downsize his $1,000.00 a month water bill from his previous mansion. He reminds us that he had every reason to believe Advantage Conferences would turn around. He didn't believe the "attacks" would effect his business like they have.

    He says AED@home is not technically closed and though he claimed 4% ownership in his deposition in February 2006, now he only owns 2% and is getting no income from it. He says he has drained his SEP retirement fund to the tune of around $60,000.00 as its value had dropped when the bank stocks dropped.

    He is asked about the suit on investment as he calls it that was filed against hims and claims the he never talked to the rep and that rep never attended the conference. He claims he was named only for his "deeper pockets."

    He admits he has drained his children's college funds.

    When questioned by a special guest attorney about what he has been paid since he filed on August 11, 2008, he says he made $500.00 tops in Traffic Geyser, $1,100.00 in WorldVentures, $7,500.00 for MyInternetBusiness and $400.00 is due from Max Steingart in October . He claims MyInternetBusiness has garnered him 3 to 4 grand a month since April.

    When challenged on his claim of earning less than $6,000.00 this year we were subjected to a lecture on his many business expenses and online marketing expenses he had to deduct such as auto responders, Marketing Burst and the like. He doesn't do Google Adwords anymore, he chimes in.

    We learn he has closed Vemma as of a month ago as it was not profitable (and I believed him when he said it was less than a thousand a month and paid his utility bills. Funny, that his site is still up too.)

    An attorney then asks Jack for clarification of his earnings over the past few years. He says $450,000.00 for 2005. He claimed about the same and then settled on $420,000.00 for 2006. We can contrast that with the $242,629.00 on the bankruptcy filing and see he is taking some massive deductions.

    Jack becomes very emotional again when pressed on how he blew $126,000.00 on his American Express card alone. He goes on about how he needed it to live and then concedes he also took cash advances out with it. How many other families get to blow $220,000.00 on their credit cards in a year or 2 and keep all those ill gotten gains at the expense of their fellow Americans???????

    Jack said he gave several hundred dollars or one thousand dollars here and there to his brother's church for a total donation amount of 5 -7 thousand to Grace Christian Church.

    When discussing Oasis he rambled on about how that church might go bankrupt so he and his group of friends had bought part of Oasis and then sold it back to them in July when LifeChangers purchased it. Jack told us on he left in December 2007. Apparently he left in early 2008 according to his testimony. So, why he is listed as having purchased part of the church in April this year is a mystery. Jack believed it was a late filing or something. He has been giving $400.00-$500.00 a month in donations all along.

    He also shares that his retirement SEP account is down to $450.00. The $8833.33 is the $53,300 withdrawn from his SEP account and divided into the six months to show it as his income for the chapter 7 means test. Jack desperately wants to qualfiy for chapter 7. That would get him out of the conspiracy, fraud and Violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices suit he he called a suit on investment that he is sure to lose. Chapter 7 would completely wipe away all the debt from his shenanigans and let him try and hang on to his 1.2 million dollar mansion.

    That concluded a very bizarre hearing.


    soapboxmom Matriarch of the Networked Soap Sales Posts: 598Joined: Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:00 am

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Jack Weinzierl was instrumental in destroying that congregation he tried to solicit in the pastor's absence in record time I might add. A trusted source told me he had promised that bunch he would be making significant contributions virtually paying the mortgage and he happily gave that egregious sermon quoted above and used that congregation as his hunting ground for warm marks. Notice he claims at the bankruptcy hearing to have left the church in December 2007 -- that is after he had run out of Christians to scam, I take it.
    Oasis Church Announces Their New Location at 1569 West Main Street, Lewisville, TX; The First Service at Their New Address is Sunday, October 1, 2006

    Lewisville, TX (PRWEB) September 25, 2006 -- Oasis Church is excited to announce their new location at 1569 West Main Street, Lewisville, TX. The first service at their new address is Sunday, October 1, 2006. Sunday Service begins at 10:00 a.m.

    Lewisville, TX (PRWEB) September 25, 2006
    This 40,000 square foot facility will allow Oasis Church to minister to the community in ways not possible before. With a dynamic children's department, including a 2-story indoor playground and media capabilities, Oasis Church will be able to minister to children in a very creative and effective way. Oasis' High School and Middle School ministries have their own media ready rooms equipping them for music, drama, concerts, and more. The facilities will be finished out to allow the hosting of conferences, banquets and community events. This central location to Flower Mound, Lewisville and Highland Village, just off Main Street, provides the community an oasis to "Grow in Life Together."

    "Our heart is to help people discover God’s purpose for their life," shared Stan Dennis, Senior Pastor at Oasis Church. "When people truly understand that God has a specific plan just for them, it changes their perspective on everything they do."

    After relocating from Chicago two years ago, the Weinzierl family of Flower Mound was searching for a church that was relevant, real and committed to the community. "We found an authentic commitment to service throughout the members at Oasis Church. Our marriage and our three children have been strengthened at Oasis and we have been equipped to live and lead more victorious lives."

    About Oasis Church:
    Oasis Church is committed to reaching people, building believers and reflecting God in a genuine and relevant way.

    If you are looking for a church that is Spirit-filled, exciting, alive, biblical and relational, Oasis Church would love to have you become a part of their Faith Family. Oasis Church is a church that purposes to lift high the name of Jesus Christ. The result is a dynamic faith family that God is using to declare that all things are possible to those who believe! Come expecting and discover God's amazing love through their services and find God's purpose for your life.

    Other information concerning Oasis Church can be found on the website

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Melanie, Thank You for your information...
    Peak-Performers - 2 posts - 2 authors - Last post: Jun 29, 2005
    My mentor and sponsor in this business is Jack Weinzierl. He is of the most sincere and honest people that I have ever met. Jack is on this short clip... he ...

    « Groups Home

    Cannot find peak-performers
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    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Jack has been yanked again and it wasn't me. The legions of angry reps are working hard behind the scenes to shut him down for good.


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Be encouraged and “in courage”

    Posted on 06 November 2011 by Jack Weinzierl

    I know that some of our friends and family are facing foreclosure, health challenges, lost jobs, divorce, etc. I pray that this encourages you, as God has a very special plan for you and the enemy is doing everything he can to keep you from leading a victorious life that will glorify God.

    Worship was awesome this morning… not because of the songs we sang… not because of the talent on stage (and they are talented), but because of who He is. Worship and prayer has been so important to Stephanie and me over the past few years. It kept us focused on His grace and mercy in the midst of some very difficult storms. It kept me focused on all that He has done for us and what He delivered us from… and what He is still delivering us through. We are so thankful!

    Over the past 3 years… we lost two businesses, lost our so-called “dream” home to foreclosure, lost our business reputation, lost friends who believed the lies, lost a church when it closed, lost health temporarily with depression… diagnosed with skin cancer in five places, atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation, $25,000 in legal fees fighting a baseless lawsuit, faced over $700,000 in debt, and several thousand online attacks on me, my family, faith, church and school.

    The enemy did everything possible to take me out… at times wondering if my family was better off without me… if I can be so honest in hopes of helping someone else. Christians often put a good face on, while ignoring serious issues that so many face in private. You are never too low or have fallen too far from God that He cannot heal and restore you.

    I am sharing all this in hope that it helps someone else. It is not easy to go through the storms in life, but continue to praise Him for what He has done, is doing and will do in your life. He has delivered us from some very difficult circumstances… almost everyone of these mentioned above. He did not bring those things to us, but He will use these circumstances to strengthen you and we give Him all the glory. We have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

    Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. He is our encourager, our provider, our healer, our deliverer, our comfort, our victory. He has provided for us in so many supernatural ways and we look forward to sharing…. the rest of the story very soon. Be encouraged… be ” in courage” this week. Pray with someone else you know going through a difficult time. Sow seeds of encouragement (even when you don’t feel like it) and the harvest will be great.

    Remember to be thankful for your many blessings. Most of you reading this make more than $2 a day which is the average pay for 50% of the world’s population. Be thankful that you can worship and pray without persecution and that we serve the only Risen Savior.

    I want to make sure to clarify one thing in my post above. We are not victims. We made several bad choices and decisions and much of what we experienced was due to those decisions. Yes, the enemy will use these circumstances to try to take you out, make you ineffective for the Kingdom by making you feel unworthy and filled with self pity and even hatred, but I thank God for His mercy and grace. I know that I chased the almighty dollar at times vs putting “The Almighty” first. I will contend for the very best, falling short at times, but failing is an event, not who you are. Have a great week friends and look for someone to encourage and love. It may be a matter of life and death to them.

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Thank goodness Jack's post is archived. Weinzierl pulled his lunatic rant off of his personal site. No doubt feigning to be near suicidal and $700,000.00 in debt were the brilliant business moves of the century!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    It appears Jack is trying to polish his skills as a fiction writer:
    Jack Weinzierl
    SEO | Online Reputation | Social Media Executive
    Industry Category:
    Dallas 75056
    United States
    Contact Information:
    Jack Weinzierl (Twitter)
    Jack Weinzierl | Fast Company
    Jack Weinzierl | Formspring
    Jack Weinzierl on Linkedin
    Jack Weinzierl's Connectture
    SSC: QTV or B8X (?)

    Jack Weinzierl is a results-driven Online Reputation Management Executive based in Dallas, Texas. With over 23 years of successful marketing leadership, Jack Weinzierl is recognized as a leading online reptuation, social media and SEO expert.

    Jack has an MBA from Golden Gate University, and a BBA from Northwood University. Jack has been married to his wife, Stephanie for 22 years and they have 3 children.

    Building market value is Jack Weinzierl's expertise. Throughout his 23-year Sales and Marketing Management career, Jack has developed and executed the strategies, plans and actions that have consistently delivered strong and sustainable revenue and profit growth.

    Jack Weinzierl created, optimized and managed social media assets for 9 businesses during 2011. Jack Weinzierl managed all online reputation management reaching out to customers driving 1,400 reviews during 2011.

    Jack Weinzierl was the top representative during a 3 year period for a Dallas-based direct sales conference company(Did the name Advantage Conferences escape the boy???).

    Prior to that, Jack Weinzierl executed an aggressive market repositioning strategy focused on brand unification and awareness. Jack Weinzierl integrated disparate logos and traditional/online marketing platforms (resulting from the roll-up of several consulting firms), redesigned collateral, and was instrumental in the launch of the company's new and distinct brand.

    These accomplishments are representative of Jack Weinzierl's commitment to excellence. Jack thrives in challenging situations where creativity, strategic leadership and decisive action are recognized and rewarded, and despite the challenge - turnaround or high-growth situation - Jack Weinzierl has developed the teams, built the relationships and delivered strong revenue performance.

    Jack Weinzierl is an accomplished, results-driven marketing manager with over 23 years of successful experience driving market share, brand recognition, and increased revenue through strategic marketing initiatives and effective brand management.

    Jack Weinzierl is characterized as a growth catalyst, multi-faceted leader, and as a hands-on manager marked by sales growth, successful new product launches, and innovative acquisition strategies. Jack Weinzierl is recognized for strong communication and negotiation skills.

    Jack Weinzierl created and executed the business plan for a defibrillator company based in Chicago. Jack Weinzierl raised the startup capital, forged exclusive distribution agreements, established a call center, along with all marketing initiatives.

    Jack Weinzierl provided strategic and tactical action programs governing corporate marketing, communications, project management and business development initiatives. Jack Weinzierl produced the Nextera Shareholders' Report for 2001.

    Prior to Jack Weinzierl's experience in the consulting industry, he managed all sales, business development and customer relationship management activities throughout a 13-state region with accountability for revenue generation and profit performance. During this tenure, Jack Weinzierl exhibited at over 200 medical conferences.

    Page: 1

    iKarma Rating: N/R
    Soapboxmom Rating Given:
    "Mr. Weinzierl was a top rep for a direct sales company offering conferences, sort of. That company was an adjudicated pyramid scam, Advantage Conferences, that sued the Dallas Better Business Bureau and lost in Summary Judgment. 98% of the Christians lured in lost their money. Many lost thousands and thousands they could not afford to lose. Jack Weinzierl and Advantage Conferences collapsed into chapter 7 bankruptcies.

    Jack Weinzierl continually threatened to sue me personally. The owner" more...

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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    That crazy scammer boy is trying to bury the fact filled threads here. He has posted that same laughable tripe on about a dozen sites across the net. Jack just doesn't get it. God is seeing the truth prevail and he can't escape it ever. When will he write his next poor me lunatic rant? My thoughts are with his many victims. He shouldn't be loose on the internet plain and simple!!!


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    Re: Jack Weinzierl Multi-million Dollar Earner or Destitute Ding-a-ling???

    Quote Originally Posted by Weinzerl
    Jack Weinzierl is a results-driven Online Reputation Management Executive based in Dallas, Texas.
    Mr Weinzierl sure got that bit right

    Look at the results he got building his own reputation over 23 years.

    If anyone wants or needs to know exactly just how effective Jacks' reputation management strategies can be, all they need to do is do a quick Google using the term "JACK WEINZIERL SCAM" and they'll get all the proof they need.

    Reputation management at its' finest.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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