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Thread: Tyron Indalsingh - this crook deserves his own thread

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    Tyron Indalsingh - this crook deserves his own thread

    Here is what a habitual ponzi scammer's email looks like!

    "I wanted to give an update on some of my programs as well as highlight TWO new o.pportunities that I am now involved with and these two you should really take very seriously.

    I will start with the most recent first and work my way down the line.

    I have been monitoring this for some time and there is just no way I could stay out of something like this.

    It's the most lucrative I have seen in a long time for both the passive member as well as the recruiter.

    The way I have this set up it would be so easy for you . You just determine what is a realistic figure that you would like to be e.arning daily and "tap into" the resource that I will send you that will show you exactly how to achieve this goal.

    The program is about the most transparent that I have seen in the crypto trading space and is definitely the most lucrative with many very key differences that sets it apart from all the rest.

    If this is something that interests you then take the time to carefully read the info site I have created for this o.pportunity and join me on th road to financial freedom ( that's what I am going after at least )

    There are loads of people e.arning A LOT of m0ney with this and I put in 7k myself so far and plan to put in even more after August 1st so I plan to be one of these people very soon as well.

    Here is the info site: LINK REMOVED

    I have sent out an update on this about 2 days ago so if you didn't receive that update then let me know,
    If you have then you should seriously consider it as LikesXL has proven itself to be a top notch rev share that have shown their grit and determination . They fell down a few times along their 2 year journey but always got back up and worked even harder and now, to me, they are well on their way.

    They currently have 3 i.ncome streams that feed the the daily AVI . You view 5 ads a day and for this you are currently p.aid 0.9% daily on all your bids packs with resources derived from ( their advertising platform, their auction platform and their gaming/casino platform).

    I went onto their gaming platform and played some roultte and won a few buck and decided to quit while I was ahead :)

    On top of an already fortified rev share that is already easily p.aying out more daily than many other o.pportunities out there that is based on nothing, the company has decided to get into the cryptocurrency space by mining a very exciting new coin .

    This creates a brand new i.ncome stream for all Lxl members bit it also further fortifies the rev share as a certain amount of f.unds will be passed back to the rev share which makes this for me a no brainer to be involved with.

    There are loads of ways to f.und and withdrawing is very simple plus they will be p.aying out in Bitcoin soon so that suits me just fine.

    Here is the info site for this one:

    I also sent out information on this.

    This program allows you to make a loan which they use to trade the volatility of Bitcoin against their Bitconnect coin.

    This programs has been going great and has already been p.aying for over a year now so those who are in with enough f.unds should really be doing ok.

    It offers a variable daily interest rate which has averaged out to about 1.12% over the last 7 days and 15 over the last month.

    I really like Bitconnect and so do many others.

    Sometimes I even trade the Bitconnect coin as well . I bu.y it when it is lower and sell it when it increases in p.rice and e.arn even more profit.

    Info site: LINK REMOVED

    I very much like WealthBot.

    I am part of the leadersip group/mastermind and these guys really do care and have big plans for WB.
    In less than two months my team has grown to over 1100 members.

    Currently , as founders, we are enjoying 30% a month based on a 90 day safe plan that the club offers but as of 1st August the founders period wil be over and the plan switches to a variable interest rate that is capped at 5% for nn founders.

    They are expanding their e.arning potential by getting into the mining of Ethereum as well so this is good news to me and I personally believe that WB will be here for a very long time.

    There are some programs that I take a bit more risk on and then there are some programs that are my safer programs.
    In my view, this is one of my safer programs and every day now I am depositing new loans to capitalize on the 30% interest on these loans.

    If you plan to get involved and make a loan deposit before the end of day on 31st July then the details below will still apply to you

    Info site: LINK REMOVED

    5) USI TECH
    USI TECH continue to move along as it has been doing all along.
    We are due to start a withdrawal plan now as we have gone through a nice period of compounding already but I am waiting until after August 1st to see what changes with the crypo urrency landscape and we will proceed from there once everything is known.

    Info site: LINK REMOVED

    That's it for now guys. At this point I am where I want to be which is diversified with all my programs e.arning for me.

    Everyone must do what is best for themselves so ensure that you take the time to review these o.pportunities if you have not already done so and get involved with whatever takes your fancy.

    As usual I am here to help and support any way that I can.


    I removed all of this crooks links because I didn't want him to get any free traffic.

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    Re: Tyron Indalsingh - this crook deserves his own thread

    Here is the latest no-brainer scam being offered by Tyron! Guaranteed returns = SCAM!



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